2007 Products of the Week

2007 Products of the Week

Electrical products from 2007 featured on the EC&M website.


Cable tie remover

The ACT cable tie removal tool features a proprietary cutting head design that slips behind a cable tie to pull it away from the wire harness and simultaneously cut it without nicking or damage. Additional product features include double-insulated and cushioned grips, a return spring, lock, and properly leveraged scissor-action cutter. Made from heat-treated alloy steel, the ergonomic hand tool is suitable for retrofitting and repairing wire harnesses in assembly and field service applications. In addition, the product can safely remove plastic, copper, or aluminum cable ties up to ½ in. wide.

ACT Fastening Solutions

For more information, visit www.actfs.com

Flame-resistant fabric

Thinsulate insulation FR has now been quilted to Indura Ultra Soft flame-resistant fabric. Made from a blend of aramid, modacrylic, and polyester fibers, Thinsulate insulation FR is designed as a mid-loft product with quality drape characteristics. According to the company, the fabric’s lofty fibrous webs trap more air and contain more of the body’s radiant heat than higher-density, needle-punched webs.

Westex Inc.

For more information, visit www.westexinc.com

Pull box

According to the company, the EZ Form pull box assembles in 15 sec without tools, bending along pre-scored fold lines. In addition, the box’s sides interlock and snap in place. Available in three standard sizes with or without knockouts, the product is made of 16-gauge steel and features a grounding provision as well as flat covers that can be removed for easy wiring access.


For more information, visit www.hoffmanonline.com

Integrated power module

This integrated power module is designed for use with the company’s Mega Snake high-capacity overhead cable tray. According to the company, the overhead power distribution module allows users to terminate electrical requirements right from Mega Snake. The power module simply attaches to the cable tray’s accessory rail to offer overhead power distribution. In addition, the module can be pre-configured to a user’s electrical requirements.

Snake Tray

For more information, visit www.snaketray.com

Lighting control system

The Vari-Ballast Control (VBC) lighting control is a standalone energy management system in a box that reduces demand on power in real time, according to the company. The system replaces magnetic ballasts, timers, relays, control panels, and the wiring required to connect individual lighting fixtures to external parts as well as the control panel. Additional product features include an electronic ballast for fluorescent lighting; microprocessors that regulate the current flow; dimming and monitoring controls with thermal monitoring; and onboard, real-time diagnostics. Measuring 6 in. × 6 in. × 4 in., it provides input voltages from 90V to 300V and variable output wattages from 14W to 430W.


For more information, visit www.iepc.cc


Lighting controls

PulseWorx Generation II lighting controls now include a split-phase repeater for enhanced reliability. In addition, the product’s new auto-off function allows the load to automatically shut off after a preset period of time. According to the company, LED presets allow keypad buttons to better track the state of the lights with their LEDs. Other product improvements include the ability to activate a flashing alarm scene, a modernized look featuring cool blue LEDs, and a money-back guarantee.

Powerline Control Systems

For more information, visit www.pulseworx.com

Safe discharge device

The portable SD300 is a long-life battery-powered tester for use in situations with 1,000VDC and a maximum capacitance of 1,200uf. UL-listed, the device incorporates a two-handed push-button operation to initiate and maintain the energy discharge. According to the company, users are isolated from the discharged energy by a fully insulated and robust instrument case rated at IP66. In addition, it is available with fully shrouded test leads as well as an inbuilt test lead and fuse proving facility. Other product features include an automatic pre-use self test, protection against prolonged connection to live operating circuits, and monitoring of critical component temperatures with automatic cutoff.

Seaward Group USA

For more information, visit www.seaward-groupusa.com

Lockout/tagout storage stations

Ready Access Storage Stations ensure lockout devices remain accessible and ready for use when needed. The stations are available in two styles: the Ready Access Padlock Station holds padlocks, group lockout hasps, and tags. Measuring 7 in. ×13 in. × 2.5 in., the company says it is almost half the size of competitors’ 10-padlock stations. The Ready Access Lockout Station offers storage for large and small lockout devices, with a 5-in.-deep storage pocket and four detachable hanging hooks. Both products are made from injection-molded polypropylene and include an attachable handle as well as screw slots for permanent wall mounting. In addition, a semi-transparent cover allows the contents to be viewed while protecting the lockout devices from exposure to harsh chemicals. The cover's lockable feature protects contents from harsh environments.


