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Contractor Products

Home theater kit This pre-packaged home theater kit for the company's Aspire RF product line includes one RF controller, one serial interface control module, four RF dimmers, and four RF wall plates. Available in two preset versions, the kit can be expanded to include up to 200 devices and specified to fit the requirements of users. Available colors include: AW (alpine white), DS (desert sand), SG

LED floodlight

This compact LED floodlight features a die-cast housing and door frame. UL recognized, the floodlight includes a constant current electronic driver rated for 45W available in 120V and 277V input. Available finishes include black, dark bronze, light gray, Stealth Gray, platinum silver, and white. In addition, the product features a standard heavy-duty swivel with concealed internal locking teeth.
Kim Lighting
Circle 250

Heat lamps

This line of heat lamps features a locking base design that the company says prevents separation of the base and glass envelope, which can occur in extreme temperatures. Offered in clear and red, the lamps also feature a safety coating that contains almost all glass and other elements in case the lamp is accidentally broken.
Circle 256

Replacement tip auger bits

The Tip-Bit auger eliminates the need to replace an entire bit when just the tip is worn or damaged. Made from hardened steel, these replacement tips are secured with threaded set screws, and performance is comparable to that of non-replaceable tip auger bits, according to the company.
L.H. Dottie
Circle 257


The Scotchlok Moisture Guard connector strips, connects, and seals wire in one step. Designed to accommodate wires ranging from 12 AWG to 20 AWG, the connectors are suitable for residential commercial irrigation and landscape lighting applications. To install the connector, insert unstripped wires into the connector ports and compress the lid with a standard set of joint pliers. As the connection is made, the insulating grease inside is forced around the wire contacts and is protected by an outside plastic shell, which resists ultraviolet degradation.
Circle 258

Auger bit

This bi-metal ship auger bit features a parabolic screw tip design that pulls it through wood quickly and easily, according to the company. In addition, the bit features a high-speed steel screw tip and cutting edges that can be sharpened with the company's Diamond File.
Circle 259

Split duct conduit

This split duct conduit is designed for enclosing fiber optics/cables, repairing damaged conduit. When snapped together, the conduit creates a smooth, tight seal without the need for tape, plastic, or metallic straps, according to the company.
Conduit Repair System
Circle 260

Pipe grounding connectors

The CPC Tamper-Resistant Series of pipe grounding connectors features a nominal pipe size range of 0.5 in. through 6 in. and accepts conductors ranging from 6 AWG up to 250 MCM. The UL-listed connectors can be used for raised-floor pedestal grounding applications. Other features include a “quick-connect” mounting application and a bidirectional conductor design. According to the company, the product's tamper-resistant hardware makes the connectors more difficult to steal.
Harger Lightning & Grounding
Circle 261

LED luminaires

LEDme track luminaires are available in two models. The 9W 4,500K LED model performs like a 50W PAR 20/30 lamp, according to the company, while the 18W 4,500K model performs like a 75W PAR 30 lamp. Each unit has a potential 50,000-hr life and a color-rendering index of 85. Available with spot or narrow flood beam spreads, track heads range in size from 2¾ in. × 3 in. × 6 in. to 3½ in. × 3¾ in. × 7½ in. Available track head colors include black, white, and brushed-nickel finishes.
WAC Lighting
Circle 262

Holding device

The Plate Vise instantly secures a variety of materials, leaving users' hands free for the proper handling of power and hand tools. Featuring 1-piece construction, the tool's openings are designed to hold pipe, conduit, unistrut, lumber, and more. With a weight of less than 4 lb, the device can be stored in an user's toolbox.
Circle 263

Cost code tracker

Designed for use with the company's JobClock time and attendance system, FastTrakker is a handheld device that allows workers to clock in for any of 1,000 activities (cost codes) at any number of work sites. In addition, cost codes are displayed in either English or Spanish.
Circle 264

Luminaire disconnect

The 873-902 LUMI-NUTS luminaire disconnect features 20A/600V line-side rating and daisy-chain capability (two conductors per pole). According to the company, it is the only connector that can loop power from one disconnect to the next for wiring of multiple ballasts or multiple fluorescent fixtures. In addition, the product's housing features flame-retardant (UL94V-0) polyamide 6.6 and is touch-safe, whether mated or unmated. Other features include color-coding and on-unit inkjet markings.
Circle 250

Fork meters

This line of fork meters features embedded noncontact voltage detection and LED work lights. Available in HVAC/R and electrical models, the electrical version includes Lo-Z measurement to eliminate ghost voltage. Both models feature a 0.63-in. fork opening, 200A current range, and a high-contrast white-on-black display and true rms functionality.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 251

