New Products: Cable Glands, Wall-Mount Luminaires, Storage Station, Screwdriver/Nut Driver & More

The latest offerings from the manufacturing sector


Cable Glands

Next-generation TMC2 and TMC2X cable glands are designed to securely terminate interlocked/corrugated aluminum or steel armor jacketed metal-clad cables (Type MC/MC-HL) and continuous welded armor cables (Type CLX or TECK) to form mechanical watertight connections, while also providing ground continuity for cable armor. The TMC2 is designed to be installed in non-hazardous locations, while the TMCX2 is rated for hazardous areas, including explosion-proof and dust-ignition proof applications. In addition, the glands are available in trade sizes from ½ in. to 4 in. with multiple cable O.D. ranges per hub size in copper-free aluminum, nickel-plated brass, or stainless steel construction.
Circle 250


Wall-Mount Luminaires

The Quality LED wall-mounted (QLW) family of luminaires combines two wall sconces with energy-saving LED technology in a classic, geometric design. Available in two wall-mount models with similar aesthetic qualities at different elevated heights, the 13W QLW-7G1 model delivers 619 lm and can be mounted at heights of 6 ft to10 ft. The QLW-16 is suitable for mounting heights of 10 ft to 15 ft and offers a 60,000-hr life at 40°C, according to the company.
Philips Wide-Lite
Circle 251


Storage Station

The Mobile Device Station is a wall-mounted cradle that provides storage for mobile devices and their charging cables. According to the company, the station easily attaches to a single-gang electrical box or low-voltage mud ring without requiring a double-gang box or any new holes in the wall. To install, users simply screw the product onto the company’s dual-gang wallplate and install it in place of the existing single-gang wallplate. Offered in white, black, and light almond colors, the product is available for Decora and Renu brand wallplate styles and fits most mobile phones.
Leviton Network Solutions
Circle 252


Screwdriver/Nut Driver

Designed for use in confined spaces, the Stubby multi-bit screwdriver/nut driver with square recess bit and 1¼-in. shaft holds four universal tips and converts to two nut driver sizes. The driver is made of tempered steel with a torque-proof anchor in the handle. Bits include: No. 1 square recess, No. 2 square recess, 3/16-in. slotted, No. 2 Phillips, as well as ¼-in. and 5/16-in. nut drivers. The Heavy-Duty model includes six universal tips, and converts to three nut driver sizes and one hex driver, while the Heavy-Duty Ratcheting model features a 3-way ratcheting mechanism that can be used for forward, reverse, and locked positions. The Extended-Reach models include an extra-long shaft to provide the reach of a 4-in. standard-blade screwdriver, hold four universal tips, and convert to two nut driver sizes.
Klein Tools
Circle 253

Ceramic M-H Lamps

The Cera Arc ceramic metal-halide lamp family now includes 220W, 230W, and 270W models. With an efficacy of up to 117 lm/W, the clear BT28 lamps feature an EX 39 mogul base. The 230W and 270W models achieve energy savings by dimming with a Metrolight SmartHID electronic ballast, operate in the vertical burn position, and are open-fixture rated. The 220W model is designed as a retrofit for 250W pulse-start metal-halide systems without changing the ballast, operates in the horizontal burn position, and is rated for enclosed fixtures.
Eye Lighting International
Circle 254


Power Kit

Wiremold Work Surface Modular Power kits are suitable for meeting rooms that serve multiple functions. Sized to outfit 5-ft or 6-ft tables with plug-and-play power, the kits include table boxes, power whips, mounting clamps, and cable covers. Tabletop portals include power outlets and openings for RJ45 network connections. In addition, the products feature a UL-listed 4-wire, 2-circuit non-sequential wiring system that eliminates the need for special color coding or numerical sequencing of tables. Two circuits provide the capacity to feed up to 20 portals from one feed source.
Circle 255


Multi-Pin Connector

Solar SPEC Pak is the first multi-pin connector to meet the PV industry requirements specified in UL 6703A, according to the company. Offering power-handling capabilities up to 1,000V, the product features a locking latch that complies with Sec. 690.33(C) requirements of the 2008 NEC. Designed for wire-to-wire applications, the connector can handle up to four individual lines and features an IP68-rated shell with a flammability rating of UL 94 V-0 and a weatherability rating of F1 per UL 746C.
Anderson Power Products
Circle 256


Knock-out tools

This line of four knock-out punches and dies is designed for punching in up to 10-gauge stainless steel. Featuring a proprietary cutting edge, the knock-outs can be purchased individually or in a kit. The kit includes three sizes of stainless steel punches and dies, a draw stud, and sleeve. The kit is packaged in a heavy-duty, high-impact, rugged case and the punches, dies, sleeve and draw stud are boxed individually. In addition, the tools are abrasion-resistant and are also suitable for punching fiberglass and plastic.
Circle 257



