New Products, February 2011

New Products, February 2011

The G-Series is a flywheel-based CleanSource UPS designed for power applications ranging from 300kVA to 600kVA


The G-Series is a flywheel-based CleanSource UPS designed for power applications ranging from 300kVA to 600kVA. Offered in 480V (300kVA and 600kVA) and 400V (250kVA and 500kVA) power configurations with N+1 capability, the UPS features a full-color touch-screen display and internal maintenance bypass.
Active Power
Circle 150

Monitoring instruments

Two communications options have been added to the Encore Series of power quality, demand, and energy monitoring systems. The first is the IEC 61850 communications option that will be bundled, when specified, into Dranetz 61000 Series instruments, allowing interoperability to be achieved between Dranetz and third-party devices in utility substation environments operating under the IEC 61850 automation, communications, and integration protocol. The second option is the EssOpc Module, an OPC Gateway for the company’s Encore Series software. OPC establishes a common interface for third-party devices to allow access by other systems, including building management and SCADA.
Circle 151

EMI filters

These EMI filters with optional surge suppression can be mounted with ¼-in. quick-connect terminals, allowing them to be mounted wherever needed (including directly in front of components generating excessive interference). Featuring fully encapsulated construction that complies with EN 133200 and UL 1283, the filter’s UL94 VO plastic enclosure increases protection against electrical shock. RoHS-compliant, the product is available in three line voltages: 100V to 120V, 200V to 240V, or 100V to 277V. Standard models incorporate
5 mH common-mode inductors suitable for up to 6A service. Available options include bypass capacitors for increased differential mode noise rejection and MOVs to protect against line transients.
Foster Transformer
Circle 152

Surge protection device

The Liebert SH Hybrid Series surge protective device (SPD) integrates the fast response time of the silicone avalanche diode with the high-energy capability of the standard Liebert SI Series (Interceptor) metal-oxide varistor. The SPD offers component-level monitoring, including neutral-to-ground, and delivers a sand-packed silver fuse network UL-rating at 200kAIC. All surge suppression components are computer tested and matched.
Emerson Network Power
Circle 153


The AutoTransLineator autotransformer with built-in harmonic filter offers multipulse performance for 6-pulse variable-speed drives (VFDs) on low-voltage applications where the VFD voltage rating is different than the service voltage, addressing the need for either step-down or step-up line voltage transformation. According to the company, the product treats all major harmonics generated by VFDs and other 3-phase, 6-pulse rectifier loads; meets IEEE Std 519; can be easily applied to a single or group of VFDs; and has a power factor of 0.98 lagging to 0.95, and an input current demand distortion of less than 5% on systems that have an lsc/IL ratio of less than 20.
Mirus International
Circle 154

Preassembled rail

This preassembled rail features components typically used in wireless remote monitoring and control applications, especially in the oil and gas, water/wastewater, and electric utility industries. Components include two input terminal blocks (one in green and one in gray for easy VIN identification), 3A TMC thermal-magnetic circuit breaker, 1.3A MINI power supply, 120V Type 3 surge protection, and end caps for component stability on the rail. Components are mounted (but not wired) on a 13.1-in. DIN rail. The extended rail length accommodates the company’s I/O, data, or one-way radio systems.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 155

Transition fitting

Suitable for new construction and retrofits, the Mighty-Merge 4157-DC transition fitting transitions 14/2 to 10/3 AC/MC cables to EMT conduit without damaging conductor insulation. The fitting enables users to remove the desired length of armor that will allow for the exposed conductors to reach the device box or enclosure. The required inspection holes provide for a positive visual end stop for armor and recommended anti-short bushings. Users then tighten screws for cable between armor convolutions and for ¾-in. EMT.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 250

Boom lift

The T26E (formerly the E26MJ) boom lift includes a vertical telescopic mast with a jib that enables users to reach above and around obstacles. Featuring an enhanced direct electric drive, the boom lift offers a longer battery life with more duty cycles. The product also features an AC motor with quieter operation, a platform capacity of 500 lb, a width of 39 in., and platform height of 26 ft. According to the company, it is large enough to hold two users and their supplies.
Circle 251

PV fuses

The Helio Protection line of UL 2579-listed dedicated photovoltaic (PV) fuses includes models HP6M, HP10M, and HP6J. Designed to provide overcurrent protection at the combiner box and inverter levels, the fuses cover applications ranging from 1A to 400A, 600VDC, and 1,000VDC. In addition, the products are suitable for continuous temperature and current cycling withstand. Low minimum breaking capacity capabilities of 1.35 times the fuse-rated current value allow for safe circuit interruption under typical low-fault current conditions produced by PV arrays.
Circle 252

Fire-stop insulation

SafingPaks are precut pieces of the company’s UL and Intertek (OPL) listed/tested Safing fire-stop insulation for use in floor/ceiling and wall penetrations, construction joints, and other firestopping applications. The products are packaged in a bag that features a resealable opening and an easy-grip handle.
Circle 253


