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New Products: Duplex Connector, Cable Pulling Grips & More

New Products: Duplex Connector, Cable Pulling Grips & More

The latest offerings from the manufacturing sector

Duplex Connector

The Whipper-Snap is a U-shaped strap duplex connector suitable for connecting 14/2 to 10/3 cable or 3/8-in. flexible metal conduit to a box or enclosure. Designed to simply snap into an electrical box, the zinc die-cast connector is suitable for maintaining grounding continuity when installed in accordance with the NEC patented Whipper-Snap design, according to the company.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 250



Cable Pulling Grips

Gator Grips single-use cable pulling grips can be crimped onto cables by distributors or end-users, which the company says can cut installation time to 2 min. The grips can crimp any size of regular, compressed, and compact copper and aluminum cable from 1 AWG to 1,000kcmil without having to change dies. In addition, users only need six grips to cover cable sizes from 1 AWG through 1,000kcmil.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 251


Mobile Gen-Sets

These trailerized mobile gen-sets are offered in 60kW, 80kW, 100kW, 150kW, 200kW, and 300kW ratings. The gen-sets feature stainless steel fasteners and a new paint process for improved durability and longer-lasting aesthetic appeal. The units’ enclosure design protects against water intrusion and includes door-grounding straps. The products also feature a wiring harness with visual identification codes.
Cummins Power Generation
Circle 252


Luminaire Accessories

MaxLED luminaire accessories include a photo cell, an emergency battery backup, and wire guards. Designed for use with all MaxLED standard wallpacks, the 2.8-mm, polyester powder-coated wire guards are constructed with welded continuous wire and easily attach to a wallpack’s housing with existing lens screws and washers located on each side of the fixture. The UL-listed outdoor emergency battery backup is offered in a galvanized steel case and is designed for normal and emergency operation of LED wallpack and canopy fixtures. A photo cell accessory operates with all the company’s outdoor fixtures, and activates when the light level drops below 20 lux and turns off when the level reaches 30 lux.
Circle 253




Pole-Mount Box

The 8161PM is a one-piece box designed for face down installations of security cameras and electrical accessories on a rigid pole or pipe that is 3 in. to 6 in. in diameter. The box attaches to a round non-metallic or metallic rigid pipe with hose clamps and can support up to 50-lb loads. Suitable for interior or exterior use in dry, damp, or wet locations, the box accommodates devices with mounting holes wider than 4.5 in. apart.
Arlington Industries
Circle 254



Cable Support System

The CADDY CAT LINKS cable support system is now available in six colors to more effectively blend into a building’s interior design or to identify various cable runs in applications. The product line offers a bending radius that meets TIA standards for Cat. 6a and accommodates Cat. 7, large-diameter optical fiber, innerduct, and coax cable. In addition, the J-hooks feature a wide base with smooth beveled edges to help reduce friction and offer less vertical compaction of cables.
Circle 255


HoleSaw Kit

The bi-metal Speed Slot hole saw mini kit features a space-saving design that fits into any sized tool bag or bucket. Measuring 10¼ in. × 117/8 in. × 3½ in., the kit holds as many as six hole saws, ranging in size from 7/8 in. to 211/16 in. in diameter. In addition to the hole saws most commonly used by electricians, the kit contains a 2L and a 5L Snap-Back arbor. Other features include a hard-sided case and rugged metal latch.
Circle 256



For use in wet and dry conditions, Heyco-Flex III liquidtight fittings for flexible, nonmetallic liquidtight tubing are available in Straight-Thru and 90° Sweep styles with NPT threaded hubs. Lightweight and designed for quick and easy installation, the fittings provide a permanent assembly between the tubing and fittings — simply put the tubing over the fitting ferrule until the tubing clicks into place. Nontoxic and UV-resistant, the products are rated for NEMA Type 3R applications. In addition, they are rated for NEMA 4 and 4X applications when used with Heyco-Flex III tubing.
Circle 257


