Focus on Luminaires, April 2011

Focus on Luminaires, April 2011

The GFP80 Series of luminaires offers ceiling, garage, pendant, or quick-mount capabilities

Multi-mount luminaires

The GFP80 Series of luminaires offers ceiling, garage, pendant, or quick-mount capabilities. Featuring 100W and 70W Icetron induction systems from Sylvania, the luminaires are suitable for parking garages and other low mounting height applications of 8 ft to 14 ft. Available in a 14-in. size option, the product features universal 108V to 305V rating, a CRI of 80, instant-on/-off capability, an “A” sound rating, a cast-aluminum housing, and a 100,000-hr rated life, according to the company. UL1598-listed for wet locations, finishes include dark bronze, black, white, and platinum.
Devine Lighting
Circle 300

LED street and area luminaires

Part of the company’s Satellite Series, the SAT-S is a smaller form-factor LED street and area luminaire. According to the company, the luminaire offers a 20-yr design life, using high-reliability aerospace and automotive grade components, and provides up to 80% energy savings. Available in 24 LED and 48 LED models and a range of finishes, the product is RoHS-compliant and Dark Sky Association approved.
LED Roadway Lighting
Circle 301

Aisle and high-bay luminaires

Two models have been added to the company’s line of SSL products. The Aisle Lighter luminaire distributes light on vertical and horizontal surfaces with an asymmetric optic that enables fixtures to be installed with wide spacing at 12-ft to 35-ft mounting heights. The High Bay Narrow luminaire illuminates key work surfaces from 40-ft to 60-ft mounting heights with a round, uniform distribution that the company says minimizes light spill.
Lusio Solid State Lighting
Circle 302

Recessed LED downlights

Standard Slope and Super Slope Ceiling LED downlights are designed for sloped ceiling applications in residential and commercial settings. According to the company, the IC-rated luminaires are visually indistinguishable from incandescent downlights and provide 900 lm using 25W input nominal (a 600-lm version is available to meet California Title 24 2008 requirements). Features include two styles of 6-in. Air-Loc LED housings covering a pitch range of 2/12 to 12/12, a PAR38 reflector combined with a high-transmission diffusing lens to conceal the LEDs, adjustable slider plate for correct positioning of light, and a standard 120V dimmable LED driver with option for 0V to 10V dimming. Color temperatures include 2,700K, 3,000K, 3,500K, and 4,100K.
Juno Lighting Group
Circle 303

Hazardous location LED luminaires

Petrolux LED luminaires are suitable for use in harsh environments, including classified hazardous locations. Offered in multiple lumen packages, the Marine- and IP66-rated indoor/outdoor luminaires feature Endural borosilicate glass LED optics and a dedicated thermal management system that the company says helps provide a minimum of 70,000 hr of operation in a 55ºC ambient environment. Other features include an outer aluminum housing in a variety of finishes, dimming options, and a Universal Mount option that allows for pendent, wall, and stanchion mounting.
Circle 304


Crafted of aluminum and glass, the NEOS floodlight comes in four sizes with power ranging from 35W to 1,000W, operating on 120V to 347V systems. Offered with narrow, wide, and asymmetrical beam spreads, the floodlight features a mounting bracket that provides a wide range of adjustment for precise, lockable aiming. Lamping technology ranges from T6, ED17, ED18, ED28, and ED37 metal-halide to ED17, ED18 and ED25, high-pressure sodium. Available in textured black, textured gray, textured white, textured bronze, smooth aluminum, and custom finishes, options include louvers, glare shields, protection grids, color filters, wire guards, fuse holders, and tenon adapters.
Schréder Lighting US
Circle 305

Direct luminaire

The Jump product line of direct luminaires integrates daylight harvesting with LED or fluorescent light sources. According to the company, the daylight sensors can extend LED sustainability benefits by further reducing energy consumption up to another 35%. In addition, the luminaire uses organic sources of solar and kinetic energy to provide wireless individual personal control, daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, and full range dimming. Available in a variety of light sources, patterns, colors, and mounting options, the product features a “plug-and-play” installation. The LED option offers an expected life of 60,000 hr.
Philips Ledalite
Circle 306

Grid lay-in luminaire

The 1200 Series grid lay-in luminaire features a dimmable, backlit design with removable LED modules for field serviceability. According to the company, the luminaire offers a 50,000-hr life as well as more than 30 fc of light at the work plane in typical installations. In addition, the product can be placed with 10-ft × 10-ft spacing on 10-ft ceilings. LM-79 tested and UL-listed, the fully recyclable product is offered in 3,500K, 4,000K, and 5,000K color temperatures.
Lunera Lighting
Circle 307

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