New Electrical Products, January 2011

New Electrical Products, January 2011

The Trinergy modular UPS system offers 99% energy efficiency by combining all three standard functioning modes


The Trinergy modular UPS system offers 99% energy efficiency by combining all three standard functioning modes — maximum power control (double conversion/VFI), maximum energy savings (standby/VFD), and high-efficiency with power conditioning (line Interactive/VI) — in one solution. According to the company, the UPS chooses the most efficient operating mode based on actual power quality conditions to ensure that both the power supplied to the load and that reflected back to the source remain optimal at all times.
Circle 150

Surge protection products

The Surge Protection product line has been added to the company’s portfolio. Designed to assist in protecting alternative energy sources from the damaging effects of electrical power surges, the products are available with optional EMI and RFI filters. In addition, the product offering includes individually fused MOVs. Available surge ratings include 400kA, 240kA, 160kA, and 100kA/phase. DIN rail-mounting is also available with these devices.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 151

Automatic voltage regulators

This line of automatic voltage regulators (AVR) is based on a series regulation transformer controlled by variable transformers (VTs). These robust units offer tight output regulation and are fully customizable. According to the company, the AVR is suitable to handle more than 90% of typical power problems. Available options include suppression of high-voltage transients, high harmonic content, and site load balance. Gold-plated contacts on all coils and nickel-plated bus bars are standard.
Staco Energy Products
Circle 152

Cable spacer

The Spacer holds up to eight individual cables centered on a 2 3 4. Available in two models, the CS14 version nails on and the CS14SC version screws on to a wood or metal stud, holding either a single or double row of power or low-voltage cables (one to eight 14/2, one to four 14/3, 12/2, 10/2, and one or two 12/3). In addition, the product complies with 300.4(d) of the NEC, and positions, fastens, and routes power or datacom cable.
Arlington Industries
Circle 250

Drill/driver bit kit

Housed in a shock-resistant case, the 68-piece Electrician’s Drill/Driver Bit Kit consists of the most commonly used professional-grade bit types and sizes. Self-centering, high-speed drill bits are coated with titanium nitride for enhanced performance, no bit walking, and extended life. Masonry drill bits feature carbide-grade tips and a hardened shank that is hammer drill-rated. The kit also features security bits that fit most security fasteners frequently used in public facilities. In addition, every bit and drill features ¼-in. quick-change technology.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 251

Knockout punch

The Max Punch PRO is a knockout punch for stainless steel that allows users to cut ½-in. to 2-in. holes with an 18V cordless drill (no hydraulics or ratcheting is required). This drive unit is equipped with a thread-in/thread-out draw stud that is universal to most common punch dies. Featuring a 35-to-1 gear ratio, the product cuts up to 10 gauge stainless steel (from ½-in. to 2-in. dies) and will knockout 10 gauge steel panels (from ½-in. to 4-in. dies).
Southwire Maxis
Circle 252

PV analyzer

The PV Analyzer (PVA-600) is an electrical test solution for verifying photovoltaic array performance. For each string, the analyzer measures current and power as a function of voltage. Measured results are compared to the performance predicted by advanced built-in models. Features include I-V and P-V graphs, wireless irradiance and temperature sensors, built-in predictive PV models, and maximum input of 600V, 20A.
Circle 253

LED luminaires

Aculux architectural-grade recessed LED luminaires features a universal 120V to 277V high power factor electronic driver. According to the company, the 20W fixture approximates the light output of a 50W MR16. In addition, the product features the company’s Acu-Aim precision-geared optics that allow 45° hot-aiming vertical adjustment and 370° gear rotation to eliminate dead spots. Available in round or square apertures, color temperatures include 3,000K, 3,500K, and 4,100K. Fixture styles include downlights, adjustables, pinholes, and wall wash.
Juno Lighting Group
Circle 254

Lighting controller

The LiteOwl lighting control device is designed for use in individual, cobra-style streetlight applications. Currently available for lamps up to 250W, the controller enables energy savings of about 20%, according to the company. UL-listed, RoHS-compliant, and recyclable, the product features a low-profile housing that is designed to sit atop and plug into the standard photocell socket within any Cobra-style lighting fixture.
Active ES
Circle 255

