Southwire Smart Tensiometer


Automatically stores up to 16 GB of data Features a USB port Attaches to any Maxis cable puller in less than 1 min

The Smart tensiometer allows users to obtain rope tension, pulling speed, pull distance, and sidewall pressure data via a wireless connection, allowing them to save pulling data to onboard memory, create reports, and send information immediately. Able to automatically store up to 16 GB of data, the unit features a USB port. In addition, the tensiometer’s display unit and load sensing unit pair wirelessly and automatically. The load sensing unit has been designed to attach to any Maxis cable puller in less than 1 min through the use of hitch pins, and the unit is calibrated up to 10,000 lb with most pulling rope sizes. Via the display unit’s features, users can name each pull, input the parameters of the pull, enter rope size, and set the tension limit. In addition, the display unit flashes an alert if the maximum tension is about to be exceeded.


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