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Electrical Product News 3, April 2010

Gasketed fluorescent fixture These dust- and moisture-resistant gasketed fluorescent fixtures (GFFs) include an NSF International certification and NEMA 6P and IP 67 enclosure rating. According to the company, the product's polycarbonate diffuser withstands breakage typically caused by high-power pressure washers. Available in 4-ft and 8-ft models, the fixtures accommodate T5 or T8 lamps and are suitable

Gasketed fluorescent fixture

These dust- and moisture-resistant gasketed fluorescent fixtures (GFFs) include an NSF International certification and NEMA 6P and IP 67 enclosure rating. According to the company, the product's polycarbonate diffuser withstands breakage typically caused by high-power pressure washers. Available in 4-ft and 8-ft models, the fixtures accommodate T5 or T8 lamps and are suitable for low- or high-ceiling applications. In addition, they feature a highly reflective coated finish on the gear tray surface as well as polycarbonate latches to resist airborne particles. Attachment of the UV-stabilized diffuser is tool-less.
Circle 250

Sheet metal cutters

Holcutter sheet metal cutters allow users to make accurate, large holes in sheet metal and other thin-gauge materials. According to the company, the product's cutting tooth geometry cuts clean, round, and virtually burr-free holes without damaging the surrounding material. In addition, the company says the product cuts up to three times faster than hole saws or twist drills and six times faster than knock-out punches with up to 10 times the tool life. Available in 30 diameters ranging from 11/16 in. up to 3 in. with a 1/8 in. depth of cut, they feature a one-size arbor with a quad-lead thread-mounting system that allows fast spin on attachment while preventing overtightening for easy removal.
Circle 251

LED lamps

These LED lamps are designed to replace S14-shaped incandescent lamps commonly found in decorative lighting applications. According to the company, the lamps offer a 40,000-hr life and consume less than 1W of electricity while emitting the same amount of light as an incandescent. In addition, the products are available in all of the customary transparent and opaque (ceramic) colors.
NxGen Technologies
Circle 252

Metal-halide luminaire

This metal-halide luminaire combines the company's ISLA fixture with the Philips Cosmoplis lamp and ballast to provide up to 118 lumens per watt, a 30,000-hr rated lamp life, and an 80,000-hr rated electronic ballast life, according to the company. The luminaire also features a white light source at 2,800°K and 70 CRI. TCLP-compliant, the product is Dark Sky friendly and is available in a variety of finishes, including textured black, textured gray, textured white, textured bronze, smooth aluminum, standard RAL colors, and custom color matching. All finishes are UV- and salt spray-resistant and humidity proof. A broad range of poles are available for slipover mounting.
Schréder Lighting USA
Circle 253

Astronomical time switch

The RT-200 is a user-programmable astronomical time switch that turns lights or other electrical loads on and off relative to dusk or dawn — or at selected times of the day. Compliant with California's Title 24-2008 for outdoor lighting control requirements, the device includes a bright organic LED (OLED) display, hidden programming buttons, and a large on/off control button. In addition, the time switch can be programmed with up to eight control schedules to activate lighting at different times on one or more days of the week. Advanced features include an optional audible beep and/or a visible flash to warn of an impending off-time.
Circle 254

Saddle box

The Weather Guard 127 saddle box features a tamper-resistant locking system. Equipped with new attachment points for securing tools and supplies in the truck bed, the box features a reinforced aluminum body and powder-coat finish. The product also includes an adjustable metal tray and a removable parts bin. Additional features include latch linkage protection, gas spring guards, and lock guards.
Circle 255

Multi-lamp luminaire

The Camber Series of accent luminaires features a blend of curvilinear and rectilinear surfaces. Suitable for interior and exterior applications, the series includes five models with uplight and downlight distribution patterns. Lamp options include: pulse-start metal-halide (50W to 100W with 4,100 to 8,500 lumens), high-pressure sodium (50W to 100W with 4,000 to 9,500 lumens), and compact fluorescent (42W with 3,200 lumens). Constructed from corrosion-resistant, low copper cast aluminum, the product measures 24 in. high and 8 in. to 16 in. wide, depending on the model, and 10 in. to 13.5 in. deep. Recommended mounting heights are 8 ft to 12 ft above ground.
U.S. Architectural Lighting
Circle 256

Wireless lighting products

Suitable for commercial retrofit applications, this battery-free, wireless lighting management product line includes occupancy sensors, remote switches, and wall switches with integrated receivers. To install, users simply replace an existing wall switch with the new receiver switch and attach a solar cell-powered occupancy sensor.
Circle 257

Dimmable CFLs

These dimmable coil, R30, and R40 CFLs are suitable for use with portable lamps and recessed and track task lighting. According to the company, the CFLs offer a savings of up to 77% in energy costs, have an 8,000-hr life, produce a warm white light, feature a CRI of 82, provide continuous smooth dimming down to 20% lumen output, and work with most incandescent dimmers. In addition, the products have a minimum starting temperature of 0°F.
Circle 258


