Focus on Safety Equipment

New product spotlight on safety equipment for electrical contractors, electrical engineers, and plant facility personnel

Barricade tape

This line of Scotch brand barricade tapes includes buried and non-buried as well as detectable and non-detectable varieties. Available in numerous lengths and widths, the Barricade Tape 300 Series is made from polyethylene plastic and features industry-standard messaging in above-ground and buried options. The Detectable Buried Barricade Tape 400 Series is designed to be found using a non-ferrous locator, while the Repulpable Barricade 500 Series is reusable and made of tightly woven cotton for use in areas where plastics are prohibited.
Circle 300

Rescue and escape device

The Rollgliss R500 rescue and escape device provides controlled descent speeds of 2 ft to 3 ft per sec and offers self-rescue, emergency evacuation as well as assisted rescue with lifting capabilities. The product's bidirectional design allows one end of the lifeline to descend while the other ascends to prepare for another rescue. Constructed of corrosion-resistant materials, the device includes a 9.5-mm super static kernmantle rope available in 25-ft increments between 50 ft and 1,000 ft in length. In addition, it can be used at heights of up to 1,000 ft for a single user weighing 310 lb or less, or 330 ft for two users totaling 550 lb or less. Available in five models, each model includes the descender, rope, three anchoring slings, three carabiners, pulley, edge protector, rope grab, and carrying bag. Other options include a rescue hub, ladder bracket, and humidity-resistant case.
Capital Safety
Circle 301

Procedure writing software

Lockout Pro 3 lockout/tagout graphical procedure writing software features an optional online Software-As-A-Service model. In addition, the software includes easy-to-use templates that allow users to create an OSHA-compliant hazardous energy control lockout program. The software also features a database of standard terms, graphics, and information. According to the company, procedures can be translated into four different supported languages with the press of a button.
Circle 302

Tamper-resistant combination device

This tamper-resistant receptacle/switch combination device meets NEC 2008 safety standards. The device includes a built-in shutter system that prevents metal objects from being inserted into its slots but allows plugs to be inserted and removed as usual. Featuring a single receptacle and a single-pole switch, the device is available in 15A and 20A models.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 303

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