Product Spotlight: Focus on Drivers and Ballasts

Product Spotlight: Focus on Drivers and Ballasts

EC&M Magazine spotlights Drivers and Ballasts products

Fluorescent Lamp Ballasts

Designed for parallel lamp operation in analog dimming applications, VariPRO ballasts are for T8, T5, and T5HO linear fluorescent lamps. According to the company, the CEE-listed ballasts provide controllability down to 5% dimming with standard 0V to 10V controls. In addition, the products feature a start time of less than 700 msec. Universal voltage and 347V models are also available.
Universal Lighting Technologies
Circle 300

Metal-Halide Lamp Ballasts

eHID microprocessor-controlled ballasts are paired with ceramic discharge metal-halide lamps to provide high efficacy and long life. Featuring integrated thermal and overvoltage circuits designed to shut down the ballast if operating conditions exceed those specified for use, the ballasts include bottom or side lead exits and mounts. Available in 20W, 35/39W, and 70W models, the units are compatible with both 120V and 277V input voltages.
Halco Lighting Technologies
Circle 301

LED Drivers

The LED-M Series of drivers is offered in constant-current and constant-voltage versions. Standard models include 40W, 60W, 75W, 96W, 100W, and 150W. According to the company, typical efficiency is 92%, and dimmable versions feature wide-range 3-wire dimming. Features include universal input voltage from 100VAC to 277VAC, aluminum housings, and an IP67 rating, making them suitable for applications subject to moisture. In addition, the drivers offer overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit protection with automatic recovery to keep luminaires performing.
Thomas Research Products
Circle 302

Fluorescent Lamp Ballasts

Green Light DALI ballasts feature an optional built-in power metering feature that gives users the ability to measure, monitor, and manage power to each light fixture, while enabling daylight harvesting and load shedding. Integrated with Fusion EM Energy Management Software, users can track energy usage and immediately implement controls to eliminate waste. With support for one, two, and three lamps, the ballasts support dimming of a range of linear fluorescent lamps from 1% to 100% and are operable between 120V and 277V. Twelve models are available to power a variety of T8, T5, and T5HO lamp types from 14W to 58W.
Circle 303

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