SMA 3800TLUS and 6000TLUS inverters

Transformerless inverters

Provide up to 1,500W of daytime standby power Integrated DC AFCI functionality Operating temperature range from -40°F to 140°F

Two models have been added to the Sunny Boy TL-US line of transformerless inverters. The 3800TL-US model is configured for homes with 100A service panels. Designed for larger residential applications, the 6000TL-US features a higher power rating and dual maximum power point (MPP) trackers for projects with multiple roof orientations. Both models include the company’s Secure Power Supply feature, which makes it possible for the inverter to provide up to 1,500W of daytime standby power. Additional highlights include: integrated DC AFCI functionality to meet NEC arc-fault protection requirements, certification to the UL 1699B standard, a large graphic display, optional plug-and-play Webconnect data module for system monitoring with direct data transmission to Sunny Portal, and an operating temperature range from -40F to 140°F.


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