Electrical Product News, April 2010

High-intensity LEDs Designed for hazardous and safe area industrial applications, the Spotlighting XLT-eXtreme Light Technology line of high-intensity LEDs is suitable for DC and AC voltages, accommodates steady-burn and flashing applications, and is available in a variety of mounting configurations. Warning light products include: 225XL Electraray and 191XL hazardous location LED flashing warning

High-intensity LEDs

Designed for hazardous and safe area industrial applications, the Spotlighting XLT-eXtreme Light Technology line of high-intensity LEDs is suitable for DC and AC voltages, accommodates steady-burn and flashing applications, and is available in a variety of mounting configurations. Warning light products include: 225XL Electraray and 191XL hazardous location LED flashing warning signals; 27XL and 2000 Series explosionproof LED warning lights; and LP3PL and LP3ML streamlined, low-profile, steady-burning LED lights. Designed for industrial process applications, status indicator products include: USI UniStat and USIX hazardous location UniStat status indicators; MSL MicroStat status indicator; LSLD Litestak status indicator with LED lamp; and SCB SemiStat status indicator.
Federal Signal
Circle 200

LED lighting modules

The Transcend Series of LED lighting modules enables users to integrate LED lighting into existing designs. Available in reflector and puck models, the modules are designed to fit GU-24 base lamp holders and feature a service life of up to 40,000+ hr. The reflector model provides efficient LED directional light, providing a variety of beam intensities and angular distribution. The puck module provides diffused optics for ambient lighting and decorative light sources. Both versions feature 4W AC LED technology and plug directly into an AC line voltage source without a converter or the need for a separate power supply, according to the company.
Circle 201

CFL luminaire

The ProSeries GU24 utility luminaire can generate annual savings of approximately $30 per fixture or more compared to incandescent lighting fixtures, according to the company. Featuring UV-resistant, high-impact, corrosion-resistant construction, the luminaire has an 18-cu-in. Octi-Junction box with eight mounting brackets that are in-line with ½-in. and ¾-in. trade size knockouts, which the company says eliminates the need for a 2-in. × 4-in. stub-in. In addition, the junction box provides extra capacity for an additional power circuit.
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The Triden downlight gives users the option to install the rough-in box now and choose their desired lamp source and position later. Featuring an octagonal design that provides six mounting points, the product includes clearly marked indicators that the company says help to segue between desired settings and aiming angles. The product is also available in a trimless finish for gypsum installations.
USA Illumination
Circle 203

High-bay luminaire

The Aluminator fluorescent high-bay luminaire features a slim, lightweight body made of aluminum to maximize heat dissipation. To further enhance heat sink and heat dissipation, the luminaire's ballast trays are finned. In addition, the product features framed construction and a mirrored aperture reflector. Other highlights include hinged trays for tool-less ballast access, an installation kit with V-shaped hooks and chain-mounting kit, knockouts for pendant installation, and an Ideal Power Plug connector to satisfy NEC requirements for local power disconnect. Available in 4- and 6-lamp configurations, T8 and T5HO versions are offered.
Circle 204

Outdoor LED luminaires

The Designer SSL Series of outdoor luminaires consists of the company's Providence, Universe, and Largent fixtures and features MicroEmitter LED technology. The technology is focused in the EmitterDeck, which comprises an array of replaceable MicroEmitter modules that control each diode. A secondary perimeter reflector contained within the housing redirects any stray light. In addition, upgrade kits are available for the Largent and Universe models, including existing HID to LED retrofits.
Architectural Area Lighting
Circle 205

Grid interconnects

These low-voltage direct-current (LVDC) grid interconnects are for use in the Emerge Alliance-compliant system. The interconnects include a variety of connectors and cable assemblies designed to transfer power to and from lighting fixtures and other electrical devices used in the system. According to the company, all interconnects meet the requirements of the Emerge Alliance Standard.
Tyco Electronics
Circle 206

CMH lamp

The Cera Arc line of ceramic metal-halide (CMH) lamps now includes a 39W model. Featuring R9 values of 90 and a CRI of 92, the 3,600°K-rated lamps deliver superior red colors as well as greens, blues, and whites. In addition, the product features a G12 base and can be mounted in any position, according to the company.
Eye Lighting International of North America
Circle 207

Grid lay-in luminaire

The 2200 Series of ultrathin grid lay-in fixtures is designed to directly replace 2-ft × 4-ft fluorescent troffers, according to the company. Product features include 3,650 lumens, 0V to 10V continuous dimming, multiple color temperatures up to 5,000°K, and 120V to 277V 50/60Hz power supply. In addition, the product is mercury- and lead- free, fully recyclable, and dry and damp rated.
Lunera Lighting
Circle 208

Fluorescent luminaires

HXP fluorescent luminaires for hazardous applications feature a factory-sealed cast aluminum housing and one-piece painted aluminum reflector with a 93% white finish. Multiple hub entries ensure installation flexibility, with the ballast case positioned on top of the fixture for further installation ease. For use with T5, T8, and T5HO fluorescent lamps in 2-ft, 2-lamp; 4-ft, 2-lamp; 4-ft, 3-lamp; and 4-ft, 4-lamp combinations, options include emergency battery backup and specular aluminum reflector. Recommended applications include Class I, Div. 1, Groups C and D; Class I, Div. 2, Groups A, B, C and D; Class II, Div. 1 and 2, Groups E, F, G; and Class I, Zone 1.
Circle 209