Made from nylon 6/6, Thin Panel bushings are designed for use in panels as thin as 0.020 in. (0.5 mm). The bushings are available in multiple sizes for use in 0.218-in. (5.5 mm) to 0.875-in. (22.2 mm) diameter holes and easily convert raw-edged holes into smooth, neat, insulated holes. The products also insulate and mechanically protect electrical and telecommunications cables. The bushings feature locking fingers that snap into holes with fingertip pressure in fractional increments up to the maximum panel thickness, and can withstand a push-back force of greater than 35 lb, according to the company.
Circle 258


Energy Monitoring Kits

These three energy monitoring kits are offered in three standardized packages: Building Dashboard, Industrial Energy Monitoring, and Commercial Energy Monitoring. According to the company, the kits provide a low-cost, entry-level solution that can be installed relatively easily and that works with virtually any existing electrical service. The kits consist of electricity monitoring for up to 18 electrical loads as well as a 1-yr software subscription.
Circle 259


Box Mounting Bracket

The Steel City pre-fab dual box mounting bracket allows users to position both power and low-voltage boxes with one component. Able to accommodate 4-in. and 411/16-in. boxes, the bracket is suitable for installing power and low-voltage boxes in separate stud cavities. Other features include a locator hole that enables users to position the box on marked studs for fast and precise installation and a built-in far-side support.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 260


Ladder Racks

Weather Guard Quick Clamp ladder racks and Nissan NV ladder racks for commercial vans and minivans now feature several enhancements. Improvements to the Quick Clamp ladder rack include modifications to the mounting plates and the front rails to protect ladders when loading and unloading; an enhanced clamp mechanism for added strength and longer life; and improved engineering of the gas springs with a tougher exterior case to withstand wear, and internal brass bushings that prevent strip-out. Enhancements to the Nissan NV ladder rack pertain to the EZ-Glide System in order to improve weight distribution that meets current Nissan requirements. This system allows for one-person loading and unloading of ladders with the use of an ergonomic drive arm.
Circle 261


Automatic Transfer Switch

The PD53-100 is a 120/240VAC, 100A automatic transfer switch that automatically senses generator power and prevents two power sources from entering the AC distribution panel simultaneously. Measuring 6 in. × 12 in. × 10 in., the switch includes heavy-duty contactors to prevent contact damage during high current transfer operations, time delay circuit board to ensure stable generator voltage before transfer, and rugged, screw-type wiring terminals ready to wire to the contactor base.
Progressive Dynamics
Circle 262


Motor Plugs

This plug-and-play motor connector is a pre-wired, combination plug/receptacle that is UL-approved for disconnect switching. Plug-and-play features include a dead front, enclosed arc chamber, and a switching function that ensures the live electrical contacts are de-energized before someone can withdraw the plug from the receptacle. Once withdrawn, the plug provides visual verification of de-energization so no voltage testing is required. The product is also switch-rated up to 200A and 60 hp and maintain a NFPA 70E Hazard Risk Category of zero.
Circle 200


Infrared Cameras

The T420 and T440 infrared cameras feature thermal resolution at 76,800 pixels (320 × 240). The T440 includes the company’s MSX Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging, which adds real-time visible spectrum images captured by the built-in digital camera to thermal spectrum images. According to the company, MSX instantly highlights where the problem area is for easier orientation to help users see what needs repairing. Other features include scalable picture-in-picture and thermal fusion. Users can also add voice and text comments to images or sketch circles and arrows right on the 3.5-in. color touch screen (T440). The cameras’ rotating optical block swivels vertically up to 120°.
Circle 201


Electrical Software Application

When used as part of the company’s integrated software deployment, this software application adds electrical data into the complete project information model. Designed for the process plant and power industries, the software application offers man-hour savings of up to 30% compared to traditional design applications, according to the company. Additionally, the product is suitable for use on new projects and brownfield activities.
Circle 202


Induction Luminaires

These induction surface-mount luminaires offer a 100,000-hr life, according to the company. Available in two models, the luminaires feature a fabricated aluminum body and a shatter- and UV-resistant polycarbonate lens that is sealed. The 40W model replaces up to a 175W metal-halide luminaire while delivering 2,800 lm and an efficacy of 70 lm/W at a 5,000K color temperature. The 80W model replaces up to a 250W metal-halide luminaire while delivering 6,400 lm and an efficacy of 80 lm/W at a 5,000K color temperature.
Circle 203


Impact Driver

The M18 FUEL ¼-in. hex impact driver features the company’s Powerstate brushless motor, Redlithium battery pack, and Redlink Plus Electronic Intelligence to deliver up to three times longer motor life, up to 50% more runtime, and a 3-Mode Drive Control feature. The driver’s motor provides up to 1,600 in-lb of torque and 0 rpm to 2,900 rpm. Additionally, the battery performs in climates as low as 0°F/-18°C with fade-free power, and a battery fuel gauge displays remaining charge. Intelligence hardware and software allows users to choose between three fastening modes.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 204