For more information, visit www.bradycorp.com

Installation templates

According to the company, CUTzOUT Installation Templates are the first reusable templates designed for use with most standard spiral saws and rotary tools. Users can choose from five styles: single-gang, double-gang, StraitCUTz, and two CIRCLEz templates. In addition, some designs are available with two or more patterns each.

Praxis Products

For more information, visit www.cutzout.com


Adjustable-frequency drive

The V1000 adjustable-frequency drive features a hybrid sink drive that allows side-by-side mounting capability. Offering 25 hp to 1/8 hp, the drive has a 2 ms scan cycle. In addition, the device includes dual ratings — heavy duty (150% overload for 60 sec) and normal duty (120% overload for 60 sec). Other product features include open-loop current vector control, function block diagram programming, and a y-stick option.


For more information, visit www.yaskawa.com

Clamp meter

According to the company, the 3291 digital clamp-on hi-tester is the industry’s first flip clamp. Cat. III 600V safe, the pocket-sized clamp measures conductors up to 30 mm in diameter with a low-profile sensor core that is 8-mm thick. The device can be clamped in place to measure circuit breakers and other conductors as long as there is 12.5 mm of space between wires. In addition, the flip-down display rotates to a maximum of 180°, allowing readings at any angle.

Hioki USA

For more information, visit www.hiokiusa.com

Receptacle box installer

The RBI receptacle box installer increases the speed and accuracy of installing electrical outlet boxes, according to the company. The tool includes a built-in “quickcheck” feature that allows users to verify the set of the box with a simple flip. Available in 5/8-in. and ½-in. sizes and three styles, it works on double and triple studs as well as beams and waned lumber.

Alaska Tool Design

For more information, visit www.alaskatooldesign.com

Power distribution units

Powerware enclosure power distribution units (ePDUs) are designed for data centers across all power densities. According to the company, these PDUs complement UPS systems, distributing power to up to 24 or 45 receptacles in high-density rack environments or where conditioned power must be distributed to multiple pieces of equipment. Additional product features include single-phase and 3-phase applications up to 17kW; a user-selectable combination of NEMA, IEC, and hardwired inputs and NEMA and IEC output receptacles; and flexible mounting options, including 1U, 0U, wall, and floor mounting.


For more information, visit www.eaton.com


Gemini Twin Pack gen-sets feature a rating of 1,000kW. Designed as a replacement for the company’s 600kW and 750kW Gemini gen-sets, the product’s platform is powered by a pair of 16-liter Volvo 6-cylinder inline Tier II diesel engines — each one powering a 500kW alternator at 1,800 rpm. According to the company, up to seven units can be combined and paralleled for applications requiring up to 7MW. In addition, all units are UL 2200 listed.

Generac Power Systems

For more information, visit www.generac.com


Harmonic mitigating transformers

Guard III harmonic mitigating transformers curb harmonic currents, reduce transformer heating caused by harmonics that K-factor transformers do not, and improve upstream power quality, according to the company. UL- and CSA-listed, the units feature a K-factor load profile of 20 and a crest factor load profile of 5. In addition, they meet or exceed NEMA TP-1 and CSA C802.2 efficiencies. Additional product features include copper windings, a 220ºC insulation system, and a NEMA 3R enclosure.

GE Consumer & Industrial

For more information, visit www.geindustrial.com

Rental power unit

Certified to meet EPA Tier 2 emissions standards, this 1,000kW rental power unit provides temporary power for construction as well as emergency power for commercial buildings, industrial plants, and public works facilities. Other product features include low emissions, increased running time, selectable voltages, and easy operator access for maintainability. Users can choose from two styles: one model that allows quick voltage changes from 208VAC to 480VAC or a 600VAC model. According to the company, running time at 75% load has been increased to 30 hr. In addition, the rental power unit’s enclosure features 110% fluid containment, can operate in ambient temperatures up to 113ºF (45ºC), and produces only 75 dB(A) measured at 23 ft.

Cummins Power Generation

For more information, visit www.cumminspower.com/rental

Jack stand

The MaxJax jack stand adjusts to a variety of reels up to 48-in. tall. According to the company, the product’s clamping jaws prevent the reels from coming off or falling over when pulling wire. In addition, the jaws are lined with encased bearings, allowing one person to roll off heavy wire. Each stand features a Max Lever, designed to lift the heavy reels off the ground.

