New Products, August 2011

New Products, August 2011

Flash Rain Jacket

Lightweight and waterproof, the Flash rain jacket is made from 100% polyester oxford. Featuring an adjustable hood with drawstring and toggle, the jacket’s seams are taped to eliminate leaking in unfavorable conditions. An adjustable waistband and elastic cuffs with velcro closures allow the wearer to customize the fit. With a Class 3, level 2 ANSI rating, the product is available in hi-visibility orange and hi-visibility green in men’s sizes M to XXL.
Circle 250

Rotary Hammer

The M18 Cordless 7/8-in. SDS Plus rotary hammer offers a two times longer life than competitive cordless rotary hammers, according to the company. Powered by the company’s RED LITHIUM battery technology, the rotary hammer delivers
0 rpm to 1,400 rpm, 0 bpm to 4,800 bpm, and up to 40% more run-time than similar products on the market. Featuring 1.8 ft-lb of impact energy, the tool includes 3-mode operation and a variable position chisel stop. A mechanical clutch protects the motor when the bit binds, and the Anti-Vibration System minimizes vibration.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 251

LED Downlight

These LED recessed downlights consume 11W to 16W of energy and offer a 50,000-hr lifespan, according to the company. Mercury-free, the downlights are housed in compact, cylindrical, fixture heads and feature color renditions of 3,000K and 4,000K. Available apertures include 3 in., 3.5 in., 4 in., and 6 in.
Jesco Lighting Group
Circle 252

LED Replacement Lamp

The ImproveLite A19 LED replacement lamp is available in 385 lm and 565 lm versions to replace 40W and 60W incandescent and halogen lamps in downlights and other semi-directional applications. Featuring dimming to 15% and instant-on response, the lamps offer a color rendering index (CRI) Ra above 90, a high saturation of deep red color rendering R9, and a 3,000K color temperature (CCT).
Circle 253


Nimbus pre-insulated connectors now feature an expanded wire range to make them suitable for 600kcmil to 4 AWG conductors. This enhancement affects type PBTD, PBTS, and PBTM. The connectors also feature increased amperage of 475A and are UL-listed, CSA-certified, and dual rated for copper or aluminum conductors.
Circle 254

Cabinet Luminaires

Compatible with available Z-Wave home automation equipment, the Design Pro LED Modular 2.0 and Disc System cabinet luminaires feature LED technology and a small footprint. With the proper accessories, the 24VDC luminaires offer full dimmable capabilities. The modular units measure ½ in. × 23/8 in. and come in four different lengths: 6 in., 12 in., 18 in., and 30 in. The disc units measure 3/8 in. ×
2¾ in. In addition, the luminaires can be used individually, snapped directly together, or connected via interconnect cables.
Circle 255


The P&S PlugTail surge-protected receptacle is available in isolated ground, hospital-grade, and tamper-resistant models. A steady green LED indicator confirms equipment plugged into the receptacle is adequately protected against transient surge voltage. If the device is not protecting against transient surge voltage, an audible alarm (if equipped) will sound, and the LED indicator will change to a flashing red. The alarm can be turned off, but the LED will continue to flash red until the device is changed out. In addition, the product features a 500V protection rating.
Legrand/Pass & Seymour
Circle 256


Siemens Solar Microinverters provide a modular, scalable platform to connect roof-mounted solar PV modules with a typical building’s AC load center or panelboard. According to the company, systems can be expanded one panel at a time, with no limitations. In addition, using the microinverters at each solar panel eliminates a single point of failure. Featuring trunk and drop wiring and no string calculations, the products are plug-and-play capable.
Circle 257

LED Downlight

The D2LED 2-in. LED downlight offers up to 900 lm as well as 25°, 35°, and 45° beam spread options. Suitable for new construction or retrofit applications, the company says the downlight features a 50,000-hr life at 70% lm maintenance. In addition, the product is entirely serviceable from below the ceiling and features a thermal design and J-tube.
Circle 258

Work Boots

The Helix product line consists of rugged 6-in. work boots made of lightweight materials combined with the company’s Anti-Fatigue Technology to absorb shock. Constructed of flexible, soft leathers, the boots feature molded, inverted cones that support, collapse, and return in key pressure zones. Other highlights include a mesh lining with antimicrobial treatment, active heel lock, an alloy or composite safety toe, and a slip-resistant outsole. Some styles also include a waterproof membrane.
Timberland Pro
Circle 259

Cable Mounting Bracket

The CE1RP mounting bracket installs quickly and easily with a 3.5-in. hole saw. Featuring a slotted cover that holds a larger bundle of low-voltage cable neatly in place, the product is made of white paintable plastic and includes mounting wing screws that pull the bracket securely against the wall when tightened.
Arlington Industries
Circle 260

Cable Caddy

The Reel-Deal cable caddy is made from a lightweight, impact-resistant plastic with reel dividers that allow independent reel movement. A quick-release spindle construction facilitates loading and unloading. Rated to withstand a combined weight of up to
200 lb, the product features pivoting rubber feet placed on a wide base to prevent sliding or tipping.
Circle 261

