Atkore BIM Design Contest

Atkore Announces Grand Prize Winner of BIM Design Contest

Oct. 11, 2023
Find out who took home the $10,000 grand prize

On May 8th 2023, Atkore invited industry professionals to show their creativity through designing unique and artistic, yet functional, furniture using the Atkore BIM Toolbar. The Atkore BIM Toolbar is a Revit® plugin that provides engineers and designers access to the BIM library of Atkore’s full suite of electrical products, including strut, conduit, fittings, cable cleats, cable tray, bollards, and more.

Each submission in the BIM design contest presented distinct inventions which displayed various uses of Atkore products in innovative ways while utilizing a mixture of features and product families within the toolbar. 

Atkore announced David Nicolas as the $10,000 Grand Prize Winner. David is an Electrical Designer with LAN Associates and a first-time user of the Atkore BIM Toolbar. Utilizing a variety of Atkore products including strut, conduit, fittings, and cable tray, David was able to create an extremely detailed modular workstation with mobile chairs. The green and black tones along with the Atkore logos simply added to David’s attention to detail in every feature of his design.

“My idea was to have a modular plug-in type power system with under floor power distribution, which I know that Atkore provides. This design would plug directly into an existing power distribution, and you'd be able to sit down and produce your prototypical ideas and designs and finish them right in the same station.”

In the release, Atkore said users like David help them make continuous improvements to their digital tools, like the BIM Toolbar, to meet the constantly changing needs of the industry.

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