New Products: Cable Puller, Construction Software, Inspection Camera & More

New Products: Cable Puller, Construction Software, Inspection Camera & More

The latest offerings from the manufacturing sector

Cable Puller

The UT10-2S Ultra Tugger cable puller and Mobile VersiBOOM II comprise a system to help users overcome cable pulling challenges. According to the company, the UT10-2S is the only 2-speed puller on the market that can pull up to 10,000 lb and shift from high-speed/low-load pulling to low-speed/high-load pulling with just a double-tap motion on the foot pedal control switch.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 250

Luminaire Suspension Kit

The GFF and GFFW suspension kits provides instant and “tool-less” infinite height adjustment for the company’s GFF or GFFW Series of fluorescent luminaires. With no chain, S-hooks, threaded rods, and strut nuts required, the kit is also suitable for suspending signage, mechanical equipment, HVAC systems — almost anything that requires suspension from beams, trusses, or joists.
Circle 251


ENT fittings feature external removable and replaceable clip rings as well as a 3-click insertion depth and 4-prong locking system. Made from noncorrosive and nonmetallic PVC, the fittings feature a 45° angled stubby up to 2 in. In addition, the devices feature slab boxes with six different hub configurations, eight optional nail or screw holes, elevated hubs that allows for larger diameter rebar, and colored Ident-a-Box lids. Single and deep gang wall boxes include a rigid PE protective cover to prevent concrete infiltration.
Royal Pipe Systems
Circle 252

Extension Ladder

The Compact 3-Piece aluminum extension ladder features a 6-ft compact size that allows for transporting and storing in tight spaces but provides the same reach as a standard extension ladder. In the closed position, the 3-piece design makes the Type II, 225-lb ladder 20% to 25% shorter than standard 2-piece extension ladders, according to the company. In the extended position, more overlapping rung locations provide improved working comfort.
Circle 253

Corner-Mount Box

The 8161CB nonmetallic corner-mount box is designed for security camera and electrical accessory applications. According to the company, the box can hold up to 50 lb. Suitable for products with mounting holes more than 4.5 in. apart, the box includes a corner-mount bracket, is UV-rated, and can be used in interior and exterior environments in dry, damp, or wet locations.
Arlington Industries
Circle 254


Mighty-Align UL-listed slip-style couplings allow EMT to be coupled in tight locations or where there is limited accessibility. Designed to join together two ends of ¾-in. or 2-in. EMT, the coupling’s back-out center screw permits 241-DCSLP and 242-DCSLP to be temporarily located on one cut end while the adjacent end is slid into place. The user backs out the center screw, as necessary, to slip the coupling over the conduit, ensuring both ends of the conduit are visible in the sight hole before tightening all set screws.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 255

Construction Software

Corecon V7 construction software includes modules for business development, estimating, contract administration, procurement, time tracking, document control, correspondence, and scheduling. The Collaboration Edition is for users that have an accounting/job cost system but need a more collaborative project management software solution. The Standard Edition is for users that need estimating and job costing software. Users can employ the company’s CoreconLink utilities to integrate with accounting packages such as QuickBooks, Sage Simply Accounting, and MYOB. The Estimating Only Edition is for companies that need an estimating and bid management solution to aid with tracking and securing projects.
Corecon Technologies
Circle 256

Temporary Service Adapter

The Homac temporary service adapter maintains the flow of power while preventing backfeed of power to the faulted cable. Designed to support 75A and 100A current ratings, the load-side adapter mounts between the meter and meter socket of the house being serviced, while the source-side adapter mounts between the meter and meter socket of a nearby house. Alternative source-side adapters are available for direct connection to pad-mount or overhead transformers. The product includes preassembled connections.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 257

Lighting Management Packages

Quantum Select packages provide scalable options for adding select capabilities typically found in larger centralized lighting and energy management systems to smaller, more specialized applications. The Quantum Total Light Management system dims or switches all electric lighting, simultaneously controls daylight using automated shades, and integrates with building management systems. Pre-packaged for stand-alone or panel-based projects that require only select Quantum functionality, four light management packages are offered. All packages feature the QP3 Light Management Hub to control, manage, and monitor light and energy use.
Lutron Electronics
Circle 258