LED Lamps

These 13W ProLED PAR30 lamps are 83% more efficient than 75W Halogen PAR30 models over the life of the lamp, according to the company. Producing up to 760 lm, the products offer a 35,000-hr life. A white housing offers enhanced thermal management and blends with luminaire trims. The lamps are UL-rated for damp locations and ICAT-approved with IES LM-79 data available. Color temperatures include 3,000K and 5,000K with flood and narrow flood beam spreads.
Halco Lighting Technologies
Circle 258



USB Combination Charger

The USB Combination Charger charges electronic devices directly from a standard outlet and includes two USB ports capable of supporting most electronic devices that can be charged via a 5V power adapter. Features include an LED indicator light that shows the device is charging and an automatic grounding system that eliminates the need for a bonding jumper in grounded metal enclosures. The product also features built-in wire strippers and backwire clamps on its side terminals.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 259


Band Saws

Designed to deliver two times more durability than similar products, these deep cut band saws feature the company’s Job Site Armor technology, which comprises a composite material and crush zone barriers to absorb impacts. The saws include an all-metal direct drive system that provides maximum tool life and requires less servicing than the chain drive alternative, according to the company. In addition the tools deliver 11A of cutting power and offer the ability to cut up to 5-in. × 5-in. material in one pass while an adjustable shoe allows for less tool rotation when cutting material above 5 in.
Milwaukee Tool
Circle 260



Impact Drivers

DCF895C2, DCF895L2, and DCF895B impact drivers feature cordless brushless motor technology, which the company says provides 57% longer runtime than its brushed impact drivers and 1.5 times more runtime vs. competitors’ impact drivers. The products include a push-button, ¼-in. chuck that accepts 1-in. bit tips and allows users to complete one-handed accessory changes with the push of a button.
Circle 261


Liquidtight Cabling System

The High-/Low Temperature Liquidtight System protects electrical cabling from moisture in temperatures from -60°C to 150°C (-76°F to 302°F). The system combines high-temperature rated thermoplastic liquidtight fittings and ATX flexible metal conduit, which has a thermoplastic rubber jacket. The fittings are available in straight, 45°, and 90° configurations, and feature double-beveled sealing rings that are manufactured of high-temperature rated thermoplastic. The conduit contains no halogens, and the thermoplastic material has a flammability rating of UL 98-HB.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 262

Suspension Hardware

Available in ready-to-use kits, KwikWire products and accessories install 50% faster than jack chain, threaded rod, or hanger straps, according to the company. The product line includes clamps and cut-to-length wire rope assemblies that are suitable for light fixtures, wire basket cable trays, air-handling equipment, HVAC duct supports, sign/banner supports, or bus ducts.  They also feature tool-free height adjustment, come in a variety of MTO configurations, and safely secure loads of 25 lb to 150 lb, depending on the selected product.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 263



Universal dimmers provide control of incandescent, dimmable CFL, and dimmable LED lamps. Available in two styles, the dimmers feature an on/off preset function that preserves the selected dimmer setting, smooth start-up, gentle-touch control, and fluid slide movement for precise dimming. The SureSlide model features clean lines, sculptured controls, and a contemporary rocker switch, while the IllumaTech model includes a traditional push-button switch and slide bar.
Circle 264



THHN Cable

SLiPWire thermoplastic high heat-resistant nylon-coated (THHN) cable features a self-lubricating polymer that now provides an improved, lower coefficient of friction, according to the company. The cable also includes the company’s True Sequential Footage technology, a sequentially printed cable reel that provides accurate wire length with each cut. Additionally, the product features the Max Print identification system to quickly identify the size of the cable.
Cerro Wire
Circle 200