Dual Technology Wall Switch sensors offer a choice of automatic or manual ON operation. According to the company, the product features a combination of passive infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic technologies that provides high sensitivity to small and large movements along with wide, dense detection. Additionally, three control options can set the on/off time delay once occupancy is detected. A self-adaptive option adjusts time delays based on usage patterns, assigning delays as brief as 7 min. and up to 30 min. The fixed option provides 5-min., 15-min., or 30-min. delays, while walk-through mode turns lights off 3 min. after a room is initially occupied if no further motion is detected after 30 sec.
Legrand/Pass & Seymour
Circle 259

Wire connectors

Part of the Buchanan brand product line, B-Twist wire connectors feature a rounded “dial-top” for faster fingertip starts, along with a deeper skirt and a square-wire spring, which the company says enhances connection security, especially with over-stripped wires. Low-profile swept wings improve box fill and add torque on large wire combinations. In addition, the connectors accept wire combinations ranging from No. 18 to 8 AWG.
Ideal Industries
Circle 260

Crimping tool

This latest version of the High Performance Patriot PAT750XT-18V crimping tool uses 18V Ni-MH batteries, yet is 25% faster than the previous model and up to 40% percent faster than competitive brands of lithium-ion battery-powered crimp tools, according to the company. In addition, the tool features newly designed electronics and comes with a 5-year warranty on the tool and a lifetime warranty on the drive.
Circle 261


The GU24 Series of interchangeable, self-ballasted CFL lamps in 13W, 18W, and 26W models is designed for use in the company's GU24 family of housings and trims. The series includes six downlight models with 4-in., 5-in., and 6-in. apertures, all suitable for new construction and remodeling. In addition, the lamps feature electronic instant-start and no-flicker performance. Certain lamps deliver up to 10,000 hr of service and offer up to 75% energy savings over incandescent lamps, according to the company. Because the ballast is part of the lamp, a new ballast is installed with each relamping.
Nora Lighting
Circle 262

Non-neutral switch

This non-neutral, dual-voltage switch has been added to the company's line of Maestro wireless local lighting controls. Designed for the commercial retrofit market, the switch requires no neutral wire for installation and can be controlled from the company's Pico wireless controllers and Radio Powr Savr ceiling-mount occupancy/vacancy sensors. In addition, the unit installs in single-pole or multiple-location applications, and is designed to fit a standard wallplate opening. Rated at 120V or 277V for standard lighting loads, the product is available in seven gloss and 20 satin finishes.
Lutron Electronics
Circle 263

Surface-mount luminaire

Featuring an epoxy steel body and frosted milk glass cover, the Pearl luminaire is the first fixture to use the company's 32W Energy Star GU24 lamp. According to the company, the warm white lamp has a 10,000-hr life and produces 2,200 lumens, making it equivalent to a 120W incandescent.
Circle 264

Toggle switch

Designed for use with T5, T5HO, T8, and T12 linear fluorescent OEM new or retrofit interior light fixtures, the ESTS wall-mounted toggle switch allows up to two ballasts and eight fluorescent lamps in a single fixture to be controlled. For maximum energy savings, the switch initializes on a low light-level mode and can be adjusted to a higher light level with a toggle. According to the company, the device exceeds 100,000-cycle tests.
Thomas Research Products
Circle 265

LED lamps

The Value Series of plug-and-play LEDs includes the company's Anopoli line and Piraeus MR-16 lamp. The Anopoli PAR-23, Anopoli PAR-25, and Anopoli PAR-38 emit neutral white (4,000°K) light while the dimmable Piraeus model is available in warm white (3,000°K) and neutral white light.
LED Waves
Circle 266

LED downlights

LEDme recessed LED downlights offer a potential 50,000-hr life and provide light output equivalent up to a 50W halogen lamp while using one-third the power, according to the company. The 2-in. model is IC-rated and features open or adjustable round and square trim styles in an architectural white finish. In addition, the adjustable fixtures offer a 40° vertical tilt and 350° horizontal rotation for a variety of applications with precision control. All 2-in. luminaires distribute light at a 24° beam angle and can be dimmed from 100% to 15% using an electronic low-voltage dimmer. The 3-in. and 4-in. models are offered IC- and non-IC-rated versions. The round and square downlights are available in trim and trimless styles. Both versions can be dimmed from 100% to 1% via an incandescent or electronic low-voltage dimmer.
WAC Lighting
Circle 267

LED lamps

According to the company, these performance solid-state LED lamps feature a 30,000-hr life, run on up to 90% less energy than standard bulbs, and contain no filament to break. RoHS-compliant, the lamps emit no UV or infrared light and contain no mercury. In addition, they feature a multi-slotted sink that facilitates heat dissipation.
Feit Electric
Circle 268

