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Defender Series MultiPak surge protectorpower conditioner

Surge protector/power conditioner

Designed to safeguard digital signage arrays, the Defender Series MultiPak surge protector and power conditioner is offered in 4-outlet and 6-outlet configurations.

The Defender Series MultiPak is a multi-stage surge protector and power conditioner designed to safeguard digital signage arrays. Available in 4-outlet (SX-DS-154) and 6-outlet (SX-DS-156) configurations, the unit provides advanced protection against damaging surges, spikes, over/undervoltage, EMI/RFI noise, wiring faults, and other power issues that can degrade video display performance. The product’s compact design fits behind multi-panel installations and integrates with wall- and ceiling-mount systems. Features include a 15A load rating to handle the power delivery demands of multiple displays from a single unit, and diagnostic software that enables users to troubleshoot and diagnose power related disturbances.


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