Knick USA ProLine P27000 Series signal conditioners

Universal signal conditioners

Transmission speeds as fast as T90 = 70 µs Onboard transformer isolation Measures 12.5 mm wide

The ProLine P27000 Series of universal signal conditioners offers transmission speeds as fast as T90 = 70 µs. Onboard transformer isolation and a digitally controlled range selection further provide repeatable signal transmission with a total gain error of just 0.08%. Units also offer excellent pulse formation, extremely low residual ripple, and maximum long-term measurement stability and reliability. The modular housing of the units measures 12.5 mm wide. Pluggable screw terminals allow for simple and fast assembly and the prewiring of enclosures, with protection against touch and unintended adjustment. Housings with fixed screw terminals are also available for high mechanical loads.

Knick USA

For more information, visit the company website.

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