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DC motors

The IronHorse permanent magnet DC 56C-frame motor line features totally enclosed non-vented (TENV) and totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) models. The motors are constructed of a rolled steel frame with cast aluminum end bell and are available in sizes ranging from 0.33 hp to 2 hp. Featuring a base 1,800 rpm, the product is designed for use on unfiltered SCR- (Thyristor-) type 115V or 230V rectified AC inputs when used with an appropriate SCR drive. They can also be used with pulse-width modulated- (PWM-) type DC adjustable-speed drives.
Automation Direct
Circle 300

Electricity usage software

Available as an application for iPhones, BE$T software calculates an existing motor's annual electricity usage based on its nominal efficiency and compares it to the annual electricity usage of the company's Standard-E and Super-E premium efficiency motors. The software then recommends, by catalog number, the appropriate motor for the application and notes the payback period (in months) for replacing the existing motor. Available in CD-ROM format or as a download from the company's website, the product can calculate the savings on a group of motors, showing the amount of money that can be saved when all motors in the group are replaced.
Baldor Electric
Circle 301


The WX high-torque gearhead features an exterior that is identical to the company's old W models with a redesigned interior. According to the company, the gearmotors feature all-new steel helical gears and synthetic lubricant, allowing them provide up to 50% more torque than previous models. The gearing is designed to AGMA 9 standards or higher, and the synthetic lubricant allows the unvented gearmotors to operate over a wide temperature range. Gear ratios range from 4-to-1 to 312-to-1.
Bodine Electric
Circle 302

Low-vibration motor

According to the company, the redesigned SD100 IEEE841 motor surpasses the requirements of IEEE Std 841-2009, which requires 3,600-rpm motors to operate with a maximum filtered vibration of .05 in./sec at twice speed or twice line frequency. Available in three configurations, product features include a cast-iron frame, bearing housings, fan cover and conduit box, double-drilled (eight mounting holes) feet, 6-bolt bearing housings, NEMA Premium or higher efficiencies, and Inpro/Seal bearing isolators on both ends of the motor.
Circle 303

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