New Products, July 2011

New Products, July 2011

New Products, July 2011

Truck Boxes

Weather Guard Hi-Side truck boxes now feature a gutter design that channels rain and snow off of it to keep contents dry. Along with a full-weather seal, this gutter design enhances weather resistance, according to the company. In addition, the boxes include a drill-resistant lock core that protects against theft and vandalism. An attachment point has been added to the rear of each box to secure or lock down tools and supplies in the truck bed. Other enhancements include the addition of a top-mounted, removable parts bin, tool-less quick-release doors that open from 90° to 180°, and stainless steel aircraft-type cables.
Circle 250

Cable Slitter

The Adjustable Jacket Slitter is designed for longitudinal, circumferential (ringing), and mid-span slitting of corrugated aluminum or copper shield cables, medium-density polyethylene (MDPE), and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) conduits. The slitter features a precision-ground steel blade that fully retracts as well as adjusted to allow slitting of coverings of up to ¼ in. (6.3 mm) thick. In addition, a cam-adjustable lever allows blade dig-in in mid-span applications. Lever teeth are designed for soft and hard jacket/covering applications.
Circle 251

Multifunction Tester

The Model C.A 6116 multifunction installation tester is an all-in-one tool for electrical installation that complies with international standards, including IEC 60364-6, NF C 15-100, VDE 100, and XP C 16-600. Suitable for all types of neutral systems, the tester features a large backlit graphic display as well as a rotary switch on the front panel that gives access to all the functions. In addition, the device features a range of audible alarms and visual symbols.
Circle 252

Electric Vehicle Chargers

These electric vehicle chargers for residential and light commercial applications are weatherproof rated and compatible with all plug-in electric vehicles. Choices include the Level 1 15A/120V charger, and the Level 2 20A/240V charger. The Level 1 portable charger can be taken on the road for indoor or outdoor use. It plugs into a standard 15A or 20A receptacle and includes built-in ground fault protection. Level 2 chargers are hard-wired to a 20A circuit. They charge vehicles in approximately 3 hr to 6 hr, according to the company. Level 2 chargers also feature built-in ground fault protection.
Legrand/Pass & Seymour
Circle 253

Circuit Load Tester

The CT70 AC circuit load tester instantly analyzes outlet circuit wiring conditions and alerts users to conditions that are potentially hazardous or detrimental to power quality. Conditions analyzed include poor ground impedance, false grounds, missing ground fault protection, low-voltage availability under load, and high ground-to-neutral voltage. The instrument also tests GFCI and EPD circuits. As an AC load tester, the product provides selectable loads of 12A, 15A, and 20A. Loaded and unloaded AC line voltage is measured, as well as voltage drop percentage, line impedance, peak line voltage, and frequency. Outlet tester functions include: GFCI trip time and current measurements; neutral-to-ground voltage testing; hot, neutral, and ground impedance testing; and open or reversed wiring detection.
Extech Instruments
Circle 254

Street Light

Part of the company’s Satellite Series, the SAT-S is a small form-factor LED street and area luminaire. The company says the luminaire offers a 20-yr design life by employing high reliability aerospace and automotive grade components. Available in 24 and 48 LED models and a range of finishes, the product is RoHS-compliant and Dark Sky Association-approved.
LED Roadway Lighting
Circle 255

LED Lamps

Operating in 120VAC dimmable or a voltage input range of 90VAC to 290VAC, this line of Edison medium screw-base and GU24 bi-pin base lamps is available in various PAR20, PAR30, and PAR38 styles. With energy consumption ranging from 7W (PAR20) through 12W (PAR30) and up to 15W (PAR38), the lamps replace incandescent and halogen lamps that consume up to 100W. According to the company, the PAR lamps offer 20% higher efficacy than the previous generation of the company’s PAR lamps. All of the products provide 3,200K warm-white light and feature a CRI of 82. A focused beam of around 45° generates brightness levels ranging from 333 lm to 762 lm.
Circle 256

Fleet Management Products

The Trimfleet fleet management product line includes Vehicle Gateway 850, TrimFleet Mobile, and PDT200 Smart Display. TVG850 is an in-vehicle computing platform that serves as the core of the TrimFleet solution. Features include 3G Wireless WAN, Wi-Fi, Class 1 Bluetooth, a 400 MHz CPU and dedicated processor, and expanded I/O capabilities. The TrimFleet Mobile mobility software platform offers features such as active navigation, free form text messaging, and electronic signature capture. With a 7-in. color touchscreen display, the PDT200 is a fixed-mount in-cab display that leverages TrimFleet Mobile’s functionality.
Circle 257