Maxis Corp.

For more information, visit www.maxis-tools.com

Transient voltage surge suppressors

This line of transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSS) features thermally protected metal oxide varistor (TPMOV®) technology, an advancement that includes a safety feature that shuts down the TVSS to prevent overheating and ensures compliancy with UL 1449 2nd Edition requirements for all TVSS products. According to the company, the products can be used without a dedicated breaker and still comply with UL 1449 2nd Edition requirements. Designed for service entrance, distribution, and point of use locations, the TVSS line is available in three configurations: wall–mount construction, box extension for attaching directly to the top or bottom of branch panels, or as an integrated construction within the company’s panelboards and switchboards.

GE Consumer & Industrial

For more information, visit www.ge.com


Electronic transformers

This redesigned series of electronic transformers complies with the new UL standard (2108) for low-voltage lighting systems. Using an enhanced “auto reset” function, the transformers are protected against normal and abnormal short circuits for at least 8 hr. In addition, soft-start technology protects both lamps and transformers on cold start-ups. According to the company, the units have been reduced in size by 25%. Heat dissipation of their internal components has also been improved, as well as their reliability and effectiveness. If the case temperature rises above 120°C, the transformers will automatically shut down and continue to cycle until the temperature falls below the 120°C threshold.

W.A.C. Lighting

For more information, visit www.waclighting.com

Toolbox wheel caddy

The Hi-Viz toolbox wheel caddy provides mobility for the company’s Hi-Viz sit/stand three-tier toolbox. Featuring durable wheels and a rugged axle, the toolbox wheel caddy locks into position and can be maneuvered by a telescoping handle with comfort foam grips. Measuring 20¾ in. × 13½ in.× 16¾ in, the orange-colored sit/stand three-tier toolbox is constructed of weather- and impact-resistant resin. According to the company, positive locking latches help prevent accidental opening, and the lid features a no-slip surface.

Klein Tools

For more information, visit www.kleintools.com

Electrical safety tester

The Primetest 100 is a battery-powered handheld tester designed to check tools and portable electrical equipment. In addition, the instrument can perform cord polarity tests as well as check that power sockets are wired correctly. Universal graphics on the case of the device guide users through the three test modes available, and a single push-button operation establishes the appropriate sequences for the selected tests. Tests are carried out against preset pass/fail limits, and the large LCD gives a clear pass/fail indication, as well as test values. Supporting PDA-based software also is available, allowing test results to be recorded for subsequent transfer to a PC stored database or other record-keeping system.

Seaward Group USA

For more information, visit www.www.seaward-groupusa.com

Premise cable puller

The Kati-Blitz premise cable-pulling device slips around curves and travels through long sections of conduit, as well as pipe systems where cables have already been laid, according to the company. In addition, the device consists of a Polykat fiberglass rod that is manually wound in and out without knotting or forming loops. Threaded rod ends are attached at both ends of the rod, in which cable grips, pulling eyes, or guide heads can be screwed on. With lengths of 50 ft, 100 ft, and 150 ft, the rod is housed in a solid, compact, heavy-duty case.


For more information, visit www.arncocorp.com


Earth ground tester

The Fluke 1621 basic earth ground tester detects reliable ground connections in most work environments. The lightweight tester features basic ground testing methods, including 3-pole fall of potential and 2-pole ground resistance, and enables users to capture values with a single button. The instrument also offers automatic noise voltage detection and will alert users to measurements outside of an adjustable limit setting. In addition, it features a large, dual, backlit display, a hazardous voltage warning, and a rugged holster.


For more information, visit www.fluke.com

Ballroom floor box

The ballroom box is a multi-service floor box designed for rooms that host large gatherings, meetings, mini trade shows, and other functions, but do not require full-size convention center boxes. The box combines high capacity for power, communication, and AV devices with a cover assembly that has a load rating of 10,000 lb. The cover features a carpet cut-out area that allows it to blend into various carpet styles. In addition, these covers are scrub water-compliant for carpet or tile floor applications.


For more information, visit www.wiremold.com

Daylight harvesting controls

The Servodan line of Luxstat daylight harvesting controllers provides up to three channels of continuous dimming or on/off control from a single photocell. According to the company, individual adjustments of each channel allow for precise control to maximize savings and provide uniform lighting. In addition, the controllers can be integrated with occupancy sensors for automated on/off control. Manual override controls permit adjustment of lighting levels by the occupant.