Water blocking cable

Dual Block provides a dual water blocking capability on the company’s primary, underground cable. A fill compound is continuously applied into the conductor interstices to prevent longitudinal water migration, and a water-swellable powder is applied under the polyethylene jacket, preventing water from migrating along the neutral wires, under the jacket. Together, these two applications provide a barrier that prevents water from entering the cable core.
Hendrix Wire & Cable
Circle 256

EV charger

The WattStation is a smart-grid-compatible residential electric vehicle (EV) charger designed to help accelerate the adoption of plug-in EVs. According to the company, on average, the charger decreases electric vehicle charging time from 12 hr to
18 hr to as little as 4 hr to 8 hr compared to standard charging Level 1 (assuming a full-cycle charge for a 24kWh battery).
Circle 257

Estimating software

Accubid Enterprise Estimating Version 5 features support for electrical estimating with job-wide, multi-user support
leveraging Microsoft SQL Server and
Microsoft .NET technology. According to the company, a key strength of the platform is the ability to leverage data across the life of a project, without the need for disparate systems.
Circle 258

Welded connection

The CADWELD PLUS features an integrated welding material package to streamline the installation process and eliminate ignition materials. The tamper-proof package consists of a steel cup containing welding material alloys and an ignition source. The welding material package is designed for use in all standard CADWELD molds. Once placed in the mold, the welding material is electronically ignited using a battery-powered control unit with a 6-ft lead.
Circle 259

Lighting controller

The VBC100 is a variable ballast controller (VBC) that helps reduce energy consumption by monitoring and controlling lighting to maximize light output and by providing feedback to the virtual control panel, according to the company. The VBC installs quickly with dimming ballasts and works with T5/T8 lighting technology (CFL, LED, HID and inductive versions will be available in the future.)
World Energy Control
Circle 260

Wire pulling tool

The Power Pull-It wire-pulling tool is designed for use in conjunction with a cordless drill to pull small-to-medium sized wires and cables through conduit. Suitable for pulling wire through light standards (i.e., light pole bases), long conduit runs above ceilings, man-holes, and distribution panels, the tool eliminates the need to pull wire or strings by hand. According to the company, no anchors are required.
Madison Electric Products
Circle 261

Device connectors

ArrowLink SPD modular device connectors use a direct connection to building wire to eliminate “pigtailing” from the standard wiring device installation process. This feed-through connection method takes 18 in. of wire and three wire connectors required for pigtailing out of the box. Available in traditional leaded and non-leaded versions, the company says the product can reduce installation time by 30% to 60%.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 262

Strut fittings

This expanded line of preassembled strut fittings features an updated design that reduces the number of parts to handle/purchase. According to the company, the design eliminates the need for spring nuts and promotes easy adjustment when installed in a channel. Coated in a liquid locking material, channel nuts and bolts can be loosened with 5 ft/lb of torque.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 263

Junction box

The Solarlok is a 15.5-mm × 52-mm junction box designed to distribute DC power to a solar panel. TUV-approved, targeted applications include 2-rail crystalline PV modules and 2-rail thin-film PV modules, with a 12A current rating for crystalline applications and a 3A current rating for thin-film applications. A key feature of the product includes a spring clamp for termination of the foil leads, which clamps to the contact rail inside the box. Diodes are offered in multiple current ratings, ranging from 3A to 12A.
Tyco Electronics
Circle 264

Work boot

The Bushwood work boot features EVA and a deeply ridged rubber outsole that is extremely lightweight and hyper-flexible. According to the company, the boot’s 45° heel bevel softens heel strike. Constructed of waterproof nubuck leather and a 1,000 denier nylon upper combined with an interior wave mesh lining that wicks away moisture, the product is available in tan and black and with or without a composite safety-toe that is 50% lighter than steel and meets ASTM standards.
Circle 265

Conduit fittings

Mighty-Seal Push-EMT raintight connectors reduce installation time by approximately 50% and total installed cost by nearly 15% compared with conventional fittings, according to the company. Installation-ready out of the box, users simply push the fitting onto the prepared conduit (a minimum ½ in.) and attach the fitting to the box. In addition, the cULus-listed products are removable and reusable.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 266

