EOL327720KA Series surge protectors

Surge protectors

LED indicator lights up when unit reaches end-of-life Offered in two models Rated to protect from surges up 20,000A

The EOL3-277-20KA Series of surge protectors includes an LED indicator that lights up when the unit reaches end-of-life. The indicator also flashes at power-up to confirm the LED is functioning. In-line fusing shuts down the LED luminaire to protect it until the surge protector is replaced. Offered in two models, one version includes a local LED indicator on the unit, while one is designed to operate a remote indicator that can be mounted elsewhere on the luminaire. A remote LED indicator is available with 18-in. leads. In addition, these devices are designed to be used for luminaires on electrical mains up to 277V, are rated to protect from surges up 20,000A, and feature UL1449-recognized components.

Thomas Research Products

For more information, visit www.trpssl.com.

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