Omnidirectional Lamp

The first product in the EnhanceLite Omnidirectional Series of lamps, the LEDH-A19-60-1-27D-IO is a 60W equivalent that offers 810-lm output at a 2,700K color temperature. According to the company, the lamp consumes only 9.4W of power, offers an efficacy of 86 lm/W, and features a CRI of 94. In addition, the product is dimmable to 5% on most dimmers, and offers a power factor greater than 0.9.
Circle 259

LED Downlights

The Diamond Series of retrofit LED downlights includes 4-in. (10W), 5-in. (12W), and 6-in. (12W) models. Energy Star-rated, the downlights offer up to 50,000 hr of performance, according to the company. The luminaires can be installed in the company’s (or other manufacturers’) existing housings and are cULus-rated for existing IC and non-IC housings. In addition, the products can be used in housings with medium-base and GU-24 sockets, and are hardwired adaptable and dimmable to 5%. Offered in reflector or baffle models, finishes include bronze, natural aluminum, haze, copper, chrome (clear), specular black, and white.
Nora Lighting
Circle 260

Wireless Lighting Control System

Designed for parking garages, the LimeLight wireless lighting control system now includes Temperature Guardrail feature. Up to 800 web-enabled and radio-controlled fixtures, each with motion- and light-sensing capability, can be managed by a single gateway, adjusting light levels throughout the entire parking garage during the daytime, and reacting to any motion in the evening hours. Energy consumption is tracked, and motion is logged in a database. With the addition of the Temperature Guardrail algorithms, LED fixtures are dimmed automatically in hot temperatures, and fluorescent fixtures are automatically increased to higher levels of light output in cold temperatures.
Circle 261

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LED Luminaire

The e•poc LED features solid-state electronics from Universal Lighting Technologies. Constructed from 70% recycled steel, the luminaire is mercury-free and offers a 50,000-hr life, according to the company. The product is available in two lumen output configurations to provide reduced energy consumption when higher light levels are not required. In addition, it is easily serviced with a hinged optical system and plug-and-play LED modules that can be upgraded and compatible with a variety of controls, including occupancy sensors and dimmers.
Columbia Lighting
Circle 262

Hole Saw

Designed for stainless steel alloys, wood/nails, PVC, and metal applications, the Advanced Edge bi-metal hole saw features PTP advancements that provide more control of the cutting process as well as increased impact-resistance in interrupted cuts, according to the company. Features include more teeth and a deeper gullet in the cutting action for increased material removal as well as a new tooth form that maximizes penetration with a positive rake face. In addition, the saw can cut through a 2×4 in one pass.
M.K. Morse
Circle 263


These 6-in-1 lineman’s pliers feature a 9-in. length and are designed for reaming pipe, cutting bolts, pulling fish tape, pulling nails, cutting nails, and other standard applications. Featuring integrated No. 6 and No. 8 bolt cutters and a reaming head for deburring of metal pipe up to 1½ in., the pliers are made with forged metal. The tool also features rust protection, induction hardened jaws, and rubber grips.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 264

Cable Glands

TMC2 and TMC2X cable glands are available come in trade sizes from ½ in. to
4 in. with multiple cable O.D. ranges per hub size in copper-free aluminum, nickel-plated brass, or stainless steel construction. The glands terminate interlocked/corrugated aluminum or steel armor jacketed metal clad cables (Type MC/MCHL), and continuous welded armor cables (Type CLX or TECK) to form mechanical watertight connections while providing ground continuity for cable armor. According to the company, the devices require no disassembly and feature a 2-piece design that allows users to ground the armor and seal the outer jacket in one action. Explosion-proof and dust-ignition proof, the TMC2X uses RapidEx high-speed liquid resin sealing compound that sets within minutes. In addition, the products feature an O-ring face seal for 4X and IP68-rated protection.
Appleton Electric
Circle 265

