July 2004 Products of the Week

July 2004 Products of the Week

Cord grip fittings

Available with two-, three-, and four-hole grommets, the Multi-Hole Cord Grip Fittings allow the user to terminate multiple wires into one connector. The fittings are non-metallic and have a temperature range of -86°F to 176°F. They’re UL-Listed and IP 68-rated.

Thomas & Betts

For more information, visit www.tnb.com.

Wirerack system

Designed for commercial and residential applications, the Studlock wirerack system allows users to setup and pull wire from 1,000-ft spools. The racks hold multiple spools, which keeps them off the floor. No tools or screws are required for installation, as a locking mechanism holds the racks securely in all wood and steel studs. They’re level upon installation and won’t tip over or slide when the spools run low.


For more information, visit www.studlock.com.

Fiber/copper cable tester

Available in two models, DTX CableAnalyzers feature large displays and 12 hr of battery life. They have a 12-sec Cat 6 fiber Autotest that provides standards-compliant certification by testing two fibers (each at two wavelengths), measuring length, and determining pass/fail status. The DTX-1200 supports test capabilities up to 350 MHz, and the DTX-1800 has a 900 MHz maximum bandwidth. Multi-mode and single-mode fiber test modules are available for the series, which allows immediate testing of fiber or copper cabling without swapping adapters.

Fluke Networks

For more information, visit www.flukenetworks.com.

Self-luminous exit signs

The self-powered tritium gas luminescent tubes in the Ever-Green series of self-luminous exit signs provide illumination for as many as 20 years without electricity. These spark-proof, explosion-proof, and maintenance-free signs require no wiring, electrical connections, or batteries. They provide a minimum letter brightness of 0.15 foot-lamberts and are housed in an all-plastic, high-impact, sealed casing that’s waterproof. Available with red, black, and green face covers in black or white housings, the signs come with a universal mounting bracket.

Mule Lighting

For more information, visit mulelighting.com.

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