Transceiver Kit

The ARIA Audio & IR Control CAT5 transceiver kit includes an audio and IR input wall plate and an audio and IR output wall plate. Used together, the kit delivers balanced audio and IR signals over 1,000 ft of Cat. 5 cable, according to the company. Designed to send noise-free audio over cabling that already exists in a home, users can transport audio from any room in the house back to their main entertainment system. An audio device located in an equipment room can also be heard and controlled from the entertainment room. In addition, an IR receiver and flashers can be connected to allow control of the audio device — even behind closed doors.
Channel Vision
Circle 258

EV Charging Station

This indoor residential electric vehicle (EV) charger features ground fault monitoring and protection, automatic recovery and restart functionality, delayed charging option to take advantage of off-peak utility rates, and LED displays to show the charging progress of the vehicle. UL-listed and SAE J1772 compliant, the station also includes a nonmetallic enclosure, indoor wall-mount, and a separate cable holder for flexible cable management and expanded installation options.
Schneider Electric
Circle 259


The 8-XWX Series of outdoor wall-mount linear luminaires ranges from 100W to 350W and meets International Dark-Sky Association requirements with a full 90° cutoff. According to the company, the instant-on T5 and T5HO models feature a 36,000-hr lifespan in 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-lamp configurations, depending on unit length. In addition, the fluorescent luminaires are aimable and operate with 89% light-emitting efficiency. Housings are 13 in. wide and available with fluorescent lamps in 2-ft or 4-ft lengths. The 60,000-hr, 4-LED array model is available in 2 ft lengths. Options for all luminaires include a shunting cap and photocell sensor.
Circle 260

Solar Analyzer

The Solar 600 is an analyzer designed to test, maintain, troubleshoot, and check the efficiency of solar panels. Able to determine the proper inverter size and optimum power output position of panels, as well as identify broken or worn out cells, the analyzer offers an I-V curve test, Pmax search by auto-scan (60V, 12A) voltage at open circuit, and calculation of panel efficiency. Other features include manual single point test and real-time data logging.
Circle 261

Circuit Tracer

The Power Trace Model PTL610 determines which breakers are feeding specific outlets and traces live wiring in floors, ceilings, and walls. According to the company, the tracer uses a combination of frequencies that filter and ignore noise and interference from outside sources to create quick and accurate readings. Rated for up to 600V, the product includes a transmitter, receiver, carrying case, batteries, cords, and connectors.
Circle 262

LED Replacement Lamp

This A19 LED lamp is a true 100W equivalent designed to replace incandescent lamps. Using the company’s “City of Light” technology, the lamp creates a self-cooling environment inside, allowing maximum brightness with fewer LEDs. Dimmable, the product produces 1,700 lm in neutral white. According to the company, all lamp parts and components can be reused, recycled, or reclaimed.
Switch Lighting
Circle 263


LH-CFL1 keyless and LH-CFL2 pull-chain luminaires feature a GU24 base and 13W squat compact fluorescent lamp with a 10,000-hr life, according to the company. UL-listed, Energy Star-qualified, and Title 24-compliant, the product’s lamp base mounts to most 3½-in. and 4-in. ceiling fixture boxes. The products also feature a polycarbonate lens that locks to the base with spring-loaded tabs — no screws required.
Allied Moulded
Circle 264

Pedestal Clamp

Part of the ERITECH line, this universal pedestal clamp allows for field construction of mesh bonding network (MBN) and cable management systems in data centers and computer rooms. In addition to multiple cross-wire bonding connections, each connector will also accommodate additional pigtails that can be used to connect to building steel or equipment. According to the company, the bonding conductor does not have to be bent at each pedestal to conform to the grid pattern. The product also provides an attachment point for the company’s CADDY CAT LINKS J-hooks. It is also UL-listed as a grounding/bonding clamp in addition to a cable support.
Circle 265

Ice-Melt System

UL-listed, the HotEdge Rail ice-melt system incorporates 12W self-regulating ice melt cable with a low-profile metal rail to transfer heat directly to an existing metal drip edge, preventing snowmelt from re-freezing so it can drain away from a structure. In addition, the partial exposure of the ice melt cable in the product is designed to be in full compliance with NEC requirements.
Circle 266

Hole Saw

The redesigned bi-metal Speed Slot hole saw features a staircase slot for easy plug removal. According to the company, the slot is wider than most of its competitors and is placed low on the saw with multiple leverage points to eject the plug with a standard screwdriver. The tool also removes saw dust and chips while cutting to further prevent the plug from getting stuck in the saw. The new design increases the height of the saw by 10% and provides up to twice the life of the previous model. Other features include an enhanced tooth form, thin kerf design, and advanced coating.
Circle 267

