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Spotlight on photovoltaic products for electrical contractors, electrical engineers, and plant facility personnel

PV module

This photovoltaic (PV) module kit with battery backup provides power for remote applications. The solar power modules can be applied to low DC voltage loads, such as sensors, heat trace, and monitoring instruments, and are a fit with the company's line of wireless I/O solutions. Installed in Type 3R enclosures, the product is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, is certified for Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, and D locations, and has a recommended temperature range of -30°C to 50°C.
Cooper Crouse-Hinds
Circle 300

Panel anchor

Quick Mount PV is a waterproof anchor for attaching solar panels to a roof. Suitable for use on existing composition shingles and shakes, the anchor is IBC code compliant and meets National Roofing Contractors Association standards and best practices. According to the company, the product requires no roof cutting and has a 50-year lifespan.
Quick Mount PV
Circle 301

Ground mount

This solar ground mount is available either as a ballasted or post-mount system. Featuring tilt angle options ranging from 20° to 40°, the ground mount is delivered with pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-welded components. According to the company, the product accommodates all major brands of crystalline PV modules.
Circle 302


This 600kW solar inverter is suitable for use in multi-megawatt solar projects. Based on the company's wind converter platform, the inverters employ a 2-stage power conversion process, which provides the output of the inverter at a standardized grid voltage of 480VAC. In addition, the product features the company's SunIQ plant-level control platform as well as SolarRide-Thru technology, which allows inverters to stay online during grid disturbances.
GE Energy
Circle 303

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