DCP clear plastic covers keep pre-installed devices safe from drywall finishing yet still allow complete visibility for inspections. Available in 14 sizes for installed devices and for empty boxes with mud rings in one- to four-gang openings, the products are easy to remove, according to the company.
Circle 254

Storage products

The company’s job-site storage products are now manufactured using a new powder paint process that provides advantages over its previous liquid enamel paint. According to the company, the paint offers five times greater corrosion resistance, two-and-a-half times greater abrasion resistance, two times enhanced scratch resistance, and 4 times improved paint film thickness.
Circle 255

Flat bits

This next generation of Speedbor wood drilling flat bits feature a 40% thicker cutting edge and 25% larger shank. According to the company, the Blue-Groove point and cutting edge provides fast chip removal and quickly cuts through wood. Double cutting spurs scribe the outside of the hole, reducing breakout and ensuring clean, true holes. In addition, the bits have a ¼-in. quick-change shank that is compatible with all standard drills and ¼-in. chucks, including impact drills.
Irwin Tools
Circle 256

LED luminaire

The GR-52 LED garage luminaire maintains more than 70% of its lumens up to 82,000 hr, according to the company. Featuring optics that provide an accurate V-type square lighting pattern, the luminaire is available in either a 60W model or a 63W model, each with color-rendering index (CRI) of 74 and a lumen-per-watt ratio of 87. In addition, the unit does not become warmer than 60°C.
Philips Sportlite
Circle 257

Circuit wire

This THHN striped circuit wire helps users meet the requirements of Sec. 210.4(B) of the 2008 NEC. Offered in 500-ft spools and 2,500-ft reels, the wire is available in white with a variety of colored stripes, and green with yellow stripes. In addition, it is offered in 14 AWG, 12 AWG, 10 AWG, and 8 AWG sizes.
Cerro Wire
Circle 258

Connector containers

Jugo-Nuts is a portable container that holds job-site quantities of the company’s Wall-Nuts (quantities include 650 2-wire, 400 4-wire, 250 6-wire, and 2- to 3-wire 10 AWG), Lever-Nuts (quantities include 350 2-wire, 250 3-wire, and 150 5-wire), or Lumi-Nuts (quantities include 350 2-wire, 250 3-wire, and 150 5-wire) connectors. Measuring 45/8 in.×45/8 in.× 6¾ in. high, the containers are positioned between smaller contractor boxes and bulk carton quantities. They also feature a screw-top lid.
Circle 259


The Diva/C•L and Credenza/C•L dimmers are UL- listed to work with a broad range of dimmable CFL bulbs and LEDs, as well as with halogen and incandescent lamps. Featuring the company’s HED technology, which includes advanced dimming circuitry designed for compatibility with most high efficacy lamps, both products address issues such as flickering, drop out, and pop on.
Lutron Electronics
Circle 200


The MTX mobile multimeter offers a resolution of 100,000 counts, 0.02% basic accuracy, and up to a 200kHz bandwidth, according to the company. Featuring a multi-position screen and pushbutton function selection, the device is suitable for bench-top and handheld use. Other features include rechargeable batteries, an AC power adapter, a power pack, two 1.5V AAA rechargeable batteries, and PC-compatible analysis software.
Circle 201

LED floodlights

TAG RGB LED floodlights include four levels of color-mixing control. Featuring Color-Tune technology that allows users to control everything directly at the luminaire, the product offers 16 million color possibilities, according to the company. To lock a desired color in place, users simply push the Color-Tune button or continue pushing to cycle through 12 preset color choices around the color wheel, including white.
Philips Wide-Lite
Circle 202

Digital insulation meter

Compact enough to be held in one hand, the 61-797 digital insulation meter enables periodic testing of insulation for signs of deterioration and helps expose short circuits or shorts to grounds. Using test leads, users can quickly determine the integrity of insulation in new and existing wiring by identifying capacitive, absorption and leakage current at multiple test voltages (50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, and 1,000V) and resistance up to 20G-ohms. In addition, the product measures earth-bond resistance, automatically senses and displays AC-DC voltage to 600V, and calculates the polarization index and dielectric absorption ratio.
Ideal Industries
Circle 203

LED adjustable lamp

Compliant with Energy Star commercial and residential standards as well as the State of California high efficiency regulations, the performance of the Eco-Downlight LED adjustable lamp is equal to a 50W lamp using only 16W, according to the company. Featuring an insulated capacitor, galvanized steel airtight housing, and adjustable hanger bars, the product features an LED driver that is 90% efficient, adjustable heat sink made of die-cast aluminum, ELV dimmer, and a 50,000-hr life rating at 70% lumen maintenance. Available colors include warm white or natural white.
Creative Systems Lighting
Circle 204

LED luminaire

The io lili is a 2-ft × 2-ft recessed LED indirect luminaire designed to replace comparable fluorescent alternatives. Featuring an organic reflector design, the luminaire provides soft, glare-free illumination without excessive brightness and produces light levels that are compliant with IES standards, according to the company. In addition, the product produces a bright white color temperature of 3,500K, features a CRI of >80, can be dimmed to 5%, and offers a projected average rated life of 50,000 hr at 70% of lamp lumen output.
Cooper Lighting
Circle 205