Solar connector

Manufactured by Amphenol, the Helios H4 Solar Connector featuring Radsok contact technology is rated at 44A and features 25-ohm resistance. Additionally, the connector is constructed with 25-yr military-grade plastic for long-term ultraviolet and ozone resistance. The product also meets 2008 NEC requirements, is UL- and TUV-approved, and is RoHS-compliant.
USA Wire & Cable
Circle 269


ÅngströmBond 9320 low-stress heat cure epoxy is designed for terminating multimode and single-mode fibers. According to the company, the epoxy has a working time more than twice as long as standard adhesives used for multimode terminations. Resistant to most chemicals and environmental conditions, the product allows for adhesion to glass, ceramic, metals, and most plastics without causing fiber core cracking or fiber pistoning.
Fiber Optic Center
Circle 270

LED luminaires

The LuxPAR 20 Series of LED luminaires includes spot, narrow flood, and flood beam models. The spot beam model features a center beam candle power (CBCP) of up to 2,500 cd while the narrow flood beam model has a 1,500 cd. According to the company, the luminaires offer 85% energy reduction compared to 50W halogen lamps and have an L70 greater than 50,000 hr.
Circle 271

Outdoor keypad

The SK-1123-FQ flush-mount outdoor access keypad has been added to the company's Enforcer product line. The low-profile keypad fits into a standard back box attached to the faceplate. Available with security screws and a security wrench for easy installation, the product features individually backlit heavy-duty metal keys and status LEDs for use in dark environments. In addition, all features are programmed directly from the keypad, eliminating the need for an external programmer. Other features include two outputs (one relay, one transistor ground), dual-voltage (12-24VDC/VAC), and a tamper switch. The product also allows 100 users with code flexibility from four to eight digits.
Circle 272

Energy management tool

The In-Home Display now carries ZigBee Smart Energy certification. Designed for users who want an easy-to-use energy management tool, the sweeping motion and changing colors of the product's light bar provide instant notification of time-of-use periods while detailed information is displayed on a graphical screen, allowing users to view their electricity usage and estimated costs in real time.
Aztech Associates
Circle 273

Reciprocating saw

The WSR 18-A CPC reciprocating saw features a high-efficiency motor and eccentric gear. Suitable for cutting EMT conduits, galvanized pipes, struts, threaded rods, anchor bolts and rebar, as well as cutting form work, plywood, OSB and 2× material, the product can also create openings in sheet metal, drywall, and cement boards. Other features include a keyless blade clamp, a variable-speed trigger, and a 2-step injection molded grip.
Circle 274

Suspended luminaire

The 6400 Series of dimmable, ultra-thin suspended linear luminaires is designed as a direct replacement for 4-ft linear fluorescent lighting in commercial applications. Featuring an adjustable aircraft cable suspension kit, the luminaire is UL-, ETL-, and FCC-certified as well as RoHS-compliant. In addition, the product is available in 3,000°K, 4,000°K, and 5,000°K color temperatures and is fully recyclable.
Lunera Lighting
Circle 275

CFL downlight

These 4-in. CFL downlights are part of the company's Halo recessed family. The small aperture product line includes 13W and 18W models available in new construction and remodel IC-rated housings. The product's electronic compact fluorescent ballast meets Energy Star requirements, including FCC Title 47 CFR part 18 for consumer equipment. Finishes include satin nickel, antique copper, and Tuscan bronze.
Cooper Lighting
Circle 276

LED tape lights

Suitable for new and retrofit applications, Invisiled LED tape lights feature a 1/8 in. thickness and 7/16 in. width. Spaced 1 in. apart, the LEDs have a 50,000-hr life, according to the company. In addition, each LED strip is backed with 3M adhesive, allowing customized lighting designs. Available with screw-based mounting clips, the product is enclosed in a silicone casing.
WAC Lighting
Circle XXX

Magnetic storage container

The Magnetic ToughCase storage container is available in two set configurations, including a standard 15-piece fastening set (DWMTC15) and a 20-piece impact-ready drilling/driving set (DWMTCIR20). Constructed from high-impact-resistant material, the container fits into users' pockets or pouches but is large enough to hold common accessories, including 6-in. SDS+ and drill bits, 13/8-in. step bits, and hole saws. Two magnets on top of the lid allow users to adhere the case to any ferrous material, and the rubber bumpers prevent the case from sliding. Built-in hooks on the back of the case make enable the product to hang it from most materials
Circle XXX

LED downlights

The Solia Series of LED downlights are Energy Star-qualified. Available in a range of white color temperatures from 2,700°K to 4,100°K with a luminous flux that reaches 770 lumens on select models, the downlights are mercury-free and do not emit ultraviolet rays. In addition, they are available in insulated ceiling, airtight, and covered ceiling/wet location options. According to the company, the products feature a thermal management system that allows them to safely maintain contact with above-ceiling insulation and other building materials.
Renaissance Lighting
Circle XXX

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