Focus on Wiring Devices

Wiring devices product spotlight for electrical contractors, electrical engineers, and plant facility personnel

Vacancy/occupancy sensors

The CU-250 vacancy sensor uses ultrasonic technology to detect motion and is designed for use in spaces with partial obstructions, which could block the view of a passive infrared sensor. The CD-250 and RD-250 PIR dimming sensors feature multi-way capability and provide full range dimming control of incandescent lighting. The CD-250 vacancy sensor is for manual-on control only. The RD-250 convertible occupancy sensor ships from the factory configured for manual-on control but can be reconfigured for automatic-on operation. The CS-50 vacancy sensor is designed for applications with just one switch location, while the CS-350-N features relays for switching two loads and an integral night light. The CH-250 includes multi-way control capability.
Circle 300


The PlugTail split-circuit device comprises a PlugTail duplex receptacle pre-wired with a welded second hot lead to meet switched receptacle applications that require a fourth wire to the switch. Available in duplex and decorator styles, the device accepts standard PlugTail connectors. The PlugTail tamper-resistant receptacle installs like a PlugTail device but meets 2008 National NEC child safety requirements by featuring a built-in shutter system that prevents insertion of metal objects yet accepts a standard electrical plug.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 301

Surge-protective receptacles

These tamper-resistant surge protective receptacles comply with NEC Sec. 406.11 and UL 1449's 3rd Edition. The receptacles feature protective shutters that accept only a 2-prong (with or without ground pin) electrical plug while providing built-in surge protection up to 18,000A. Available in commercial/industrial and hospital-grade versions (in 15A and 20A 125V ratings), the products include an indicator light that confirms connected equipment is surge-protected. Versions with an audible alarm are designed for locations where receptacles are obscured from view.
Circle 302

Override switch

The LVPS (low-voltage push-button switch) is a decorator-style switch for single- and multi-gang applications that can be specified with standard decorator wallplates, working with Synergy or SwitchPAK lighting control panels to provide override control of one or two zones. The buttons are removable for users desiring to produce custom-printed labels. Additional features include LED indicator lights and a terminal block for all low-voltage connections. The LVKS (low-voltage key switch) is a decorator-style switch that works with a key to provide a secure means to activate the lighting override.
Synergy Lighting Controls/an Acuity Brands Controls Co.
Circle 303

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