Roller Platforms

Designed for use in confined spaces when a cable reel stand is too large to operate, RPR-01 roller platforms are able to disperse material from all models of the company’s paralleling reels. The roller platforms feature an enamel finish and replaceable steel wheels with roller bearings to handle weight capacities up to 5,000 lb.
Circle 266

Penetration Seals

Designed for use on granulated modified bitumen, PVC, EPDM, PIB, TPO single ply, asphalt, and coal tar B.U.R, the ChemCurb System replaces old-style metal pitch pans with precast curb components, pourable sealant, and structural adhesive/sealant. According to the company, the system can typically be installed in under 15 min. and eliminates the need for flashing or mechanical attachment. When installed properly, the product forms a waterproof rubber seal around penetrations of any size.
Circle 267


The MRC840AL crimper tool is for use on the company’s aluminum Hylug (type YA-A) and Hylink (type YS-A) terminals and splices ranging from No. 8 to 4/0 AWG. Features include heat-treated steel jaws to reduce jaw buckling and misalignment under heavy loading; plated jaws for enhanced corrosion resistance; and a rotatable, color-coded die wheel marked with conductor size.
Circle 268

LED Downlight

The Maxcor 5-in. and 6-in. recessed LED downlight is suitable for both retrofit and new construction applications. According to the company, the downlight operates at less than 14W, produces 900 lm, and is dimmable to approximately 5%.
Circle 269

Inspection Camera

The HDV600 high-definition borescope camera features a 5.7-in. (145-mm) color display for use in bright outdoor or poorly lit areas. Optics include 4-mm to 6-mm LED-illuminated camera probes and SD memory that stores 15,000 images/4 hr video capacity plus audio annotations. Rugged and upgradeable, the camera offers macro optics for up-close inspections while long depth of field optics are suited for viewing larger or longer concealed areas. Other features include glove-friendly controller handsets with 320° articulated probes and wireless connectivity (10 m range), as well as high-definition clarity. In addition, the products are tested waterproof to IP67 standards and are drop-proof to 2 m.
Extech Instruments
Circle 270

Design & Estimating Software

DraftLogic Electrical software now seamlessly integrates with ConEst IntelliBid v7 estimating software for complete building electrical system design layouts. According to the company, the software estimates 14 times faster than with traditional building electrical system design and estimating methods. All devices, feeders, and branch circuit wiring determined during DraftLogic Electrical’s design process are automatically transferred into ConEst IntelliBid’s Count Sheets, allowing users to then perform the final step to go from complete electrical design to complete estimate with no counting and no measuring.
Circle 271

Wire Feeder

Designed to operate in tandem with Maxis cable pullers and triggers, the Maxis Feeder can feed wires at forward and reverse variable speeds into conduit up to 30 ft per min. The feeder allows users to adjust wire tension, even during operation. Features include 2 min. setup, foam-filled tires and swivel casters, and a dual anchoring system. In addition, traction force uses a grooved serpentine roller design with increased surface area for enhanced grip.
Circle 272

Truck/Van Storage Units

Weather Guard Pack Rat storage drawer units for truck and vans are made from 14-gauge steel. Available in 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-drawer units with wide and narrow drawer compartments, size options include 9 in. or 12½ in. heights, and 24 in. or 48 in. lengths. Widths range from
10¼ in. to 39¾ in. Anti-skid strips on top of the drawer assembly offer traction for wet and muddy boots while full weather stripping protects against the elements.
According to the company, the units can carry up to 425 lb of equipment. In addition, the drawers are fully removable for cleaning and feature a one-touch push button latch assembly for one-handed operation.
Circle 273

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Construction & Collaboration Software

Spectrum V14 construction software allows users to access the program’s features from anywhere using almost any Internet-connected device. According to the company, the product eliminates the need for third-party software and any additional hardware to run on the Internet. Venture collaboration software helps users assemble bid teams, share and manage documents, control versioning, automatically send alerts and create project logs, and take control of issue management.
Dexter + Chaney
Circle 274