Hubbell Building Automation

For more information, visit www.hubbell-automation.com

Line installation tool

LaserLine propels varying length of nylon pull line using a small projectile. Equipped with a laser sighting device, the tool will accurately install a pull line up to 120 ft in seconds through most web trusses, across suspending ceiling systems, over hard-to-move objects, under subflooring, or in limited access areas. Constructed of quality-machined aluminum with an adonized finish, the kit includes a gun, three darts, two CO2 cartridges, two 1,200-ft. line spools, and a rugged carrying case.

West Industries

For more information, visit www.thelaserline.com

Blueprint layout grid

E-Z Scale is a translucent scaled grid sheet that is laid over blueprints or scale drawings to obtain fast and accurate scaled measurements in two directions at one time, according to the company. For quick retrieval, each scale is color-coded and printed on durable, clear vinyl laminate. The set includes one storage envelope and three 8.5-in. × 11-in. color-coded translucent grid sheets for ¼-in., ½-in., and 1-in. scale plans.

E-Z Scale

For more information, visit www.e-zscale.com.


Power protection system

The Pulsar MX 5000 RT power and battery modules and Pulsar MX Frame is a fully scalable solution that can grow as customers’ power needs increase. Using 3U (5.25 inches) for the combination of power and battery sub-modules, the 5 kVA 3U rackmount/tower units feature hot-swappable battery and power sub-modules, auto battery-test, switched outlets, multilingual LCD display, and intuitive power management software that is compatible with most popular operating systems — including Microsoft's Vista. For high-density rack environments, the 15 kVA and 20 kVA models can be used as standalone or integrated into a standard 19-in. rack.

MGE Office Protection Systems

For more information, visit www.mgeops.com.

Plugs and receptacles

The Decontactor Series of plugs and receptacles is UL-approved for use as a motor circuit disconnect switch and as a branch circuit disconnect switch. According to the company, the units feature an integral switching mechanism that helps ensure the safe make or break of live connections and that the contacts are dead before the plug can be removed. In addition, when re-inserting the plug into the receptacle, the male contacts do not engage the live female contacts until after they are fully enclosed inside the device’s arc chambers, thus preventing outside exposure to arc flash — even in short-circuit conditions up to 100 kA. They are available in sizes up to 200A or 60 hp.


For more information, visit www.meltric.com.

Adjustable downlight

The DL2DGZ adjustable downlight features a round, recessed, adjustable trim with a round, regressed, black, knife-edged aperture. According to the company, its die cast interior eliminates aperture flash and glare. In addition, the product’s die cast gear drive has a two axis self-locking adjustment of fixture rotation and tilt to 45° when using it with up to a 5/8-in. ceiling or 30° with a 1-in. ceiling. The trim is available for use with low-voltage halogen, 20W MR-16 HID, or 39W MR-16 HID-style lamps. An optional ceiling-mounted appliqué is available for zero sightline applications.

Lucifer Lighting

For more information, visit www.luciferlighting.com.

Fluorescent tube replacement

The EverLED TR fluorescent tube replacement allows existing fluorescent fixtures to be converted to LEDs by simply changing the bulb. The product uses the existing fluorescent ballast to achieve the equivalent light output of the tube it replaces. Mercury- and lead-free, the 48-in.-long “S” model T8 replacement is available in five industry-standard shades of white, providing the equivalent light output of a 40W tube while consuming 25W. In addition, it is made of recyclable materials and has a 10-year service life, according to the company.


For more information, visit www.LEDdynamics.com.


LED fixture

Designed to replace 75W to 250W HID light sources in hazardous location applications, the SafeSite LED fixture meets UL Class 1, Division 2 requirements, allowing for installation on walls, stanchions, and pendent mounts with 1-inch or ¾-inch conduit entrances with an internal splice box for full retrofit capabilities. According to the company, the fixture provides better quality light, higher fixture efficiency, and 30% greater energy efficiency than traditional HID light source technology. The fixture provides “instant” on response, long life, and “T” rating levels of T4 and T5.


For more information, visit www.dialight.com.

