General TorchScope videorecording flashlight

Video-recording flashlight

High-definition video and photos can be date- and time-stamped Audio captured simultaneously with video clips Stainless steel housing and a non-slip knurled grip

The TorchScope video-recording flashlight combines an LED flashlight with a camera that can capture and store high-definition video and photos, which can be date- and time-stamped. Audio is captured simultaneously with video clips, allowing users to record ambient sound, comments and explanations. Featuring a stainless steel housing and non-slip knurled grip, the flashlight is IP68-rated, making it operable under water up to 10 m (33 f.) deep. Four buttons on the handle control: menu access, brightness and illumination-mode selection, photo and video capture, and zoom (up to 4×). In addition, the flashlight can be used independently or in conjunction with the integral camera.

General Tools & Instruments

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