GW Electric TridentS solid dielectric switchgear


Features multi-way configurations Offers the ability to be automated through the use of motor operators Front access and front/back designs are available

Trident-S solid dielectric switchgear with SafeVu visible break technology now features multi-way configurations and the ability to be automated through the use of motor operators. Designed to provide load and fault interrupting switching for systems rated through 38kV, 800A continuous, 12.5kA and 16kA symmetrical interrupting, the mullti-way option allows individual 3-phase switchgear modules to be linked together through a flexible inter-way bus connection. Switch combinations can be designed to match individual application requirements, and there are no limits to the number of ways per switch. Modules may be either fault interrupters or load break switches. In addition, front access and front/back designs are available, and 4-way front-back designs have a footprint that fits on existing pads for easy retrofit.

G&W Electric

For more information, visit the company website.

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