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Focus on Cable Tray & Raceway

New product spotlight on lamps and ballasts for electrical contractors, electrical engineers, and plant facility personnel

Steel raceway

Data-Fense secure raceway provides modularity and scalability in hardened carrier-protected distribution systems (PDSs). Available in 4¾-in. × 1¾-in. 2-piece raceway as well as 1-in. × 1-in. and 2-in. × 2-in. 1-piece channels, this all-steel system incorporates a structurally interlocking base and cover, secure boxes, fittings, and transition channels to defend against physical intrusion. Transition fittings enable all three sizes to be combined in the same system for additional modularity and scalability.
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Surface raceway

AdvanceWay surface raceway balances the need for maintaining aesthetic appeal and the physical requirements associated with high-performance connectors and cables. Able to accommodate most power devices, the raceway also accommodates the specified bend radius of high-performance cables, including Cat. 6a and Cat. 6. According to the company, the product universally accepts devices from all manufacturers, and device boxes can be positioned above and below the raceway.
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Cable tray

Clean Tray UL Type 1 stainless steel cable tray is designed for power and data cable management in sanitary food and beverage processing and packaging environments. According to the company, the cable tray features a sloped-top sanitary design that minimizes dirt, debris, and mold buildup in addition to facilitating ease of cleaning. Additional features include: variable angle fittings that adjust from 0° to 90° to fit corners and simplify field integration and installation; adjustable straight sections with an 18-in. to 29-in. extension range; a variety of sloped-top fittings with front, inside, or outside cover options; and 45° and 90° elbows with female and male coupling options.
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Metal raceway

This series of prewired metal raceway now features the company's Linkosity connections, which allow users to relocate furniture and equipment without the need to access the internal wiring of the raceway. The metal raceway/Linkosity combination can be provided as a factory-assembled system or by having a licensed electrician purchase and field install the required Linkosity components into the metal raceway. Linkosity devices may be used in the company's following metal raceway series: HBL3000, HBLALU3800, HBLALU7620, HBL4750, HBLALU4800, HBL6750, AND HBLALU5000.
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
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