Fluorescent Lamps

These 28W and 32W T8 lamps are CEE-qualified. Available in 3,500K and 4,100K color temperatures, the 28W T8 fluorescent lamps can be used on a 32W T8 ballast and have an average rated life of up to 24,000 hr, according to the company. The 32W T8 lamps produce up to 3,300 lm and are available in color temperatures of 3,500K, 4,100K, and 5,000K with an average rated life of up to 24,000 hr.
Circle 268

LED Replacement Lamp

The EnduraLED A21 17W lamp is designed to replace a 75W incandescent lamp while reducing energy consumption by 80% and lasting 25 times longer, according to the company. Using the company’s Luxeon LEDs, the lamp delivers 1,100 lm, a color temperature of 2,700K, a CRI of 80, and a 25,000-hr life, according to the company.
Circle 269

Hole Saw

Compatible with standard battery-powered tools or fixed stationary machines, Tri-Bore hole saws feature oversized carbide teeth for improved speed, cleaner cuts, and minimized vibration. Available in sizes from 1 3/ 8 in. to 6 7/ 8 in. and recessed lighting sizes, the saw includes deeper gullets to eliminate user fatigue resulting from prying out plugs. Additionally, each tool is precision balanced to improve performance and maximize comfort, according to the company.
Ideal Industries
Circle 270

Building Automation Starter

The Energy Management Starter (EMS) incorporates BACnet communications for ease of integration with control systems and utility-grade metering for energy management. The EMS, designed to work with HVAC fans, pumps, and various other equipment, also features an externally accessible keypad and LCD display for ease of use and unnecessary contact with potentially live electrical components.
Cerus Industrial
Circle 200


Featuring a clear cover for visibility, the Thru-View M8 is a UL Type 3R housing designed to protect against damp or wet environments. The housing allows users to plug items into a customized GracePort and close the cover to provide in-use protection against rain or moisture. Certified to UL 508A, the product features: an integral locking mechanism for a tight, secure seal; a tool entry screw closure for security; and a quick-release latch for fast entry.
Grace Engineered Products
Circle 201

Cable Monitor

The PD Cable Monitor uses radio frequency current transformer (RFCT) sensors that plug into the company’s existing UltraTEV Monitor and displays PD activity as picocoulombs. The monitor also functions as an alarm system, automatically alerting users if PD activity reaches critical levels in any cable being monitored. Offered as an add-on module for the UltraTEV Monitor or deployed as part of a field service, it can be installed permanently or for short periods of time.
EA Technology
Circle 202

Power Distribution Substation

The Magnalight MGS-DC-30KVA-480-220-110 heavy-duty power distribution substation converts single-phase or 3-phase 480VAC electrical current to single-phase 120VAC and 240VAC. The substation also provides GFCI and integral breaker protection on both input and output positions. In addition, the product can be used to tap into 480VAC from a variety of sources, including generators and direct electric utility power, which it then steps down to usable voltages.
Larson Electronics
Circle 203


The IRTC50 thermometer/scanner features Star Burst laser targeting, which allows users to designate a set point and determine whether subsequent readings are within or outside selectable ranges from that set point. The laser targeting system also lets users easily determine the area being measured. Suitable for conducting energy audits, the thermometer/scanner can perform a progressive scan over a pre-determined area and check for temperature differentials. Additional features include a gun-style body, a large backlit LCD display, a 9V battery, and a measurement range of -40°C to +428°F.
General Tools & Instruments
Circle 204

LED Luminaires

The QPD parking deck and QAL cooler luminaires incorporate a replaceable and changeable LED cartridge assembly, which allows users to change just the LED cartridge instead of replacing the entire fixture. Offering a range of 60W to 90W, the QPD luminaire is designed to replace 70W to 250W high-bay freezer HID luminaires. The QAL is an LED freezer luminaire with fully integrated controls designed to replace 400W HID-based fixtures. Able to operate at temperatures as low as -20°F, the luminaire’s LED engine features instant re-strike so that occupancy sensors can be used.
Circle 205

Current Relays

Powered by 24VAC/DC or 120VAC power supplies, ASXP relays feature a fixed 2-sec delay upon trip to minimize nuisance alarms during startup and operation and eliminate the need for a separate time delay relay. After startup, a second 0 sec to 15 sec delay can be set. Additional features include 0.5% OEM-caliber accuracy, constant hysteresis, low-frequency capability, a contact rating of 10A @ 240VAC, an adjustable set point from 1A to 50A, a status LED that indicates trip-point status, and a solid-core enclosure.
NK Technologies
Circle 206