Parabolic luminaire

Designed for both new construction and retrofit applications, the Metalux OpticaHP Parabolic Series of T8 parabolic luminaires can save more than 40% of energy costs when compared to a standard 3-lamp, 18-cell parabolic, according to the company. The series includes 2-ft × 4-ft and 2-ft × 2-ft models as well two OpticaHP retrofit kits designed for installation into 2-ft × 4-ft and 2-ft × 2-ft parabolic fixtures that are 2 in., 3 in., 4 in., or 5 in. in depth. Available with 28W or 32W lamps, the product features a highly reflective matte white finish with glare-reducing faceted steel cross blades.
Cooper Lighting
Circle 210

LED lamps

The DEC-A19-5X1W DécorLED Series features softly diffused, precision domed lensing that directs light at a 95° beam. Available in warm white (3,000°K) and pure white (6,000°K) colors, the lamps run on a voltage range of 85VAC to 265VAC (no special adapters required). In addition, they replace 40W to 50W incandescent bulbs while consuming less than 7W of power, according to the company. Other features include a color quality of up to 85 CRI, a horizontal beam spread of approximately 130°, 416 lumens (XPW) and 340 lumens (XIW) of brightness, drop-in installation in existing 26-mm Edison or E27 European screw-in base sockets, and UV-stabilized polycarbonate lenses.
Circle 211

Wall-wash/accent luminaires

The Indy Performance Series of ceramic metal-halide (CMH) products now includes T4 and T6 wall-wash luminaires. Available with uniform glass or clear lenses, the luminaires come in a black or white finish. Housings are constructed of 22-gauge die-formed galvanized steel with painted trim that attaches to the housing using two torsion springs and an electrical quick-connector. According to the company, the lamps can be replaced without removing the trim section.
Juno Lighting Group
Circle 212

LED power modules

The PIL100 Series of 100W LED lighting power modules offers a choice of constant current or constant voltage models. All models feature a wide input voltage range that accepts up to 305VAC. The output on the constant current models ranges from 350mA to 4,200mA, and constant voltage models offer 12VDC to 105VDC outputs. According to the company, efficiency is up to 93%, and the specified operating temperature range is -35°C to 70°C with no de-rating required. In addition, the product is housed in a rugged aluminum enclosure that meets IP67 waterproof standards, making it suitable for harsh indoor or outdoor applications.
Power Partners
Circle 213

Emergency luminaire

The Symmetry Series is available in 6V or 12V, 18W to 72W models to accommodate 6W to 20W halogen lamps. A 120/277 dual-voltage input with surge protection and Intelli-Charge for self-diagnostics enables the luminaire to serve as an emergency lighting unit. According to the company, the self-diagnostics electronics continuously monitors all critical functions, and an optional self-testing feature satisfies the monthly periodic testing requirements in NFPA 101 and the IBC. Other features include a sealed lead-calcium or nickel-cadmium battery that surpasses the need for 90 min. of emergency power. In addition, the product can be wall-, column-, pole-, or I-beam mounted.
Chloride Systems
Circle 214

Wireless lighting controls

C-Bus wireless lighting controls include a C-Bus RF wireless gateway; Neo and Saturn decorator-style RF dimmers in 600W and 1,000W models; and Neo and Saturn decorator-style switch and scene controllers. The wireless gateway provides a C-Bus protocol communication bridge between a single C-Bus RF wireless system and a single C-Bus wired network. The wireless dimmers each control one load, and all the RF devices can be operated via the RF wireless remote control. The dimmers are 2-wire retrofit devices using the switching leg and are available in 2-and 4-button models. The wireless switches and scene controllers are designed to replace standard wall switches. Each switch controls one load, and all RF devices can be operated via the RF wireless remote control.
Schneider Electric
Circle 215

CFL downlight

VirtualSource55 6-in. and 8-in. vertical and horizontal CFL downlights feature an immediate 55° cutoff in all lateral planes. According to the company, the product's 55° cutoff reduces energy usage, consumes fewer watts, and limits power density, helping users meet ASHRAE requirements. In addition, the 8-in. vertical reflector model offers an efficiency of 88%.
Prescolite/Hubbell Lighting
Circle 216

LED cove light

The ew Cove MX Powercore LED cove light is the industry's first replacement for high-output fluorescent cove lights, according to the company. The fixture meets or exceeds the performance of T5HO or 2-lamp T8 fluorescent strip lights. In addition, the white-light, line-voltage fixture integrates auto-switching technology that automatically detects and adjusts to line voltages of 100VAC, 120VAC, 220VAC, 240VAC, and 277VAC. Delivering more than 600 lumens per foot, available color temperatures range from 2700°K to 4000°K.
Philips Electronics
Circle 217

Metal-halide lamp

This shatter-resistant, reduced-wattage 360W metal-halide lamp is a direct replacement for the standard 400W model with no ballast change required, according to the company. The lamp also features a protective shroud, can be used in open fixtures, and is offered in clear or inside-frosted versions.
Circle 218

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