New Electrical Products, December 2010

New Electrical Products, December 2010

Standby generators. These vertical automatic standby generators are available in 11kW and 13kW outputs. According to the company, the units are 15% percent smaller than comparable whole-house standby generators

Standby generators

These vertical automatic standby generators are available in 11kW and 13kW outputs. According to the company, the units are 15% percent smaller than comparable whole-house standby generators. In addition, they are powered by a Briggs and Stratton Professional Series engine and can run on either LP or natural gas.
Circle 150

AC inverter system

The PFT Series of universal, fast-transfer AC inverter systems accommodates small- to medium-sized projects requiring emergency power backup to AC power loads or illumination sources. The system provides reliable emergency power sine wave output to any connected load or fixture without compatibility concerns. Available in three models, it can be specified for applications up to 600W.
Circle 151

Surge protection devices

The Surge-Trap Type 1 X-Series of surge protection devices (SPDs) provides overvoltage protection for all locations in a facility. The product line includes the Surge-Trap STXR Series, which provides overvoltage protection for distribution branch panels, control panels, and equipment. All SPDs are rated for NEMA 4X enclosures and suited for system voltages from 120V to 600V. In addition, they provide a 20kA (In) nominal discharge current and high 200kA SCCR ratings.
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The PQube records power quality events and energy consumption in electrical equipment. According to the company, the meter also accurately tracks energy and carbon emissions (CO2 g/hr and accumulated). One-tenth the size of comparable traditional instruments, the device is suitable for embedding. It also features an easy-to-use color organic LED (OLED) display, advanced Ethernet-based remote monitoring, and email reporting. No software is required.
Power Standards Lab
Circle 153


The 12kVA SmartOnline hot-swappable modular UPS systems with 208/240V and 120V output compatibility (models SU12000RT4U and SU12000RT4UHW) provide up to 8,400W of capacity in 8U of rack space (4U power module plus 4U battery module). A detachable PDU with manual bypass switch enables hot-swappable power and battery module replacement. Both models feature hardwire input and output; the SU12000RT4U also provides 13 output receptacles (5 × 5-15/20R, 2 × L6-30R, and 6 × C19).
Tripp Lite
Circle 154

UPS systems

The 300kVA/300kW and 500kVA/500kW versions have been added to the company’s 9900 Series of UPS systems. With products ranging from 80kVA to 750kVA/750kW, the 9900 Series offers users 96% maximum efficiency in a package 30% smaller than conventional UPSs, according to the company. In addition, the devices feature technology that enables high efficiency throughout the load spectrum while in on-line mode, without putting critical load at risk. Up to eight modules can be paralleled for either capacity or redundancy.
Mitsubishi Electric Products
Circle 155

Mounting brackets

LV1LP nonmetallic mounting brackets are suitable for installing low-voltage Class 2 wiring and seating wall plates flush with the mounting surface. The single-gang, low-profile bracket is designed for installations using ½-in. or 5/8-in. drywall installed on cast concrete or concrete block walls with furring strips. For existing construction, the product adjusts to fit ¼-in. to 1-in. wall thicknesses.
Arlington Industries
Circle 250

Outlet cover

The Red Dot Code Keeper Non-Metallic While-In-Use cover now features a reinforced hinge pin that increases its durability and enables the product to be installed vertically or horizontally. Featuring adapter plates, the cover fits a variety of outlet configurations. Available for single- and 2-gang boxes in standard- and deep-wall sizes, the cover also features keyhole mounts that eliminate the need to remove and replace mounting screws. Available in clear, gray, and white, the product features pre-adhered gaskets, a lock, and a wasp guard to keep out insects.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 251

Solar fuse

The PVS-R solar fuse provides high amp ratings with the required fast-acting response to low photovoltaic (PV) DC faults. UL 2579-listed for low-voltage fuses, the product features a dual 600VAC/DC rating and is available in ratings from 20A to 600A. According to the company, the fuse is suitable for use in recombiner boxes and DC safety switches that operate at higher current levels but experience the same low-level fault current conditions as combiner boxes and PV strings and arrays.
Cooper Bussmann
Circle 252

Pipe enclosures

Smart Pipe Chase Housings provide a pathway to a roof and consolidate piping to one location. Made of welded powder-coated aluminum, the enclosures are lightweight and watertight — and can be installed in a single penetration. Available in two sizes, the Small Pipe Chase Housing is designed for small condensing units while the Medium Pipe Chase Housing accommodates two condensing units on each side.
Smart Box
Circle 253

Street luminaires

Arquicity street luminaires feature components from Osram Opto Semiconductors, including Golden Dragon Plus LEDs and the SFH 5712 digital ambient light sensor. The sensor regulates the light intensity of the LEDs, depending on current lighting conditions. According to the company, the LEDs deliver a light output of 100 lumens per watt and feature a lifespan of greater than 50,000 hr.
Arquiled/Osram Opto Semiconductors
Circle 254

LED luminaire

This second generation of WARP9 LED luminaires is available in two sizes for pole- and wall-mount configurations. According to the company, product enhancements include up to 50% increased light output; up to 50% increased efficacy with all Type II, III, IV, and V models now greater than
50 lm/W; standard LED driver featuring a 0V to 10V dimming interface; Dual Thermal Management System; and a system monitor to maintain lumen loss depreciation to less than 15% at 100,000 hr of operation (based on IESNA LM-79 and LM-80) in extreme and fluctuating environments.
Kim Lighting
Circle 255

