Focus on Lamps & Ballasts

New product spotlight on lamps and ballasts for electrical contractors, electrical engineers, and plant facility personnel

Electronic ballasts

These NEMA-approved ballasts provide up to 45% energy savings, according to the company. The ballasts operate one, two, three, or four T8 lamps at a universal voltage range of 108V to 305V. In addition, the units can use the same wiring and mounting footprint as conventional ballasts and feature Instant Start technology with parallel circuit configuration. With a power factor of >98% and a THD of 10%, the products also feature silent, flicker-free operation and anti-striation control. Lumen output is 0.87, and minimum lamp starting temperature is -18°C.
American Ballast
Circle 300

Fluorescent lamps

These fluorescent T8 lamps are rated 28W and feature an extended rated life of up to 36,000 hr when used on programmed start ballasts, according to the company. In addition, they feature reduced mercury and a high color-rendering index (CRI). In case a lamp is accidentally broken, the company says the product's clear safety coating will confine almost all glass, mercury, and phosphors.
Circle 301

Dimming ballast

ELB Plus step dimming ballasts are designed for T8 linear and U-bend fluorescent applications. Available in 2- or 3-lamp models, the ballasts can be operated from two standard wall switches at predefined light levels of 33%, 66%, or 100%. According to the company, maximum energy savings range from 15% to 20%.
ELB Electronics
Circle 302

LED spotlight

Comprised of five 3W LEDs, this RoHS-compliant 15° narrow-beam PAR30A LED lamp operates on a voltage range of 85VAC to 260VAC. Additional voltages, such as 12VAC or VDC, are available as an option. According to the company, the lamp offers up to 80% energy savings, is a direct screw-in replacement for up to 75W PAR30 incandescent or halogen bulbs, and has a maximum power draw of 9.5W. Available in a 3,000K warm white temperature, the product features a color-rendering index (CRI) of 80.
Circle 303


ULTim8 Program Start ballasts increase fluorescent lamp life by properly heating the lamp filaments during the starting process, according to the company. Designed to meet NEMA and CEE high-efficiency T8 ballast specifications, the ballasts are compatible with current ASHRAE/IESNA Standards 90.1 and California Title 24 for energy efficiency. Available with universal voltage operation (120V to 277V) and 0.71 (EL) and 0.88 (HE) ballast factor options, they operate up to two F32T8, F32T8ES, F32TEES (25W), F28T8, F17T8, and F25T8 lamps.
Universal Lighting Technologies
Circle 304

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