Tool bags

Tool bags

The Veto Pro Pac Model LC and LT tool bags feature 57 and 34 pockets, respectively, and are designed to store either tools or laptops, small tools, and business accessories


The Model LC tool bag features 57 pockets capable of storing 75 hand tools. Constructed of 1800 PVC impregnated denier nylon, the bag measures 9.5 in. × 13.5 in. × 12 in., weighs 5.25 lb when empty, and comes in an open-top model as well as XL and XXL options. The Model LT tool bag is designed for storing a laptop and organizing other business accessories and small tools. Measuring 20.25 in. × 16.5 in. × 7 in., this model features 34 pockets.

Veto Pro Pac

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