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New product spotlight on relays for electrical contractors, electrical engineers, and plant facility personnel


Zelio solid-state relays and accessories feature two industry-standard formats: the panel-mount (hockey puck-style) SSRP and the DIN-mount SSRD. The panel-mount version includes models that are able to switch up to 125A, while corresponding accessories streamline the heat-sinking process. SSRD models are ready-to-go solutions featuring an integral heat sink. Both models offer AC and DC control versions.
Schneider Electric
Circle 300

Relay panel

The RP24 addressable lighting control panel fully integrates with the company's Energy Control System (ECS). It allows each of the 24 relays to be individually controlled and configured to best meet the needs of the facility through its Polaris interface, which provides floorplan-based navigation. In addition, the product permits each relay to be addressed as an individual zone or part of a larger zone, facilitates navigation through a floorplan-based graphical interface or a zone level “tree” configuration, acts as part of a daisy chain of multiple panels in the overall Encelium architecture through the GreenBus communications network, and ties into a building automation system via the company's BACNet interface.
EnceliumCircle 301

Relay control panels

Measuring 13 in. × 13 in. or 20¼ in. × 34 in., EZ-MAX Plus relay control panels are designed for smaller applications that don't require field configuration or advanced networking capabilities. Available in 4/8-circuit or 16/24-circuit models, the panels feature the Visual Programmer 4.0 offline editor as well as a large LCD screen on the face of the enclosure that includes oversized buttons and speed programming. Standard programming configurations for occupancy sensors and photocells as well as a built-in ATC with 101 major cities and states are included in the system.
Circle 302


The Microopto line of solid-state relays includes three versions. The Actor is a switching amplifier for actuators up to 24VDC and 2A, with inductive loads such as solenoid valves and contactors. It supports 3-wire actuators and features suppression diodes and varistors. The 300VDC model is a switching amplifier for high inductive loads up to 300VDC and 1A. Suitable for switching motor brakes and contactors, it includes a power boost in the load circuit that compensates for transient feedback (20A for 20 msec/5A for 1 sec) to protect from electrical spikes. The 100kHz model is a switching amplifier for high frequencies up to 100kHz.
Circle 303

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