Phoenix Contact pluggable fuse and knife disconnect terminal blocks

Terminal blocks

Designed for use in potentially explosive areas 6.2-mm and 8.2-mm terminals Rated for multiple wire connections

The company’s line of screw-clamp terminal blocks now includes pluggable fuse and knife disconnect terminal blocks for potentially explosive areas (Class I, Zone 2). The 6.2-mm and 8.2-mm terminals meet the requirements of ignition protection standards for control applications throughout the process industry. UT 4-MT-EX, UT 4-TG-EX, and UT 6-TG-EX terminal blocks with pluggable P-FU-EX fuse holders for 5-mm × 20-mm or 6.3-mm × 3-mm fuse inserts use the company’s screw-clamp connection technology for ferruled or stranded wires. They are rated for multiple wire connections.

Phoenix Contact

For more information, visit the product page.

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