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Multi-bit Designed for wood, masonry, ceramic tiles, plastic, and metal, this multi-construction bit features a steep spiral flute that quickly removes debris and provides the traction needed when encountering different materials, according to the company. Suitable for use in rotary and impact modes, the bit also features a softened shank for enhanced gripping power and acts as a slip clutch if the


Designed for wood, masonry, ceramic tiles, plastic, and metal, this multi-construction bit features a steep spiral flute that quickly removes debris and provides the traction needed when encountering different materials, according to the company. Suitable for use in rotary and impact modes, the bit also features a softened shank for enhanced gripping power and acts as a slip clutch if the drill binds.
Circle 250

LED outdoor lights

These outdoor LED luminaires include flood, step, landscape, and wall/surface models. Flood models include the QL10WLED — a 120V to 277V medium flood beam with a 3,500K color temperature — and the Laramie LFS — a 6W or 12W, 120V in narrow spot, medium spot, and medium flood beam spreads with a color temperature of 5,000K. Step light models include the LMS 100-5L Devine and the LMS400-5L, which feature 5W and 120V versions. Landscape models include the 10W, 120V to 277V 309-10LEDML bullet landscape flood and the 12W, 120V CPB131-12L Devine bollard. The wall surface line is comprised of the LCC-12L Laredo 12V decorative wall pack and the BRL-01-04 Euroluxe accent luminaire in bronze or white finishes with a 5,000K color temperature.
Hubbell Outdoor Lighting/Devine Lighting
Circle 251

Track adapter

The Track Adaptor (-00FIT) is a UL-listed low-profile Lexan adapter for 1- and 2-circuit LSI track. The device features an on/off switch and mechanical safety interlock for positive non-energized making and breaking of fixture contacts with track. Available colors include black, white, silver, graphite, or custom paint. Constructed of 0.070 extruded aluminum, the product is available in nominal 4-ft, 8-ft, and 12-ft field cuttable lengths in clear anodized, black, white, graphite, or custom.
Lighting Services
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Screwdrivers, screwdriver sets, and electric torque screwdriver bits have been added to the company's product line. The SDI 0.4×2.0×60 slotted screwdriver features a narrower tip than previous models and is included in a new 6-piece set. Safe for working in applications up to 1,500VDC and 1,000VAC, the SDI 1.0×4.5×175 and the SDI 1.0×5.5×175 insulated screwdrivers feature a blade that is 50 mm (2 in.) longer than other models. A 6-piece uninsulated set also is available. The eight slotted electric torque screwdriver bits are made from CVM-steel and include six slotted ¼-in. drive E 6.3 hex bits, all featuring a 40-mm to 50-mm increase in length over the current bits. Two E 6.3Z hex bits feature a notched blade design for use with the company's terminal test sockets. A ¼-in. universal quick-change bit holder features a locking and magnet function for quick bit change-outs.
Circle 253

Scheduling software

Spectrum construction software now includes a Resource Scheduling module that helps users ensure employees and equipment are available when and where they are needed. In addition, the module automates employee schedule notifications and time entry. The product's scheduling board provides a graphical representation of the location of the company's personnel and equipment. It also automatically sends e-mails to notify employees and vendors with schedule information, including date, time, and location of jobs and where equipment is to be picked up and delivered.
Dexter + Chaney
Circle 254

Screwdrivers and nutdrivers

The Code Blue product line has been expanded to include 23 screwdrivers and nutdrivers. The screwdriver line features seven slotted screwdrivers and five Phillips screwdrivers. Each screwdriver is equipped with magnetic tips, high-torque, 3-sided grips, and Go-Thru steel blades. Additionally, a seven-piece screwdriver set is available. A multi-bit screwdriver with #1 and #2 Phillips bits, 3/16-in. and ¼-in. slotted bits, and 5/16-in. and ¼-in. nutdriver bits also is included. The nutdriver line includes seven models with full hollow shafts. Each nutdriver features high-torque, 3-sided grip and is available individually or as a 7-piece set. All tools feature comfort grips for easy operation and laser-etched steel caps.
Circle 255

Reciprocating saw blades

Edge for Metal Demolition reciprocating saw blades feature the company's Micro-Edge Technology. According to the company, this technology results in longer blade life, faster cutting, and increased durability with teeth that stay sharper over time. In addition, the blades are available in 6 in. and 9 in. lengths with kerfs of 0.035 in. (14+18 TPI), 0.042 in. (8+10 TPI), and 0.062 in. (8+10 TPI).
Circle 256

Split duct conduit

This split duct conduit is designed for enclosing fiber optics, cables, and repairing damaged conduit. When snapped together, the conduit creates a smooth, tight seal without the need for tape, plastic, or metallic straps, according to the company.
Conduit Repair System
Circle 257

Cabling tool

The Pull Elbow is a removable, reusable tool for pulling cable around corners. According to the company, the tool's smooth inner radius allows cables to glide around corners and also preserves the integrity of the cable by ensuring bends are not sharper than the cable's “minimum-bend-radius” rating. In addition, the device can be mounted (or removed) in seconds with beam clamps, cable ties, screws, vise grips, or Romex cable scraps.
Creative Cabling Solution
Circle 258

Reel supports

The Reel Buck supports utility reels up to 36 in. wide and up to 50 in. in diameter. In addition, the support unit can handle a load capacity of up to 1,200 lb. Designed for outdoor use and treated to resist weather corrosion, the product's frame is constructed of 2-weld, rectangular steel members. According to the company, the product's design allows it to act as a reel transporter as well as a reel stand.
General Machine Products
Circle 259

Fixture box

This corrosion-resistant fixture shallow/fixture deep (FS/FD) box is constructed from Corrostall aluminum alloy, making it suitable for use in environments that can contain salt, moisture, harsh chemicals, and extreme temperatures. According to the company, the aluminum alloy also offers enhanced thermal conductivity that helps keep electrical devices cooler and extends the product's useful life.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 260

Pipe grounding connectors

The CPC Tamper-Resistant Series of pipe grounding connectors features a nominal pipe size range of 0.5 in. through 6 in. and accepts conductors ranging from 6 AWG up to 250 MCM. The UL-listed connectors can be used for raised-floor pedestal grounding applications. Other features include a “quick-connect” mounting application and a bidirectional conductor design. According to the company, the product's tamper-resistant hardware makes the connectors more difficult to steal.
Harger Lightning & Grounding
Circle 261

Holding device

The Plate Vise instantly secures a variety of materials, leaving users' hands free for the proper handling of power and hand tools. Featuring 1-piece construction, the tool's openings are designed to hold pipe, conduit, unistrut, lumber, and more. With a weight of less than 4 lb., the device can be stored in an user's toolbox.
Circle 262

Ball bearing swivels

The line of 808 champion swivels has been redesigned to offer a higher workload rating — some as high as 30% additional capacity, according to the company. Available with either slot or hex head clevis pins, the swivels are precision machined from stainless steel. In addition, the clevis pins are heat-treated to prevent pin damage when using steel shackles. Each swivel is manufactured with three angular contact or deep groove ball bearings, allowing it to rotate beyond its rated workload.
Circle 263

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