LED Downlights

The Indy Performance Series of LED downlights features a round hyperbolic reflector design that reduces glare for a “silent” ceiling effect, a lumen depreciation indicator (LDI) system that notifies users when the LED light engine should be replaced, and chip-on-board (COB) light engine technology that provides packages ranging from 800 lm to 2,700 lm with efficacies up to 70 lm/W. According to the company, the downlights offer a 50,000-hr life while maintaining 70% of their initial luminance.
Juno Lighting Group
Circle 201


Floor Box

The RFB4E Series of 4-compartment floor boxes is designed for concrete floor applications, including bare concrete and terrazzo. Available for on-grade and above-grade construction, the box is fully adjustable before and after the concrete pour. The box features 26 knockouts on the sides and bottom, ranging in size from ¾ in. to 2 in., while a conduit hub accepts 2-in. conduit to bring more cables into the 4-in.-deep box. Removable dividers and a detachable side plate facilitate pass-through tunneling. The four internal compartments support power, communications, and audio/video applications with generous space (3½ in. behind the device plates) for installing devices and managing cable bend requirements.
Circle 202


Power Distribution System

The Snake Bus pre-wired power distribution system for under access floors now features a current monitoring system to give users real-time data on current loads in either a digital or a color bar display. This current transformer technology allows for circuit telemetry without directly connecting to the feeder circuit. The preconfigured system delivers 50A, 3-phase, 208V providing more than 15kW of power in one easy-to-install track. Installations and retrofits can be performed with the tap offs that deliver power to individual devices anywhere along the track.
Snake Tray
Circle 203


LED OutdoorLuminaire

The Cimarron LED outdoor luminaire features 90 high brightness LEDS at 310W, producing a more than 22,000 lm output. Featuring a solid die-cast housing assembly, the product offers mounting options on straight or upswept arms, a wall mount, a 30° tilt arm for additional forward light throw, and an optional mast arm fitter to easily mount to poles or arms for new or retrofitted existing Cimarron installations. The LED housing features vertical fins along the side walls to dissipate heat and channel rainwater away from the top housing. Other options include a vandal shield, bi-level or continuous dimming, and the latest in wiHUBB wireless controls.
Spaulding Lighting
Circle 204


Fault Locator

The Model CA7027 Fault Mapper Pro features 11 range scales, indicating cable faults and terminations up to 19,000 ft (6,000 m). Able to detect opens, shorts, taps, faulty taps, bridge taps, splitters, high resistance, wet cables, splices, and more, the device identifies impedance mismatches. The product also works with twisted-pair, parallel, and coaxial cable and offers selectable cable impedance (25Ω, 50Ω, 75Ω, 100Ω). Other features include overvoltage protection up to 250V, an adjustable cursor to assist in locating faults and termination, and a built-in tone generator for tracing and locating cables.
Circle 205


Power Transformer Substation

The MGS-150KVA-480-10X100A power transformer substation allows users to tap into 480VAC 3-phase power sources and step this current down to a 120/208VAC output. The unit distributes 120VAC single-phase power through four GFI-protected receptacles and 208VAC via 10 100A ADR1044 outlets. Further protection is provided by 10 100A 3-phase breakers on the 208VAC side and four 20A breakers on the 120VAC side. A 2-in. square steel tube cage equipped with a single centrally located lifting eyelet and rectangular integral skid pockets provides a rugged platform for the transformer and control box assembly, and allows users to easily load, unload, and transport the unit from one location to another using forklifts or cranes.
Larson Electronics
Circle 206


LED High-Bay Lum inaires

The Essentials Bay Series of LED high-bay luminaires includes models that use up to 60% less energy than traditional metal-halide and fluorescent models while delivering similar or greater light output, according to the company. Available in five lightweight models that deliver from approximately 6,000 lm to 36,000 lm and efficacies of 92 lm/W to 103 lm/W, the products are fully controllable and dimmable with the flexibility to interface to most building control systems and third-party control solutions.
Lusio Solid-State Lighting
Circle 207