GFCI Receptacle

Designed to meet the needs of expanded National Electrical Code requirements for GFCI protection, the Isolated Ground GFCI minimizes electrical interference from a building’s ground system. The offering includes 15A and 20A tamper-resistant duplex receptacles as well as hospital-grade models. All devices feature a high-impact-resistant, thermoplastic construction; an LED trip indicator light to identify a tripped condition; and the company’s SafeLock protection that shuts off power to the receptacle if a ground fault occurs, if there is a miswire, or if GFCI protection is compromised.
Legrand/Pass & Seymour
Circle 275

Single-Phase Power Supplies

The line of Epsitron 787 Series Pro power supplies now includes nine single-phase units. Features include the company’s 2-Stage PowerBoost, which accommodates high inrush loads to eliminate oversized switch-mode power supplies, an operating efficiency of up to 92%, and an energy-saving mode that can deactivate output when not required via remote control. In addition, the products feature TopBoost, which accommodates circuit breakers for individual load circuit protection by providing 50 msec of additional output at three to six times the rated current (varies per model).
Circle 200

AC Motors

Offered from 1 hp to 250 hp, this line of Super Premium Efficiency AC motors exceeds the NEMA Premium efficiency levels with at least 20% fewer losses with a 1.25 service factor, according to the company. The motors are suitable for high torque applications or high overload situations without having to specify a special-purpose motor. Featuring the design of the WEG W22 platform, the motors use the same frame sizes as standard NEMA motors to facilitate installation into existing locations. In addition, the units are built using FC-200 cast iron and feature a cooling system designed to provide improved airflow through the motor frame to keep operational temperatures low.
WEG Electric
Circle 201

Lighting Control Software

Polaris 3D lighting control software is designed for use with the company’s Energy Control System (ECS). The web-based application provides users with a single 360°, 3D navigation in a multi-floor view of an entire facility’s lighting energy use. In addition, the software offers a color gradient “weather map” type representation of lighting system data, such as lighting status (on/off), power density or energy consumption, light levels; occupancy status; load shedding status; and comparative energy trends.
Circle 202


The ScopeMeter 190 Series II of 2-channel and 4-channel portable scopes is safety-rated CAT III 1,000V/CAT IV 600V. Available in 60-MHz, 100-MHz, or 200-MHz bandwidth models with real-time sampling rates up to 2.5 GS/s and 400 ps resolution to capture noise and other disturbances, the scopes feature deep memory of up to 10,000 samples per channel and are IP-51 rated to withstand dust, drips, humidity, and wide temperature variations. In addition, the tools are hand-held and battery operated.
Circle 203


These medium-voltage (5kV to 15kV) circuit breaker-type transfer switches and bypass/isolation switches are UL-tested, listed, and labeled under UL 1008A, making them suitable for use in legally required emergency power systems. The switches can be configured for open- or closed-transition transfer. All switch functions are controlled by the company’s RPTCS programmable microprocessor-based control system. Although designed for unattended operation, switches include controls for manual operation. All medium-voltage circuit breaker-type switches meet or exceed IEEE, NEMA, and ANSI standards.
Circle 204

Hard Hat

The Fibre-Metal Roughneck P2A hard hat is suitable for use in extreme work environments. Featuring a matte finish, the hard hat is constructed of an injection-molded fiberglass compound and meets ANSI-Z89.1-2009 impact-resistance tests at temperatures up to 370°F. The hat also features SuperEight suspension with eight load-bearing points. Additional features include an adjustable fit and smooth crown. Available headgear options include: the Fibre-Metal non-slip/non-strip ratchet, SwingStrap, or TabLok. Each of the cap’s nine shades of solid-color resin provides a permanent, no-chip, no-peel finish.
Honeywell Safety Products
Circle 205

Edge Luminaires

These LED edge luminaires include an ultra-thin “light guide” with built-in LED technology. Available as ceiling troffers and suspended luminaires, the products feature transparent or opaque light panels coupled with Rambus MicroLens technology. Mercury-, lead-, and glass-free, the units offer features such as a CRI of 80 or higher, a 35,000-hr life, instant start, and dimming capabilities from 0V to 10V.
Circle 206