Conduit elbow

T&B Fittings universal conduit elbow functions as four elbows in one, replacing LL, LR, LB, and C conduit bodies for most applications. According to the company, pulling wire is easier because the radius of the conduit elbow is the same as the conduit itself. Featuring a wire-fill rating of 40%, the product has BlueKote 4-layer protection for internal and external corrosion resistance, is UL-listed as an electrical box, and includes an angled port cover that uses standard covers.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 267

Bonding connector

Designed to meet the requirements of Section 250.94 of the 2008 NEC, the Bondit wall-mount intersystem bonding connector allows all ground wires from separate systems to be tied together at one location to the ground electrode conductor (GEC) from the main electrical service. Provided with stainless steel screws and a durable, paintable cover, the connector accepts a main ground wire of No. 2 to No. 6 and features four intersystem terminals suitable for No. 4 to No. 14.
Circle 268

Under-cabinet luminaire

Featuring Seoul Semiconductor 120VAC LEDs, the Priori Plus LED under-cabinet luminaire provides continuous dimming control from 100% to 0%. The company says that, compared to standard incandescent under-cabinet fixtures, the luminaire delivers 50% to 60% more lumens while using 75% less electricity. UV-, lead-, and mercury-free, additional product features include 3,500K white light with an 87 CRI, a slim 15/16-in.-high profile, and approximately 30% to 40% cooler operation than standard incandescent and halogen fixtures, according to the company.
American Lighting
Circle 269

Power pole extender

Tele-Power pole extenders are available in 5-ft sections that snap together to create either a single standard pole or to extend the length of an existing pole. Dual-compartment pole extenders work with the company’s standard 25 Series Tele-Power poles to provide up to 5 ft of additional height. The product, which can be cut to length, slips onto the original pole, and a mounting system ensures the finished pole is as strong and durable as a single unit. Prewired and unwired pole extenders, which can be combined in the field to make a single 10-ft pole, are also available. Factory-wired units feature two 20A, 125V duplex receptacles. Wired and unwired units include mounting hardware, end plate, and ceiling trim.
Circle 200

HID luminaires

The Scala Series of architectural and roadway luminaires employs the Philips CosmoPolis HID system. Available in three sizes (Mini, Midi, and Maxi), the luminaires use lamps ranging from 39W to 400W. Features include tool-free access to optical unit and ballast module, IP66 Sealsafe optical module, and a flat lens. In addition, the product is designed with properly scaled arms for post or wall mounting.
Schréder Lighting USA
Circle 201

PV connector

The Helios H4 dual-rated (UL/TUV) PV connector is designed to meet NEC 2008 requirements without the need for extra locking collars and locking sleeves, according to the company. To achieve higher current ratings and lower contact resistance, the connector employs the company’s RADSOK technology for lower power losses.
Circle 202

CAD modeling software

Paladin DesignBase 3.1 is an upgrade to the company’s 3.0 version. Product improvements include enhanced Paladin DesignBase-to-Paladin Live deployment features; new modeling features and functions, such as arc flash scenario comparison report, equipment catalogs, and automatic PDC curve labeling; and buyer incentives that include offering the software on a “project pricing” basis.
Circle 203

T5 lamp

The T5 UltraStart Watt-Miser System product line now features a 47W T5 lamp. According to the company, the system operates at 198W compared to 234W in a standard 4-lamp 54W T5 system. In addition, the product offers parallel operation, RoHS-compliant ballasts, and fast start times that previously were unattainable.
Circle 204

Safety lamp

The Woodhead safety lamp for high-bay fixtures meets the requirements for an open-rated fixture (Type-O), the new Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA2007), and the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR1040.30). The high-intensity discharge (HID) lamp includes a self-extinguishing feature (Type T) that permanently disables it if the glass envelope is broken, according to the company. In addition, the product contains an arc tube shield that protects against injury from falling hot glass.
Circle 205

Cable glands

Available in Type 303 and Type 316L stainless steel with PG or metric threading, these cable glands carry an ingress protection of IP68 and NEMA 6P. Designed for use in wet or hose-down applications, the Type 303 cable gland is corrosion-resistant. The Type 316L stainless steel cable gland or strain relief also is corrosion-resistant and is suitable for use in chemical or salt-intensive environments.
Automation Systems Interconnect
Circle 206

