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8 Ways to Make Money Off Your Electrical Distributor

Distributors are in business to help their customers make money. Here are some distributor features and services that offer a great return.

Say what you will about electrical distributors, they’re an extremely helpful bunch. Yes they’re the “middle-men” in the electrical industry, bringing together manufacturers with end-users, getting the word out on new products and providing local stock so contractors can get what they need when they need it and get to work. But the good ones are more than just a source of products.

For many years now electrical distributors have been keenly aware that counting on their markups on product sales is a thin proposition in the face of online competition focused intensely on lowering prices. Most of them have also embraced the idea that they must offer services beyond a widget in a box to secure a lasting relationship with their customers. You might be surprised how much of their days these people spend trying to find new ways to make their customers more successful. The result is an array of offerings and benefits that can help you do your job more profitably. That's why it's valuable to invest in your local distributor relationships -- they can do things for you that online-only suppliers never will.

This gallery provides a light-hearted look at just a few of the ways you can get more from your relationship with your local distributors. Eight ways you can use their services to lower your costs and sharpen your edge.

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