Weidmuller Stripax Ultimate wire stripper

Wire stripper

Strips most halogen-free insulation materials from 24 AWG through 10 AWG Self-adjusting blade Three-stage partial stripping function

The Stripax Ultimate wire stripper features a blade set that allows users to strip most halogen-free insulation materials and other tough insulation types from AWG 24 through AWG 10, up to a length of 1 in. A self-adjusting blade allows the tool to automatically adapt to the wire size. An additional adjustment can be made by turning a screw beneath the strip blades for large gauge or wire with very hard insulation. The product also features a three-stage partial stripping function to retain a portion of stripped insulation on the tip of the conductors. Measuring 7.5 in. and weighing 6 oz, the stripper also features a foldable protective cover to prevent accidental wire cutting during stripping, clamping jaws that open automatically after stripping, quick and easy blade replacement, and a wire stop mechanism for strip length and insulation thickness settings that adjust via a slider.


For more information, visit the company website.

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