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Focus on Test and Measurement

Focus on Test and Measurement

The DM100 hand-held laser distance meter features a 2-line LCD display that shows measurements, battery level, and calculations

Laser distance meter

The DM100 hand-held laser distance meter features a 2-line LCD display that shows measurements, battery level, and calculations. At the touch of a button, the meter allows users to quickly measure linear distances, continuous measurements, areas, and volumes. In addition, the product includes the ability to add and subtract linear measurements. Other features include an accuracy of „b0.08 in. and a measuring range up to 100 ft.

Agatec Construction Lasers

Circle 300

Infrared thermometer

This infrared (IR) non-contact thermometer allows users to measure surface temperatures of live circuits, difficult-to-reach objects, or moving parts. Featuring a built-in socket that supports Type K thermocouple probes, the thermometer offers a 12-to-1 distance-to-spot ratio, a temperature range of -76¢XF to 932¢XF (-60¢XC to 500¢XC), and a built-in laser pointer that identifies the center of the measurement area. Other features include adjustable emissivity and maximum, minimum, average, and differential temperature readings that are instantly displayed on a backlit LCD.

Ideal Industries

Circle 301

Phase rotation meter

This phase rotation meter (PRM) is designed to determine the leading phase of any two phases of a 3-phase conductor system. The meter features a dual range of 0kV to 5kV and 0kV to 15kV and can determine phase rotation up to 45kV. Adaptable for underground applications with optional bushing probes, the product also features a 3-in. meter face, strain relief fittings, and universal splines for hot-stick attachment.

HD Electric

Circle 302


The Model 6501 and 6503 megohmmeters feature hand-cranked operation that the company says provides a steady, DC voltage output across the entire range. In addition to insulation resistance testing at 500V, the 6501 also permits resistance testing to 500kĂ and continuity testing to 100Ă. A 600V test voltage range is provided to perform safety checks to confirm that the sample is fully discharged and not connected to an energized circuit. The 6503 has three test voltages for insulation resistance testing: 250V, 500V, and 1,000V.

AEMC Instruments

Circle 303

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