Cord/Cable Protector

The Ultra-Sidewinder is designed to protect cables run across a floor. The product’s design articulates left and right, allowing the system to turn corners and adapt to the layout of the room while maintaining protection for cables and trip protection for pedestrians. Cables can be left in the system and coiled around a
3-ft diameter for portability or left in place indefinitely.
UltraTech International
Circle 207

Arc Flash Protection System

The TVOC-2 is the next generation of the company’s Arc Guard System. The product detects faults in low- and medium-voltage switchgear, disconnecting the power provided to the arc within 30 msec to 50 msec. When installed with the company’s Emax circuit breakers, the UL-listed product carries a functional safety rating of SIL-2.
Circle 208

Receptacle/Wall Box

This receptacle/wall box combines the company’s pre-wired DSN Series switch rated receptacle with local circuit protection. Available in fuseholder- or circuit breaker-equipped models, the device provides an easy installation option for the DSN Series switch rated receptacle/plugs. The local circuit protection is rated for branch circuits at 20A, 30A, and 60A, and motor line-of-sight disconnects at
5 hp, 10 hp, and 20 hp. The switch-rated DSN receptacle features a dead-front safety shutter, is pre-mounted to the box, and is wired to the circuit protection.
Circle 209

Push Button Box

The SPB Series push button box features pre-cut holes in the cover. Constructed from 13-gauge steel with an ANSI 61 gray powder-coat finish, the cover includes an oil-resistant, die-cut gasket for protection against dust, water, and oil. Cover screws thread into sealed nuts for increased sealing protection. In addition, the product is UL-listed, meets NEMA 12 and 13 specifications, and comes in four sizes to accommodate 22.5-mm or 30.5-mm push buttons.
Bud Industries
Circle 210

Safety Controller

The PSR-TRISAFE/M modular safety controller connects up to 10 safe digital I/O modules via a T-bus system. The controller’s base station features 20 safety input signals and four safety category outputs. The product also provides outputs for a test pulse, alarm (aux), and ground switching. The safe digital I/O module can be configured as 12 safe digital inputs or eight safe digital inputs and four safe digital outputs. Each point on the safe expansion module can be controlled individually.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 211

LED Lamps

These LED lamps are designed to meet Energy Star standards. Dimmable and UL-approved, the series includes 45 products, including MR16 GU5.3, MR16 GU10, PAR20, PAR30 short neck, PAR30 long neck, and PAR38 versions. Most of the lamps in the series are available in 2,700K, 3,000K, and 4,000K temperature ratings and 8°, 25°, and 35° beam angles.
Circle 212

High-Bay Luminaire

The BayLight instant restrike LED high-bay luminaire is designed to meet the requirements of a conventional 400W HID fixture. With an optional integrated occupancy sensor that enhances energy savings, the luminaire features an L70 rated life of more than 60,000 hr at 40°C and more than 100,000 hr at 25°C. With an IP66 rating for the LED panel, the product is certified for damp location use. In addition, it contains no mercury or lead.
Lighting Science Group
Circle 213

Smart Meters

E-Mon D-Mon smart meters feature built-in communications, providing 38 metering parameters of energy information, expanded protocol options for integration into building automation systems, enhanced on-board memory storage, and various indoor and outdoor enclosure options. In addition to UL/CUL listings, the meters are certified to ANSI C12.20 national accuracy standards of ±0.2% from 1% to 100% of rated load.
Circle 214

LED Luminaire

Compliant to FAA and ICAO standards for straight and curved runways, touchdown zones, and taxiways, the Pro V LED Series of luminaires features up to 100 times longer life and reduced energy consumption cost by up to 85% when compared to traditional 65W lamps. The luminaire also features increased pilot visibility, lower operating temperatures that extend lens and photometric performance, and direct replacement of existing incandescent fixtures. In addition, the product uses a common power supply, regardless of color or application.
Cooper Crouse-Hinds
Circle 215

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