Energy Monitoring Device

Power Xpert Gateway E Series gathers energy and power data from electrical equipment and delivers real-time, web-enabled, secure monitoring of electrical distribution equipment. With plug-and-play functionality, the device provides small systems with a standalone solution to log and trend energy and power data. The product also serves as a data collection point for multiple devices in larger systems with remote locations, and works with Power Xpert Software or third-party monitoring systems.
Circle 205


LED Luminaires

Designed for use in shallow cabinet signs, Tetra EdgeStrip and Tetra miniStrip LED luminaires are suitable replacements for T8 fluorescent tubes. The luminaires deliver up to 90% energy savings compared to T8 lamps, according to the company. Both models feature the company’s OptiLens optical lens technology, which captures wasted light and redirects it toward the illuminated surface. The Edgestrip fits into the frame of cabinet signs with 3 in. to 6 in. depths, while the miniStrip is for single-sided signs with 3 in. to 6 in. depths and double-sided signs with 6 in. to 12 in. depths.
Circle 206



The EOS industrial headlamp offers 80 lm of light, a Maxbright LED suitable for localized needs and capable of spotting a target up to 60 m away, three AAA batteries, and 121 hr of burn time. The waterproof headlamp features high, medium, low, and flash output modes; meets UL Div. 1 Class II requirements; and includes a rubber strap for hard hat use along with a nylon strap for use as a standard headlamp.
Circle 207


Cord Reel

The Series L 4000 cord reel features an accessory swing bracket. The reel can be installed in a central location and pay out cord in a 180° arc from the mounting point. The bracket can swing freely or pin lock into one of several positions. Both the reel and the bracket are constructed of high-grade industrial steel and feature powder-coat paint.
Circle 208



Enclosure Cooler

The Dual High Temperature Cabinet Cooler purges and cools overheated electrical control panels in harsh environments up to 200°F (93°C). According to the company, the product keeps electrical enclosures cool with air as cold as 20°F (-7°C) to eliminate high temperature malfunctions and protect sensitive electronics. With cooling capacity up to 5,600 Btu/hr, the coolers mount through a standard electrical knockout while maintaining the NEMA 12, 4, or 4X rating of the enclosure. An automatic drain filter separator ensures no moisture passes to the inside of the electrical enclosure.
Circle 209


IR Testers

This line of insulation resistance (IR) testers includes two 5kV units (MIT515 and MIT525) and a 10kV unit (MIT1025). Capable of taking measurements while connected to line power when the battery is fully discharged (charges while operating), the units include a Lithium-ion battery with a
2½-hr full charge time and ½-hr charge 1-hr testing. According to the company, the units are capable of continuous testing up to 6 hr (5 kV) on a single battery charge, and offer 5% accuracy all the way up to 1 TΩ at 5kV and 2 TΩ at 10kV. The products also feature a CAT IV 600V safety rating on all terminals and are rated for use to 3,000 m while maintaining the CAT rating.
Circle 210



The PowerPlex panelboard features an integral bus bar system that can replace a standard hard-wired system. Rated at 100A, the company says the bus bar system results in greater wiring space and doesn’t require rewiring if the branch circuit ampacity increases. Suitable for use on lighting, heat trace, and power circuits, the unit is designed for Class I, Zone 1 and Class I, Div. 2 environments.
Appleton Electric
Circle 211



DC Motors

The UL-/CSA-listed permanent magnet DC motor line features NEMA frames 48, 56, and 180 with an output range 1/8 hp to 4 hp, 500 rpm to 4,000 rpm, and 12VDC to 128VDC. Features include sealed ball bearings with high-temperature grease, low-loss steel laminations, NEMA-rated magnet wire, high startup torque, precision dynamic balancing, external brush access, power off dynamic braking, excellent heat dissipation, and high temperature polyester varnish impregnated armatures.
Ohio Electric Motors
Circle 212


Power Supplies

GlobalPower comprises general-purpose sensors and accessories for industrial automation. The 11 model line contains a variety of 24VDC models with single- and 3-phase inputs. With efficiencies up to 92% and output current ranges from 0.75A (18W) to 40A (960W), features include built-in advanced overload and overvoltage protection, load regulation to ±1%, ripple/noise less than 50mV, and adjustable voltage outputs. Additionally, all models are din-rail mountable, and mean-time-between-failure for all units is more than 210,000 hr/24 yr, according to the company.
Circle 213



Generator Engines

These five G-Drive QSX15 generator engine models provide EPA Tier 4 interim certification up to 468kW (627 hp) 60 Hz and EU Stage IIIA certification up to 462kW (619 hp) 50Hz. All models are dual-speed capable and feature various combinations of advanced technologies for in-cylinder combustion, air intake, and exhaust aftertreatment (EPA Tier 4 interim models) that work together to reduce emissions.
Cummins Power Generation
Circle 215



Imaging Thermometer

The DCT416S1 12V MAX* Lithium-ion imaging thermometer measures between 14°F and 480°F and features a 2.2-in. color screen that has the ability to change from an all-thermal to blended image to an all-visual display. The thermal images use color range to depict cold and warm temperatures, while the visual images are photos of the actual surface being scanned.
Circle 214



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