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Shimpo stroboscopes and tachometers

Stroboscopes and tachometers

Handheld Available in AC-powered, rechargeable, and battery-powered models Offered in several series

Shimpo handheld stroboscopes and tachometers are available in AC-powered, rechargeable, and battery-powered models. The DT-100A battery-powered handheld tachometer is designed to measure and record rotational and linear speed as well as linear travel. Constructed of die-cast aluminum, the unit features large five-digit displays and a 10 measurement memory capacity. The DT-200LR combination contact/non-contact model enables precise non-contact RPM measurement up to 20 ft away. The PT-110 non-contact tachometer is a velocity analyzing and measuring device suitable for rotational machine inspection and process speed analysis. This battery-powered device automatically records maximum, minimum, and last value, as well as up to 96 data points during testing. DT-300 stroboscopes provide the illusion of “stopped motion” by adjusting the strobe’s flash rate. These units (AC powered or rechargeable) measure rotational or reciprocating speeds with the same precision as an electronic digital tachometer. The DT-725 stroboscope includes a rechargeable battery and offers many of the same features as the DT-300 series. Also available is the ST-1000 LED stroboscope/tachometer combination.

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