Power Cable

Uniblend LF MV-105 medium-voltage cable now features a low-friction PVC jacket. According to the company, the cable offers up to a 45% reduction in coefficient of friction. Available with copper compact Class B stranded conductors and aluminum compact Class B Strandfill blocked conductors, the product features a 5 mil copper tape shield with 25% overlap. In addition, it is compatible with all standard splice and termination kits and can be installed in conduit, open tray, and underground duct applications. Available voltages range from 5kV to 35kV.
General Cable
Circle 207

Outdoor Luminaire

The Focal luminaire features a compact design that provides a wide choice of reflectors, lamps, and accessories. Individual lens accessories can be overlaid, and a unique device allows the luminaire’s lamp position and beam to be easily adjusted onsite while the fixture is in operation. IP66-rated, the body of the luminaire is crafted of die-cast aluminum with partially screen-printed glass sealed onto it. A die-cast aluminum bracket enables the required inclination onsite. Four refracting lenses make it possible to obtain beams with an oblong or a square design. Accessories include colored lenses (red, blue, orange, green, or amber), refracting lenses, louvers, wire guard, glare shield, and a light channel.
Schréder Lighting US
Circle 208

LED Troffers

The CR family of LED troffers includes the CR24, CR14, and CR22 models. Powered by the company’s TrueWhite technology to deliver a 90 CRI and up to 110 lm/W, the troffers feature a thermal management system that enables the LED to consistently run cooler. All models feature step or 0V to 10V dimming and are designed to last at least 50,000 hr, according to the company. Available models include 1 ft × 4 ft, 2 ft × 4 ft, and 2 ft × 2ft.
Circle 209

LED Downlight

The D2LED is a 2-in. downlight that offers up to 900 lm and features beam spread options of 25°, 35°, and 45°. According to the company, the LED downlight features a minimum lifetime of 50,000 hr at 70% lumen maintenance. Suitable for new construction and retrofit applications, the luminaire is entirely serviceable from below the ceiling.
Circle 210


This UL- approved stainless steel conduit offers a safe alternative to PVC-coated products. Corrosion-resistant and 100% recyclable, the conduit requires no special tools for installation, according to the company. In addition, the conduit’s smooth uncoated finish will not flake. The product also meets and exceeds the requirements for wash-down, food safety/potable water safety and meets the specifications for plant cleanliness by HACCP, FDA, various state agencies, and other regulatory requirements.
Circle 211


The Kindorf Trap-Eze connector allows new trapeze sections to be installed directly above (or to the side of) an existing assembly without disturbing the original unit. Used as a system, the connector and the Kindorf Trapnut strut fastener delivers, on average, 43% time savings on retrofit trapeze applications compared to standard trapeze systems using nuts and washers, according to the company. For use with various lengths of strut that can vary by as much as an inch, the product incorporates a visual guide or view window that allows a safety zone for strut length.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 212

Network Tester

The LanXPLORER PRO is an in-line gigabit network tester capable of troubleshooting passive and active LAN connections over copper and fiber. The tester features a Network Discovery/Verify function to identify all active network devices and compare them against previous device lists. The inline test capability monitors the performance of devices such as PCs, and can identify any devices that are consuming bandwidth and resulting in poor network performance.
Ideal Industries
Circle 213

Occupancy Sensors

The Nexion product family includes redesigned wall box occupancy sensors that feature Instinct technology, a decision-making software built into the lighting control unit that makes adjustments in real time to prevent lights from falsely turning on or off. The family also includes passive infrared (PIR) sensors; ultrasonic sensors that emit low-intensity, inaudible sound to detect motion based on changes in sound waves; and dual-technology sensors that combine PIR and ultrasonic technology.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 214


The AM-250 multimeter is safety rated to CAT III 600V and CAT II 1,000V for indoor applications requiring direct connection to the main panel of a building. The multimeter measures voltage, current, resistance, and frequency and also covers HVAC applications with temperature, capacitance, and micro amps functions. Additional features include audible continuity, data hold, relative zero mode, auto and manual ranging, and peak hold.
Circle 215

3-phase PDUs

These 3-phase monitored power distribution units (PDUs) feature an Ethernet interface for remote monitoring and condition reporting of voltage, frequency, and load per phase. A visual current meter locally displays the connected equipment load for selected output phase, which the company says eliminates guesswork when installing new hardware, while a rotatable display shows load bank power consumption in amperes and IP address self-identification.
Tripp Lite
Circle 216

Expansion Modules

Simocode pro Safety expansion modules provide protection, control, and communication with motor circuits and process automation systems and ensure the safe switch off of motors, fans, pumps, compressors, or similar applications. Designed to meet the requirements of IEC 61508/62061 and ISO 13849-1 standards for functional safety up to SIL 3 or PL e, two expansion modules are available that can be connected to the basic Simocode pro V device.
Circle 217
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