Interval recording system

The E-Kit Interval Recording Systems, featuring the company’s ElitePro Recording Power Meter, exceed all National Electrical Code requirements for determining the existing electrical load level (kVA demand) over 15-minute intervals, according to the company. The ElitePro Recording Power Meters use proprietary ELOG software to present and analyze the collected data. Featuring a variety of pre-programmed analyses and graphs, ELOG can export data files to popular spreadsheets and databases such as Excel and Access.

DENT Instruments

For more information, visit www.dentinstruments.com.

Commemorative hand tools

In honor of the company’s 150th anniversary, six commemorative Journeyman hand tools will bear Klein Tools’ lasered anniversary emblem, including side cutting pliers, long nose pliers, diagonal cutting pliers, crimper, pump pliers, and cable cutter. In addition, each of the products is encased in 150th anniversary packaging. The Journeyman line of tools features contoured, cushioned handles and is made using a dual-material molding process that allows for a softer grip on the outer surface, according to the company.

Klein Tools

For more information, visit www.kleintools.com.

Motor manager

The MM300 low-voltage motor manager can simultaneously communicate using Modbus (serial or Ethernet) and either DeviceNet or Profibus DP protocols. This advancement allows for straightforward and direct integration into new and existing HMI, DCS, and SCADA systems — eliminating the need for additional devices, according to the company. In addition, the motor manager offers advanced motor health diagnostics. Continuous monitoring — coupled with single-click access to device and system status information — can alert operators to potential conditions that could lead to critical process interruption. Ready to use right out of the box, the devices features predefined control logic and automatic I/O assignment for the most common motor starter types.

GE Multilin

For more information, visit www.GEMultilin.com.


Cable bundler

The Cable Comb consists of a blue inner hub and a yellow outer collar that enables users to straighten, organize, and lash single cables into a neat cable bundle. Its two-piece design locks the cables in place to prevent accidental disengagement during the combing process, and allows cables to be quickly removed from the tool and turned out of the run for termination or sub-bundling. Designed with 15 slots of various lengths that can accommodate one or more of most types of data cables, the tool can be used to straighten, organize, bundle, and lash other types of cables such as coax or control cables that are ¼ inch or smaller in diameter. In addition, the injection-molded Cable Comb is made with Zytel nylon resin, which the company says increases resistance to penetration of oils, greases, solvents, and alkalis.

Acom Tools

For more information, visit www.acomtools.com.

AFCI breakers

These circuit breakers feature Trip-Alert, an LED indication system that identifies which electrical fault condition induced tripping —arc fault, ground fault, or overload/short circuit. The “combination-type” breakers satisfy UL and CSA’s tests to provide full arc fault protection for the branch/feeder wiring, as well as the cord sets and power-supply cords connected to the receptacles. In addition, all devices use Electro-Sense electronic circuitry to determine the exact current levels and continuously monitor line conditions to detect various fault conditions, which the company says provides faster response and a higher level of protection. The circuit breakers also protect circuits and electrical loads against fire-causing arcs and shock-inducing ground faults.


For more information, visit www.hetko-us.com.

Recessed fluorescent light

The P83-26ICATDM recessed fixture uses a standard 26W compact fluorescent triple-tube lamp and works with a standard incandescent dimmer. Dimming down to a 15% light output, the Energy Star-qualified recessed fixture meets California Title 24 requirements as well as all state standards for airtight recessed fixtures, according to the company. In addition, it features an integral-nail bar hanger.

Progress Lighting

For more information, visit www.progresslighting.com.

Cable bundlers

Cablo Snap secures cable bundles to wire cable tray and helps eliminate over-tightened cable ties. According to the company, the wide, flared design eliminates “pinched” data cables, offering enhanced signal protection. Available in four sizes to accommodate cable bundles from ½ in. to 2 in., the reusable cable bundlers are UL-listed and meet EIA/TIA requirements. To install, snap over cables and squeeze to desired pressure. Built-in teeth lock Cablo Snap into place.


For more information, visit www.cablofil.com.

Building wire

No Lube SIMpull THHN building wire eliminates the need for electrical contractors to lubricate feeder-sized THHN to pull it through conduit. The wire incorporates a patent-pending technology to reduce friction and minimize the mess, labor, and cost associated with lubrication. According to the company, the product’s unique design results in a cleaner appearance, easier-to-read print, and reduced susceptibility to nylon tearing. The company also claims that independent tests confirm No Lube SIMpull THHN reduces total installation time by an average of 30%, as well as eliminates equipment needed to apply lubricant. Available in all standard industry colors and sizes 1/0 and larger, the product will be introduced in April in the East and gradually extend West, with completion expected by mid-summer.