Cable Insulation

The formulation of Endurance HFDC-4202 EC tree-retardant cross-linked polyethylene (TR-XLPE) for medium-voltage (MV) power cable insulation has been enhanced. According to the company, the new formulation offers expected longer life than existing TR-XLPE products, improved performance in wet UG operations, reduced strip force with the company’s E&T insulation shields, improved manufacturing robustness to ensure improved cable quality, and the ability for continuous operations at 105°C cable rating with the company’s semiconductive shields.
Dow Electrical & Telecommunications
Circle 208


Explosionproof Motors

This line of explosionproof DC motors features NEMA frames 48 and 56 with an output range from 1/8 hp to 1.25 hp, 12V to 180V, and 500 rpm to 4,000 rpm. Suitable for use in hazardous locations, features include sealed ball bearings with high-temperature grease, low-loss steel laminations, NEMA-rated magnet wire, high start-up torque, high efficiency, precision dynamic balancing, and high-temperature polyester varnish impregnated armatures. In addition, the products are easily reversible, UL- and CSA- listed (Class 1, Groups C, D; Class 2, Groups F, G), and are offered with an optional anti rusting zinc coating or private labeling.
Ohio Electric Motors
Circle 209


Beacon Luminaire

The EZ-Light K50 beacon is now available in rotating and strobing models that radiate a bright, attention-getting signal with intense LEDs, making them suitable for areas with high ambient light, including outdoor environments. The beacon’s light is viewable from all directions, and the product offers three functions per model — solid ON, single and double strobe for strobing versions, and solid ON and two rotating speeds for rotating lights. The strobing model also emits light from the top. Featuring a microprocessor-based design, the product offers custom configurations on the strobe rates and rotation speeds. With an IP67- and IP69K-rated thermoplastic housing, all models are suitable for dirty and washdown environments. In addition, the luminaires are available in 12VDC to 30VDC operation, as well as cabled or quick-disconnect models.
Banner Engineering
Circle 210


Safety Products

This new line of safety products includes three styles of Class 2 Hi-Vis vests as well as eight styles of indoor and outdoor ANSI-compliant eyewear. The product line also features three styles of top quality, high dexterity gloves to prevent injury, protect the hands, improve comfort, and reduce fatigue.
Circle 211


Loop-Powered Indicator

The MLX loop-powered indicator operates from a 4 mA to 20 mA DC input. The indicator incorporates the LCD from the company’s EJX pressure transmitter into a NEMA 4X aluminum housing and meets Factory Mutual (FM) explosionproof requirements. In addition, the device contains a 6-digit numerical display with a range of ± 999999, a 6-digit alphanumeric display for engineering units, and a 20-segment bar graph indicating 0% to 100% of full scale. Additional highlights include the ability to extract the square root from the 4 mA to20 mA signal sent by the differential flow/pressure transmitter displaying the actual flow reading.
Circle 212


Molded-Case Circuit Breakers

The Formula UL family of molded-case circuit breakers is designed for applications up to 240VAC. Available in A1 and A2 that reach to 100A and 250A, respectively, each model is available in 1-pole, 2-pole, and 3-pole varieties in a fixed version with front terminals standard. With a depth of just 2.36 in., the circuit breakers complement the company’s Tmax line for higher voltages (up to 3,000A and 600V AC/DC).
Circle 213


UPS Battery Packs

The SSG Series and SSG-RP Series of uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) now feature a ruggedized wide temperature (-30°C to 63°C) extended runtime battery bank option. The batteries provide long back-up runtimes for protecting connected computers and instrumentation operating in harsh environments. According to the company, the battery pack gives users more than 10 times the battery runtime compared to the company’s standard 2U extended battery pack option. Features include eight deep cycle, valve-regulated lead-acid, maintenance-free 40Ah batteries and two internal 1A chargers. The batteries and chargers are housed in a sleek rack mount enclosure that takes only 5U
(8.75 in.) of vertical rack space.
Falcon Electric
Circle 214



