Wahl Instruments Heat Spy 150 Series thermal imaging cameras

Thermal imaging cameras

160 × 120 detector for 19,200 individually calibrated pixels Thermal sensitivity of ≤0.05°C 25° × 19° field of view

The Heat Spy 150 Series of thermal imaging cameras features a 160 × 120 detector for 19,200 individually calibrated pixels with a thermal sensitivity of ≤ 0.05°C. The “z” model features a 60-Hz frame rate, while the “a” model offers 9 Hz for use in restricted countries. The cameras offer a 25° × 19° field of view with a 3.2 megapixel CMOS image sensor for visible light images. An addition, a 0.5× wide-angle lens and one ×2 telephoto lens are available separately. Additional features include a 3.6-in. 640 × 480 LCD touchscreen display, dual LED bulbs integrated above the lens, and laser aiming to pinpoint hotspots. The SpyLite option emphasizes only the temperatures of interest in the scene. 

Wahl Instruments

For more information, visit the product landing page.

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