For more information, visit www.southwire.com.


Compression EMT

The Kwik-Fit Compression EMT features an integrated steel compression coupling that, according to the company, reduces installation time and eliminates the need to purchase and store separate couplings. The Flo-Coat hot galvanizing process protects the conduit with a triple-sealed compatible organic layer to inhibit white rust and increase corrosion resistance. In addition, the product’s interior is protected with E-Z Pull interior coating for enhanced wire pulling with reduced static friction. It also meets the requirements of section 300.22 of the NEC as well as UL Standard 797 and ANSI Standard C80.3.

Allied Tube & Conduit

For more information, visit www.alliedeg.com.

Branch-circuit monitoring system

Designed for incorporation into new or existing data centers, the J Comm branch-circuit monitoring system (BCMS) fits under the raised floor and monitors current, voltage, and other power-related measures for up to 168 branch breakers. Helping users track and control power usage in all distribution equipment, the system features two BCMS communication boards and interface modules for either split core or solid core current transformers. With the system installed under the floor, users have either a Modbus or SNMP connection to their building management system.

Power Distribution Inc.

For more information, visit www.pdicorp.com.

Arc flash protection

The FlashGard low-voltage motor control center (MCC) offers an insulated horizontal bus, an insulated labyrinth vertical bus, shutters to isolate the vertical bus when a unit is removed, and finger-safe components inside the units. In addition, the product features an ARC Reduction Maintenance Switch that the company says reduces the time-available fault current. It also includes an applied breaker to reduce trip time during an arc flash.


For more information, visit www.eaton.com.

Stackable shims/spacers

Secura-Lets stackable shims and spacers for wiring devices prevent arcing due to unwanted movement and also prevent broken or cracked faceplates. In addition, they provide support of devices to their wall boxes, fill gaps created by boxes that are set too deep, bring devices flush with finished surfaces, and eliminate wobbly outlets and switches. Constructed of rigid, flame-retarded PVC, individual pieces snap together to achieve proper thickness.


For more information, visit www.secura-lets.com.


Design Software

AcceliCAD 2007 is a CAD platform that provides compatibility with industry-standard file formats, commands, and methods. Enhancements include floating prompt menus and polar angle tracking, which will snap the cursor to non-orthogonal angles and extend lines between two points. The heads-up keyboard entry allows angles, distances, and text to be entered without looking at the keyboard. In addition, AcceliCAD features a full-color 32-bit user interface with transparencies.


For more information, visit www.autodsys.com.

Transient voltage surge suppressor

The Strikesorb transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) module provides uninterrupted protection from surge currents of up to 200kA. In addition, the module meets the requirements of the recently revised UL-1449 (2nd edition) standard without resorting to the use of internal fuses. According to the company, its unique construction — comprised of a single large distribution-grade metal oxide varistor (MOV) disc (80-mm in diameter) in a hermetic aluminum housing — provides uniform distribution of the surge current over the total area of the MOV protection element, resulting in a high-energy handling capability combined with ultralow let-through voltage to the protected equipment.


For more information, visit www.raycapinc.com.

Cordless tools

The IQV Series of cordless tools includes the W040 ¼-in. quick-change Impactool, the W150 3/8-in. Impactool, the W360 ½-in. Impactool, as well as two drill/drivers — the 19.2V D650 and 14.4V D550. Engineered with composite housings to protect against damaging chemicals and fluids, all models are reinforced with a patented metal design that, according to the company, provides extra strength for enhanced drop resistance. In addition, the tools feature the IQV Grip, a patent-pending twist-to-lock design that grips the battery into the tool for increased holding strength.