The Lithonia Lighting VT Series of LED indoor luminaires now features a 100+ lm/W model. In addition to the new model, additional optional features are available for VT Series, such as 2.5 McAdams ellipses to assure no visible color variation between fixtures; L80 performance for up to 50,000 hr; an expanded range of lumen packages for 2-ft × 4-ft configurations (2,600 lm, 4000 lm, 4800 lm, and 7200 lm); and a wider range of color temperatures, including 3,500K, 4,000K, and 5,000K options. Other options include emergency lighting battery packs featuring 1,400 lm installed for egress lighting and bi-level dimming for renovation of existing fluorescent applications with two ballasts and two circuits.
Acuity Brands
Circle 215



Wireless Occupancy Sensor

The RHB 300 wireless occupancy sensor mounts directly to a high-bay luminaire. Using passive infrared technology to sense occupancy, the product features three highly sensitive pyroelectric sensors to provide uninterrupted 360° coverage. According to the company, the sensor is engineered to perform at mounting heights as high as 45 ft.
Steinel America
Circle 216




Outdoor LED Luminaires

GranVille II LED luminaires offer classic or premier prismatic borosilicate glass optics to facilitate use of new or installed pieces. The luminaires can be ordered with asymmetric or symmetric distributions and feature a cast-aluminum housing available in multiple styles, including two utility series and four standard housings. Offered with traditional GranVille trim options, the products mount to industry-standard pole tenons and existing locations.
Circle 217




The Quick Change screwdriver features the company’s Sure-Loc Quick Change chuck that eliminates magnetic debris pick-up and dropped bits. Users can mechanically snap into place insert and power type bits without magnetics or needing to pull back its collar. To release a bit, simply pull back the knurled collar. When empty, the socket can be used as a ¼-in. nutdriver. The E-Z Spin high-torque cap rotates smoothly for precise turning and control, and features a flip cap to enable fast access to the built-in bit storage cavity that holds up to five extra insert bits.
Ideal Industries
Circle 218


LED Troffer

Designed for new and retrofit applications, the RETROtrac troffer is LM79, ETL-, and UL-rated. The 420 and 600 models use 32W to 58W and reach 3,800 lm to 5887 lm per fixture running at 120V or 277V, respectively. Additionally, the troffer employs a cluster LED sub-circuit that protects the luminaire in case of a single LED failure.
Circle 219



LED Luminaire

The redesigned Areamaster LED luminaire offers a life of more than 60,000 hr, according to the company. Featuring the corrosion-resistant protection of the original Areamaster at half its weight, the luminaire is suitable for adverse and hazardous locations (Class I Div. 2). Furthermore, the product features a universal design for flood or high-bay mounting, is rated at 127W, and delivers 13,000+ lm of cool white light in a 131° (horizontal) × 134° (vertical) beam spread.
Appleton Electric
Circle 220


Diesel Gen-Set

The 20-cylinder C175-20 diesel gen-set produces up to 4 MW of power. Built with the same core engine parts as the C175-16, a single 4 MW C175-20 represents a 55% reduction in footprint when compared with two 2 MW 3516B gen-sets and a 28% reduction when compared with a 4MW 3612 model. Certified to EPA Stationary Emergency Tier 2 emissions limits, the product is biodiesel compatible, and low fuel consumption versions are available. According to the company, the oil change interval is 600 hr, and the first major overhaul will be at 22,000 hr for the 60-Hz units and at 27,000 hr for the 50-Hz units.
Circle 221



The company has added 98 new ratings to its Baldor•Reliance Super-E motors with Internal AEGIS Bearing Protection Ring line. Designed to provide end-users with off-the-shelf availability of motors equipped with a pre-installed shaft ground, the additional ratings expand the existing 4-pole line of TEFC and ODP designs through 100 hp and adds a variety of 2- and 6-pole model, as well. Additionally, 575V TEFC motors were added,
1 hp to 50 hp, along with TEFC and ODP close-coupled pump motors.
Circle 222

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