May Products of the Week

May Products of the Week

Motor management software

The 123 Approach to Motor Management is a program that helps industrial and commercial facilities managers manage their motor fleets. With a limited amount of user input, the software can calculate energy costs and potential energy savings, calculate and compare the financial effect of repairing or replacing motors, determine the payback periods for NEMA premium motors, calculate return-on-investment and net present value, print tags that identify the best repair or replace options for each motor, and generate a summary report.

Motor Decisions Matter

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Shallow slab box

Designed for parkade, apartment, and office building construction, the shallow slab box is the newest addition to this manufacturer’s Kwikon ENT slab box series. It comes as a fully assembled, one-piece, concrete-tight unit with a 2.875-in. overall box height. The slab box’s opening is coated with a clear polyester film that prevents concrete from entering the inserts and box interior. Made from nonmetallic and non-corroding PVC, the slab box is available in seven different hub/knockout configurations, with or without molded ENT hubs.


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Handheld labeler

The Idexpert handheld labeler features bar codes and more than 80 industrial/commercial symbols and symbol sets for electrical, voice/data, warning, safety, and operational applications. The labeler comes with colored continuous tapes, wire marker sleeves, self-laminating wire markers, terminal block markers, patch panel markers, and general-purpose die-cut labels. It prints characters as tall as 1.25 in. on 1.5-in. wide label stock and as small as 7-point text on any labeling job. The labeler is available in ABC style layout or keyboard layout, and both models run on six AA batteries.


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Resource library

Designed for contractors, the Logistics Resource Library computer program allows users to search for specific topics in trade journals, associated newswires, publications available for purchase, and white papers gathered from the Internet. Applicable information is then displayed in an easy-to-read format that includes the article’s title, abstract, and link. Users can also store their own company training documents in the library.


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