Ingersoll Rand

For more information, visit http://irtools.com/cordless/

Messaging software

NextMail is a mobile dictation and documentation solution available to Nextel walkie-talkie subscribers. NextMail allows field teams, such as electricians, utility workers, and cable TV installers, to wirelessly dictate, document, and share critical information via email with a dispatcher or central office by using their voice. The mobile worker just pushes a PTT button on his mobile phone to speak a message that is recorded and delivered to the inbox of an individual (or group with up to 50 members) as an audio e-mail to the recipient's inbox. A customized subject line also can be used to communicate the topic and significance of the message. For customers who do not have Sprint Nextel walkie-talkie service, the company developed SkyMail, which works across all major U.S. cellular carriers; however, both NextMail and SkyMail operate in a similar way. SkyMail messages include a reply box that can be used to send text message responses directly back to the mobile phone, enabling a continuous stream of wireless 2-way documented communication. Both the time-stamped audio messages and the text responses are stored on the company’s Web site for record-keeping purposes.

Pacific DataVision

For more information, visit www.pacificdatavision.com.


Recessed lighting

Jan 29, 2007 9:25 AM
The 2-inch Micro Cast downlight collection accommodates both MR11 and MR16 lamps, is made of fully die-cast aluminum, and can be installed in shallow ceiling down to 31/2 inches. The 2-inch aperture housing features a quiet electronic ballast for easy installation and dimming, and is available in new construction- or remodel-type mounting. The collection includes standard baffled and reflector downlights as well as adjustables, slots, and pinholes to achieve optimum lighting effects. The 2-inch aperture trims, which accommodate up to three optical accessories, come in standard black and white finishes as well as copper, mocha, and natural “raw” metal.


For more information, visit www.liton.com/2inch.

Ethernet-compatible 3-phase AC motor drives

Jan 22, 2007 9:28 AM
MotiFlex e100 Ethernet-compatible 3-phase AC motor drives can be used in both centralized control and distributed “intelligent drive” scenarios. The initial launch of MotiFlex e100 provides drives rated for output powers up to 16A, in five steps of 1.5A, 3A, 6A, 10.5A and 16 A. According to the company, a selection of higher power versions will follow in 2007. Compatible with the Ethernet Powerlink protocol, each drive features an Ethernet hub, enabling systems to be built using a simple daisy-chain connection scheme.

Baldor Electric Co.

For more information, visit http://www.baldor.com/

Active Ethernet over coaxial video cable

Jan 15, 2007 8:41 AM
Designed for professional security installations in multiple industries, including the government, casino, healthcare, and education markets, Highwire is changing the approach of upgrading surveillance systems from CCTV to IP cameras. Enabling users to change over CCTV cameras to IP/megapixel cameras with minimum expense and business interruption, Highwire sends 100 Mbps Ethernet over standard coaxial video cable, supports up to 1,000 ft of coaxial cable, and can be "daisy chained" to allow for multiple 1,000-ft lengths of coaxial cable. Working with 12VDC or 24VAC power, the cable allows for multiple cameras over one video cable. Sold in pairs, Highwire accessories include a 1U rackmount, which allows for the placement of 8 Highwire units into a 19-inch rack, a specialized rackmount power supply, and individual mounting brackets.

Veracity USA

For more information, visit http://www.veracityusa.com.

Outdoor medium-voltage adjustable-speed drive

Jan 8, 2007 9:29 AM
The MTX NEMA 3R MV Outdoor Medium Voltage ASD is the newest addition to the company’s line of medium-voltage adjustable-speed drives (ASDs). According to Toshiba, this product is the world’s first ASD, specifically designed for outdoor mounting in remote locations — or where a building does not exist. Offering the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, the product features two enclosure types married together. The transformer section is convection cooled. There are no moving parts, and heat is eliminated through passive vents at the top of the drive. The inverter section is forced-air-cooled and only uses non-CFC cooling components. The drive’s power modules are designed with out-the-back heat sinks, sending waste heat out of the drive and into the atmosphere. The interior of the inverter section is cooled using plate-type heat exchangers so it remains cool and clean without introducing outside air.

Toshiba International

For more information, visit www.toshiba.com/ind.

Wire mesh grip selection software

Jan 2, 2007 9:37 AM
The new ez-Calc software CD from Leviton streamlines the process of selecting wire mesh safety grips, allowing users to choose the most appropriate wire management device for their application. ez-Calc's pull-down menus guide users through the product selection process in a few steps. Providing the ability to search by grip family (pulling, strain-relief or support grips), grip style (high load, standard duty, indoor and outdoor, etc.) or application (pulling overhead transmission lines), the software returns a list of all matching products, including a product description and diagram.


For more information, visit www.leviton.com

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