Saw Blades

These improved reciprocating saw blades cut up to 25% faster and last up to 45% longer than competitive products, according to the company. Made from bi-metal material with cobalt, the saw blades feature a tooth design that stays sharp longer while the heat resistance of the blade allows it to stay cooler. In addition, the product is packaged in a reclosable vinyl pouch.
Circle 262

Cable Management System

The EnviroShield Type 3R cable management system is for outdoor commercial, industrial, and solar PV applications. An electrically continuous solution, the system complies with NEMA, UL 870, and CSA International requirements. Features include removable covers and a lay-in
design to ease cable installation. According to the company, the quick-connect feature eliminates loose hardware while a wrap-around shield allows for a tool and hardware-free installation. The product also includes pre-installed combo head bolts.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 263

LED Spotlights

This line of 22W PAR38 LED spotlights features a lifespan of more than 35,000 hr, according to the company. Designed to fit standard E26/E27 sockets, the spotlights provide as much as 1,400 lm. Offered with a clear or frosted lens, the lamps are available with or without a built-in dimming feature, allowing them to function at 12%, 25%, 50%, or 100%. Available colors include warm white 3,000K CCT or cool white 6,000K CCT.
Circle 264

Hole Cutters

TKO carbide tipped hole cutters offer an alternative to knockouts or bi-metal hole saws. Incorporating the company’s SmoothStart pilot drill that guides the cutters into sheet metal to yield smoother, burr-free holes while preventing damage to the precision-ground carbide teeth, the hole cutters feature an integral arbor for control, while a flange is built-in to avoid over-drilling beyond the sheet metal. An ejection spring wrapped around the drill cleanly ejects slugs. Sold separately or in kits, the product fits any standard drill and is available in a range of sizes from
¾ in. to 2½ in.
Ideal Industries
Circle 265

Floor Warmer Thermostats

The EasyHeat G Series of floor warming thermostats includes built-in GFCIs. Identical in size, functionality, use of the floor temperature sensor, and mounting configuration to the company’s existing EasyHeat thermostats, the products are available in 120V and 240V models, in programmable or non-programmable designs.
Emerson Industrial Automation
Circle 266

LED lamps

The Definity Series now includes LED floodlights and spotlights as well as vanity lights and 60W and 40W equivalent omnidirectional models in many colors. According to the company, the dimmable, instant-on lamps are approximately 75% to 80% more efficient than traditional bulbs.
Lighting Science Group
Circle 267

Wall Slotter

The EMF 150 wall slotter cuts parallel channels in concrete and masonry up to 113/16 in. wide × 1¾ in. deep. Designed to allow pipe, conduit, and wire to be placed inside walls and floors, the slotter uses two parallel 6-in. diamond blades that can be easily adjusted for the desired cutting depth and width. According to the company, the tool’s closed hood optimizes air flow and makes fragment removal easier.
CS Unitec
Circle 268

Right Angle Drill

The 20V MAX* lithium-ion right angle drill features a 2-speed transmission
(0 rpm to 650 rpm/0 rpm to 2,000 rpm) and an ergonomic handle. The 3.8-lb cordless drill also includes a 3/8-in.-deep hex pocket, which allows a 2-in. hex bit to be installed almost all the way into the chuck, according to the company. This feature reduces overall length (including the bit) to 4½ in.
Circle 269

Universal Straps

Mighty-Hold universal straps feature a one-hole design that supports multiple cable sizes. Available in steel and stainless steel construction, the US-4461 is designed for AC/MC and FMC cable in ranges from 0.44 in. to 0.61 in, while the USS-6171 is designed for 12/2 (0.61-in) to 10/3 (0.71- in.) PVC jacketed MC cable.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 270

Arc Flash Analysis Software

DCAFA V1.0 software is designed for arc flash and shock hazard analysis in DC power systems, including but not limited to photovoltaic, battery bank, rectifies, and telecommunications equipment. The software takes system voltage, available short circuit current, gap distance between electrodes, circuit time constant, electrode material, protective device type, and rating or a preset arc duration value and determines the incident energy released by the arc flash, appropriate hazard risk category at various working distances, and safe flash protection boundary. Other capabilities include analysis using metric or imperial units and the ability to generate customized arc flash warning labels in electronic formats.
Circle 200

LED Luminaire

The SkyLid LED luminaire offers a 50,000-hr life and consumes only 50W of power, according to the company. With a 90+ CRI, the luminaire is mercury-free and is suitable for new construction and retrofit applications. Featuring diffusion panels to optimize light output and distribution without glare, the product is available in 2-ft × 2-ft and 1-ft × 4-ft sizes in recessed and surface-mount models. Offered in a choice of warm to cool LED color temperatures, optional dimming capability is available with standard to low-voltage dimmers.
Deco Lighting
Circle 201