LED floodlights

The LFLOOD LED floodlight is available in 10W and 13W configurations. The 13W LED compares to a 100W PAR38 in halogen or metal-halide while the 10W compares to a 60W PAR38 halogen, creating a potential energy reduction of up to 70%. Featuring a 5-yr warranty, the product is UL-listed for wet locations. In addition, the floodlight features a field-switchable reflector for spot or flood applications and a glare shield for light control. Mounted to a rugged ½-in. threaded arm with stainless steel screws, integral gasket, and an EZ-Grip locknut color-matched to the fixture, the die-cast aluminum housing is available in architectural bronze, verde green, white, and black.
RAB Lighting
Circle 256

Self-retracting lifeline

The DBI-SALA 50-Foot Sealed-Blok self-retracting lifeline (SRL) features optional RSQ dual-mode rescue capability (automatic rescue mode or fall arrest mode), a FAST-Line field replaceable lifeline, 420-lb weight capacity, and IP68 certification. Available with an integrated retrieval winch, the SRL can be quickly converted to and from retrieval mode. The input crank handle features a primary brake that will prevent movement of the load upon release of the handle. An optional bracket allows for quick and easy attachment of the product to tripods and davits.
Capital Safety
Circle 258


The Hi-lume 3D fluorescent dimming ballast family now includes products to control T5-HO linear and T5 twin-tube lamps. Compatible with the company’s 3-wire fluorescent controls and EcoSystem digital components, including the GRAFIK Eye QS and Quantum control options, the ballasts can dim to less than 1% and offer continuous flicker-free dimming from 100% to at least 5% measured relative light output, according to the company.
Circle 259

System programming software

The Vizia RF + Installer Tool programming software for Vizia RF + home automation product line allows users to create and modify Z-Wave networks, program controllers with dramatic scene transitions and zone lighting control, and set industry standard 2-way status updating. Additional features include network optimization, integration with third-party devices, and onsite network maintenance features. With the software, installers have the convenience of operating system features from any Windows-enabled PC and the ability to transfer and update those specifications to the home system at a job site.
Circle 260

Dimmer system

The Accell digital smart dimmer system has been added to the Core lighting control product line. The system provides multi-location control for managing lighting from one or multiple areas. In addition, the product provides compatibility with incandescent, halogen, and magnetic low voltage up to 1,000W/VA and up to 8A for Advance Mark 10 fluorescent dimmable ballasts. Features include an on/off tap switch that provides numerous options and standard 3-way wiring. According to the company, they do not require a neutral.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 261

Threaded rod nut

Part of the CADDY line of fixings, fasteners, and supports, the SN Series nut is designed for supporting loads on threaded rod. According to the company, the nut is easy to install and can be positioned instantly on threaded rod at any location. Because the product can be added to an existing application, it is suitable for use on retrofit projects, including trapeze installations. In addition, the company says it offers an installation time savings of up to 50% compared to standard nuts and washers.
Circle 262

Reciprocating saw blades

T2 Technology has been added to the company’s line of Demolition and Wood reciprocating saw blades. According to the company, the blades deliver 100% longer life and 25% faster cutting compared to the previous generation. T2 Demolition blades are the widest in the demolition category and feature optimized tooth geometry for each tooth per inch (TPI) blade specification. T2 Wood blades feature tooth geometry that the company says lasts longer and cuts faster in nail-embedded wood. Additionally, the 6-in. wood cutting product has a plunge cutting tooth design on the tip of the blade that makes plunge cuts faster and easier.
Circle 263

Cable ties

Made of a polymer formulation, Mille-Ties cable ties are flexible, releasable, and reusable. According to the company, one strip can be cut into as many as five separate ties. Available models include: QuickStrips for everyday applications; Pro for uses that require UV stability, plenum rating, and smoke and halogen control; and Heavy-Duty, a 22-in. tie.
Circle 264

Voltage detector

The CAT IV 1,000V voltage detector senses voltage at a wide range (50VAC to 1,000VAC) and features an extra-bright LED work light that is three time brighter to illuminate the work space. Features include an integrated buzzer, power-on indicator that allows users to know if their batteries are working before testing, and a durable tip for checking outlets. If voltage is present, the tool alerts the user audibly as well as with a visual indicator that is visible on all sides.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 265

Wind turbine foundations

Cell Block precast foundations are designed for small and community wind turbines. According to the company, the foundations allow for the harnessing of wind power on sites like landfills and contaminated Superfund sites, as well as those found in remote locations. Non-ground penetrating, the product is designed and engineered specifically for installations where ground penetration is not allowed or impractical due to soil conditions.
Oldcastle Precast
Circle 266

LED conversion unit

The V-LUXA LED Series is a single-unit LED conversion solution for fluorescent fixtures. Featuring a self-contained, compact design, the company says each unit can be installed in less than 10 min. with virtually no rewiring. In addition, the product offers 50% to 75% energy savings compared to fluorescent tubes and has zero maintenance costs.
Circle 267

Transformer housings

This family of 4-in. 12V recessed housings is equipped with 50VA electronic transformers. Models include the 14000AET new construction NON-IC, 14101ARET remodel NON-IC, and 14101AET – IC, which is rated for direct contact with thermal insulation. All housings accept 20W to 50W MR16 lamps and are Washington State Energy Code-approved as well as airtight-rated to restrict air exchange between the ceiling plenum and heated/cooled spaces.
Circle 268
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