Impact driver accessories

Impact Ready accessories are compatible with the company's impact drivers. The product line includes drill bits that are five times more durable than conventional next shank drill bits and hole saws that offer two times more life than standard bi-metal hole saws when drilling 16-gauge steel, according to the company. Additional accessories include nutsetters, pivot holder and pivot nutsetters, screw driving bits, and driver sockets.
Circle 252

Cabling tool

The Pull Elbow is a removable, reusable tool for pulling cable around corners. According to the company, the tool's smooth inner radius allows cables to glide around corners and also preserves the integrity of the cable by ensuring bends are not sharper than the cable's “minimum-bend-radius” rating. In addition, the device can be mounted (or removed) in seconds with beam clamps, cable ties, screws, vise grips, or Romex cable scraps.
Creative Cabling Solutions
Circle 253

Reciprocating saw blades

Edge for Metal Demolition reciprocating saw blades feature the company's Micro-Edge Technology. According to the company, this technology results in longer blade life, faster cutting, and increased durability with teeth that stay sharper over time. In addition, the blades are available in 6 in. and 9 in. lengths with kerfs of 0.035 in. (14+18 TPI), 0.042 in. (8+10 TPI), and 0.062 in. (8+10 TPI).
Circle 254

Fixture box

This corrosion-resistant fixture shallow/fixture deep (FS/FD) box is constructed from Corrostall aluminum alloy, making it suitable for use in environments that can contain salt, moisture, harsh chemicals, and extreme temperatures. According to the company, the aluminum alloy also offers enhanced thermal conductivity that helps keep electrical devices cooler and extends the product's useful life.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 255

Conduit retaining device

The Sta-Down conduit retaining device (CRD) allows users to secure PVC conduit in a trench while being encased in concrete or slurry without steel stakes, EMT, or tie wire coming in contact with the conduit. Made of injection molded polypropylene plastic, Type 1 CRD slips into the ends of 1½-in. schedule 40 conduit, while Type 2 is designed for non-cohesive, sandy soil and uses a 1 in. or 1½ in. conduit cross piece.
Devtron Diversified
Circle XXX

LED luminaires

The Pro-LED Series of LED luminaires uses one-eighth the energy of the company's Pro-Halogen and Pro-Xenon products. In addition, the lamps maintain 70% of initial lumens after 50,000 hr of service, according to the company. Features include an integral driver, direct wire installation into the back center of fixtures, and off-center knockouts. Push-in connectors, rear wire access doors, and captive mounting screws allow installation without having to open up the wireway or remove the lens. Available finishes include black, brushed bronze, brushed silver and designer white.
Juno Lighting Group
Circle XXX

Office and estimating databases

Sage Timberline Office Version 9.6 and Advanced Assembly Estimating databases are designed to simplify users' work flow. Enhancements include 64-Bit compatibility; simplified general ledger transactions maintenance; Estimating with multicurrency functionality; integration between Estimating and Change Management; and integration with Sage CRM. In addition to current manufacturer pricing, the databases support man hour and unit pricing, as well as help estimate self-performed and subcontractor work.
Sage North America
Circle XXX

Core bits

Designed for dry coring of brick, concrete block and softer, abrasive base materials, HDMB core bits are available in diameters ranging from 1 in. to 6 in., all with a 10-in. working length. In addition, the bits are slotted for maximum cooling and designed for a ⅝-in. to 11-in. industry-standard connection. According to the company, the product can be used with its DD110-D, DD130, and DD100 core drills as well as various models from other brands.
Circle XXX

Ball bearing swivels

The line of 808 champion swivels has been redesigned to offer a higher workload rating — some as high as 30% additional capacity, according to the company. Available with either slot or hex head clevis pins, the swivels are precision machined from stainless steel. In addition, the clevis pins are heat-treated to prevent pin damage when using steel shackles. Each swivel is manufactured with three angular contact or deep groove ball bearings, allowing it to rotate beyond its rated workload.
Circle 263

Cable connectors

The TMC and TMCX line of cable connectors terminate interlocked /corrugated aluminum or steel armor jacketed metal clad cables (Type MC/MCHL) as well as continuous welded armor cables (Type CLX or TECK). The TMC is designed for non-hazardous applications, while the TMCX is an explosionproof version that is rated for use in Class I, Div. 1 and 2 locations. Available in trade sizes of ½ in. to 4-in., the connectors are UL listed and CSA certified. Additional features include an O-ring face seal, enhanced pull-out prevention, independent sealing and armor clamping, and true 360° grounding.
Appleton Electric
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