Lighting Control Software

Polaris 3D is the company’s next generation of lighting control software for its Energy Control System. The software offers users a single 360°, 3D navigation in a multi-floor view. Using Microsoft’s Silverlight technology, the software permits access to the system via a web browser, eliminating the need for software installation. The product also provides a colorized thermo-graphic representation of system parameters for lighting status, power consumption, and light levels; occupancy status; load shedding status; and comparative energy trends.
Encelium Technologies
Circle 202

Phase Conversion Panels

Using variable-frequency drive (VFD) technology, these phase conversion panels convert 230V single-phase incoming power into 230V 3-phase output power for 2-hp to 10-hp pumping applications. Each panel features an inner door design, flashing alarm light, and audible alarm with alarm silence PB, pump and control circuit breakers, motor starters with adjustable overloads, automatic pump alternation, pump run lights, HOA switches, pump seal fail indicator, and elapsed time meters. Enclosed in a NEMA 4X fiberglass powder-coated enclosure with a three point latch, the product is UL 508-listed and offers many optional features.
Best Controls
Circle 203

Current Transducers

The ATCR Series of flexible loop current transducers incorporates a factory-calibrated sensing coil and true RMS signal conditioner, using two wires to provide the power supply and output signal while eliminating the need to disconnect existing wires. Able to monitor resistive or inductive loads to detect current usage on large machines, the transducers meet UL508 and CE requirements. Featuring a compact 35-mm DIN-rail-mount enclosure, the products install over bus bar and single or multiple conductors, wrapping around the conductor. The cable is connected to a signal conditioner located up to several feet from the conductor to deliver an analog 4-mA to 20-mA signal proportional to AC current up to 2,000A.
NK Technologies
Circle 204


CILS 8/9000 wrap-around labels can be computer printed to add data, such as barcodes and serial numbers, from a standard PC and laser or thermal transfer printer. Offered with a self-adhesive clear over-laminate to safeguard the printed data, the labels can be made to any size or shape and printed with any design or logo. In addition, the products are available in a range of durable polyesters and self-extinguishing vinyls with white or color-coded print areas. They are also resistant to oil, greases, abrasion, moisture, and extreme temperatures of -196°C to 388°C.
CILS International
Circle 205


Designed for commercial refrigeration, indoor, and architectural lighting applications, the Nector S line of connectors (formerly known as 7.5 mm Mini HVL power connectors) is UL-approved. The connectors feature a compact circular design that fits through openings as small as 8 mm in diameter, according to the company. In addition, the products support plug-and-play functionality and are rated for 125VAC (7A, 6A) and 42VDC applications. Additionally, a power distributor connector offers IDC crimp tap contacts for quick termination, or crimp-style pin and socket terminals for cable assembly lead connections. The entire product line meets UL 1977 electrical specifications.
TE Connectivity
Circle 206

Roadway Luminaire

The AEL Autobahn roadway luminaire delivers up to 12,000 lm of bright white light, acting as a direct replacement for 70W to 200W high-pressure sodium (HPS) cobra head luminaires. According to the company, the luminaire features a life of more than 100,000 hr at 40°C and achieves 40% to 50% energy savings compared to HPS platforms. Compatible with the company’s Roam system, the product is designed to meet IESNA RP-8 recommended illuminance levels for roadway applications.
Acuity Brands
Circle 207

Explosionproof Motors

The XP100 line of 1-hp to 300-hp explosionproof motors is designed for hazardous operating environments. UL- and CSA-listed for gas and dust ignitionproof environments, the motors are suitable for Div. 1, Class I, Groups C & D, Class II, Groups F & G, hazardous area classifications. They are also available for drill rig duty in Div. 1, Class I, Group D hazardous locations. In addition, they meet or exceed the requirements of the Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007 (NEMA MG1 – table 12-12).
Circle 208


The Parkway Square family of luminaires is available in medium and small housings, along with a matching bollard. Offered in traditional or contemporary styling, the luminaires use multiple energy-efficient light sources, including LED, metal-halide, induction, and CFL. Featuring a square body and square hood, the hoods and screens are available painted to match the fixture as well as in stainless steel or natural copper.
Architectural Area Lighting
Circle 209

Data Logger

The Hobo UX120 Pulse Logger is a 4-channel energy data logger that combines the functionality of four separate data loggers into a single compact unit. Designed to allow users to track building energy consumption, equipment runtimes, and water and gas flow rates, the logger can simultaneously measure and record pulse signals, events, state changes, and runtimes. In addition, the product is capable of storing up to 4 million measurements.
Onset Computer
Circle 210

Variable-Frequency Drive

The Eazy Series of variable-frequency drives (VFD) is designed to manage the electrical current for ultra high-speed motors and spindles. Featuring a PWM sinusoidal waveform, the VFD provides control and protection to AC induction motors in the 40 hp to 1,875 hp range. Other features include a 5th generation IGBT power inverter, a SVPWM control strategy, built-in energy meter, slip compensation function, true overload and ground fault protection, and standard RS-485 modbus-RTU communications software.
Amtech Drives
Circle 211
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