Test leads

TL 175 TwistGuard test leads feature a manually adjustable test tip guard for use in changing measurement situations. By twisting the test lead, users can change the exposed probe tip length from ¾ in.
(19 mm) to 4/25 in. (4 mm). Fully extended, the test leads are safety rated for CAT II 1,000V use; when retracted, they are safety rated for CAT III 1,000V and CAT IV 600V. In addition, each product is covered by two layers of silicone insulation: red or black on the outside and white on the inside, giving users a visual warning if the leads become nicked or scuffed.
Circle 206

VFD cable

ServiceDrive Plus Armored ASD/VFD cable with EnviroPlus provides environmentally safe properties using a rugged, flame-retardant, low smoke, lead-free, halogen-free compound. According to the company, the product helps mitigate issues with cross talk, stray currents, premature bearing failure, and motor bearing fluting damage.
Service Wire
Circle 207

Combination starters

Square D combination starters have been upgraded to include longer-lasting LED pilot lights, enhanced door seals, and PowerPact eMCP circuit breakers, which provide higher short circuit current protection. Designed to accommodate standard 9070TF control power transformers, the NEMA size 0-5 combination starters use only five eMCP frames. In addition, eMCP dials can be set to comply with NEC 430.52 requirements, allowing users to handle transient inrush currents without tripping.
Schneider Electric
Circle 208

Fuse blocks

The Powr-Gard LF Series of DIN-releasable, compact, indicating fuse blocks features universal mounting holes for drop-in replacement. The products offer local indication via neon light, providing obvious notification when a fuse is open. In addition, the product may be used with the company’s indicator fuses that show a darkened window when the fuse has opened. According to the company, their compact size reduces space requirements by up to 30%.
Circle 209

LED retrofit kit

The Sylvania D6 area light LED retrofit kit replaces up to 175W HID lamps in street and area luminaires while consuming only 55W of power, according to the company. Designed to deliver white light only where needed, the product features Type III and Type V distributions and a 50,000-hr life. With an outer diameter of 6.5 in., it fits most existing area lighting fixtures and is suitable for most applications up to a 30-ft mounting height.
Osram Sylvania
Circle 210


The GFF Series of luminaires now includes the model GFFW. With capacity for up to six T5 or T8 lamps, the 4-ft luminaire is suitable for high-bay locations. Features include a solid fiberglass reinforced housing, a continuous “poured-in-place” gasket that seals and protects from water ingress, and a tethered gear tray. According to the company, no drilling through the enclosure housing is required for installation and optional mounting brackets easily attach to the enclosure housing. In addition, no tools or fasteners are needed to attach the UV-stabilized acrylic diffuser.
Circle 211

Motor control stations

The Optitrol Series of factory-sealed, explosion- and dust ignition-proof control stations and pilot lights is designed for the remote control of motors in areas where flammable gases are present. The products feature a heavy-duty enclosure to confine electrical arcing, thus preventing ignition of flammable atmospheres. For extreme corrosion resistance, the malleable iron enclosure and its cover feature a triple coat of zinc, chromate, and epoxy powder. Offered in numerous combinations of pushbuttons, pilot lights, and selector switches in either one- or 2-gang box configurations, as well as 3-device and tandem boxes, all products are available in dead end and feed-through ½-in., ¾-in., and 1-in. hubs. Heavy-duty contacts are rated 10A, 600VAC.
Circle 212


The h-style (3-branch) and H-style (4-branch) M16 tees are available in a multitude of configurations, including tees with a male connector on either side of the trunk line, integral connections, or cable drop. The products feature a PUR overmold and PVC flexlife cable jacket. In addition, they are offered in varieties with 2- through 8-pin connectors in nickel-plated brass, stainless steel, or nylon. In addition, the units are rated for up to 600V and 18A.
Circle 213


The DL150 single-channel and DL160 dual-channel true RMS AC voltage and current dataloggers measure and log AC voltage to 600V and current to 200A with sampling rates ranging from 1 per sec to 1 per 24-hr period and recording capacity of 100,000 (DL150) or 256,000 readings (DL160). Readings can be downloaded via USB to a laptop or PC for analysis, trending, or exporting to Excel format using the product’s software application. In addition, a 2-line LCD displays time/date, current measurement, and min/max values. The loggers also can operate in both continuous (overwrite) or stop-when-full recording modes.
Extech Instruments
Circle 214

Circuit breakers

Available in D trip curve option, the UL1077 DIN-rail-mounted miniature circuit breakers product line includes standard UL 1077 supplemental protectors with ratings ranging from 1A to 63A, high current versions for protection up to 125A, and DC-rated styles in one and two pole. The standard NDB2 Series is available in one, two, or three pole — all with a 10kA interrupt capacity. In addition to being 300% tested, they feature a visual color-coded trip indicator, shock-proof screw clamp connections, and are RoHs-compliant. The 18-mm footprint makes them a suitable drop-in replacement for most industry-standard circuit breakers.
Automation Systems Interconnect
Circle 215

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