Inspection camera kit

The 12V MAX* Lithium-ion (Li-ion) inspection camera kit (DCT410S1) captures videos and/or photos in tight and awkward spaces, such as behind walls. Features include a removable wireless 3.5-in. LCD screen, a waterproof 3-ft cable, and hook and magnet tools to aid in the retrieval of objects. Additionally, the camera offers a 3x zoom capability. The kit also includes a Li-ion battery, an inspection camera, a 40-min. charger, hook, magnet, and kit box.
Circle 207

GFCI receptacles

The Arrow Hart line of NAFTA specification-grade GFCI receptacles meets the provisions of the Buy American Act. Features include unbreakable nylon construction, a large visual indicator light for quick notification of tripped or “end-of-life” condition, and ShockSentry technology to prohibit power and prevent resetting when the device is no longer able to provide safe, protected power. A matching standard-size thermoplastic wallplate is included.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 208

Wall switch sensors

Dual Technology wall switch sensors offer the choice of automatic-on or manual-on operation. Featuring a combination of passive infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic technologies, the company says the product times the on/off function more efficiently. Three control options can set the on/off time delay once occupancy is detected. The self-calibrating option adjusts time delays based on usage patterns, assigning delays from 7 min. to 30 min. The fixed option provides 5-min., 15-min., or 30-min. delays, while walk-through mode turns lights off 3 min. after a room is initially occupied if no further motion is detected after 30 sec.
Legrand/Pass & Seymour
Circle 209

Paralleling system

The Decision-Maker paralleling system is designed for gen-set paralleling and can be specified across the company’s line (100kW to 3,250kW) of industrial gaseous- and diesel-power generators. In a multi-generator array, each generator comes equipped with a Decision-Maker 6000 control unit. A power distribution switchboard provides a power output consolidation hub and houses the necessary breakers for the generators and loads. Designed with a full system graphical interface, a master control panel (MCP) monitors system electrical and mechanical loads and includes event logging and alarm functionality.
Kohler Power Systems
Circle 210

Event recorder

UL-listed, the CyTime SER-3200 sequence-of-events recorder (SER) provides precision time-stamped event reporting for 32 high-speed digital input channels. Time synchronization is achieved via unmodulated IRIG-B input from a GPS receiver or via RS-485 signal from another SER-3200 serving as a time sync master. Data is available over an Ethernet network using a standard Web browser or via application software using Modbus TCP/IP.
Cyber Sciences
Circle 211

Solar inverter

The S-Max Series grid-tied solar inverter converts sunlight into clean alternating current (AC). UL 1741-listed for 600VDC and 3-phase utility interactive operation, the company says the inverter has a 96.5% efficiency rating from the California Energy Commission and greater than 99% accurate Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) efficiency. In addition, delta or wye transformer interconnection is field selectable, and mounting flanges remove pre-drilling requirements.
Circle 212

Battery sizing software

This Web-based battery sizing and configuration program (BSP) offers an advanced sizing engine with configuration options for multiple applications, such as switchgear, telecom, UPS, and solar. The BSP also provides battery layout/configuration options. Designed to be constantly updated, users can access BSP 24/7 from anywhere using the Internet. According to the company, a unique feature of the product is its ability to configure batteries based on a specific cell type or particular application.
Circle 213

Electrical panel software

This 2D electrical panel design software allows users to create 3-phase industrial power and electrical control panels in minutes, including a power control center, motor control center, electrical power distribution center, electrical distribution board, or instrumentation panel. By dragging the required component (i.e., switchgears, instruments, meters) into the work area, users can prompt the computer simulator to design and calculate the various dimensions of a panel. According to the company, when users place an item in the template, the simulator determines various clearances and calculates the final size by taking these and other factors into consideration.
Softbit Technologies
Circle 214

Emergency luminaires

The CMF/TMF/ZMF Series of emergency luminaires is available in 6V, 12V or 24V, 25-450W versions with MR16 lamp head assembly options. Lamp head mounting options include top, sides, or bottom of the enclosure. Additional product highlights include a 120/277V dual-voltage input with surge protection, Intelli-Charge for self-diagnostics, and a maintenance-free, sealed lead-calcium or nickel-cadmium battery that provides more than 90 min. of emergency power, according to the company. In addition, the products can be wall, column, pole or I-beam mounted.
Chloride Systems
Circle 215

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