New Products, June 2011

The M18 cordless 53/8-in. metal saw features a 4-pole frameless motor that the company says delivers up to 35% more cutting power

Metal saw

The M18 cordless 53/8-in. metal saw features a 4-pole frameless motor that the company says delivers up to 35% more cutting power. Featuring lithium-ion battery technology, the saw delivers a run-time with more than 200 cuts of ¾-in. EMT per charge. The saw also includes an extra-large cut guide, impact-resistant window, and LED light. A tool-free depth adjustment feature adjusts cutting depth from 1/8 in. to 2 in., while a stainless steel shoe reduces chip buildup to prevent surface marring.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 250

Air infiltration boxes

Nonmetallic, nonconductive One-Box fixture and device boxes feature built-in flanges and gaskets that form a protective barrier against air infiltration that meets local code where required. Designed for new construction, the boxes mount to either wood or steel studs with screws that ship captive. In addition, the cULus-listed products are available in round for fixtures, single-, 2-, 3-, and 4-gang devices.
Arlington Industries
Circle 251
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Low-bay luminaire

The Lusio Low Bay Wide commercial and industrial luminaire features a 120° distribution that provides enhanced fixture-to-fixture crossover. According to the company, the efficient optic allows for high vertical footcandles and wider fixture spacing. Mounted at heights of 10 ft to
25 ft, the luminaire is suitable for a variety of applications, such as high ceiling office spaces, laboratories, warehouses, and retail environments.
Lusio Solid-State Lighting
Circle 252

Project management software online project management software is designed for scheduling resources and projects, including teams, facilities, equipment, bookings, and production. The free software provides user-friendly graphical interface and interactive charting for real-time collaboration. Features include multi-user collaboration, ultrafast implementation, drag and drop tasks, and customizable data fields.
Circle 253
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Compact excavator

Featuring a large boom and arm for a wider operating range, the 55SRx compact excavator delivers 11,240 lbf (50.0 kN) of bucket digging force. Rated at 39 hp (29.3kW), with an operating weight of 12,295 lb (5,577 kg) and a dig depth of
12 ft 10 in. (3.9 m), the excavator is suitable for many types of projects. In addition, the product features a cab height of 8 ft 4 in. (2.55 m).
Circle 254

Light tower

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, the EarthSmart H2LT hydrogen fuel cell-powered light tower provides
23,000 lm per lamp. Featuring a color rendering index (CRI) of up to 74, a 5,750K color temperature, and a 50,000-hr lifetime, the digitally controlled light tower measures 33.9 ft and offers rapid re-strike, a 45-sec turn-on time, and wind stability to 65 mph.
Circle 255
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Crimping and cutting tools

Patriot battery-actuated crimping and cutting tools incorporate lithium-ion (Li-ion) technology, enhanced electronics, and refined hydraulic systems. Advantages of the 18V 3.0 Ah Li-ion technology include no memory effects, no self discharge, no conditioning required and a longer battery life with a charge time of 30 min. In addition, the tools feature over-molded handles for comfort and improved grip.
Circle 256
Burndy li-ion Tools.jpg

Commercial truck

The 2012 class 4 Canter FE160 crew cab from Mitsubishi Fuso now features a GVWR of 15,995 lb and a maximum body length of 19 ft Offering an improved fuel economy, the truck includes a 4P10 dual-overhead-cam, dual-balance-shaft, dual-turbocharged, intercooled 4-cylinder diesel engine coupled to the company’s 6-speed Duonic transmission. In addition, dual-caliper, hydraulically actuated disc brakes with vacuum servo assist and ABS are standard at all four wheels. The parking brake is a drum/driveline, internal-expanding-shoe type.
Mitsubishi Fuso
Circle 257
FUSO_canter FE160CrewCab.jpg

Power box and strip

This UL-approved power box is a key component of the company’s ACLinx modular wiring system. The box can supply electricity to most popular manufactured gondola systems with a wide variety of power distribution options. In addition, it features separate channels for low-voltage applications, such as Cat. 5, telephone, and video. The power strip is UL-1363-approved as well as ETL-listed. The 14/3 AWG power supply cord features a molded-on 5-15 NEMA configure grounding-type attachment plug and an AC 125/250V, 15A switch/overcurrent protector.
D&P Custom Lights & Wiring Systems
Circle 258
D&P Power Box.jpg

Solar junction box

Designed for applications that require a diodeless junction box, the PVB 001 can be used with USE-2 and 1,000V photovoltaic (PV) wire, features 2-piece construction for potted applications, and offers a low-profile design that minimizes use of potting material while permitting ample access for electrical connections. Constructed of high-temperature polycarbonate with 5VA and UL F1 ratings to withstand outdoor exposure with superior cold impact performance, the box’s lid snaps on without tools. An optional mounting plate, for use on flexible panel applications, attaches to plate clips on the opposite side of the panel for added security.
Circle 259

Thermal imager

The Heat Spy HSI3000B thermal imaging camera for buildings features a temperature sensitivity of 0.05°C and a screen resolution of 160 pixels × 120 pixels, which the company says is 33% higher than its competitors. Offering a temperature range of -4°F to 257°F and a rechargeable battery life of 6 hr, the imager features an auto on-screen temperature lock to the highest and coolest points in the image being analyzed. The product can also save up to 1,000 digital images on the provided SD card. A report writing software package is included.
Wahl Instruments
Circle 200
HSI300B-for-Building inspections.jpg

Ratchet hand tools

MRE10-22B and MRE10-22NV HYTOOL ergonomic full cycle ratchet tools provide a complete positive crimp each time and reduce operator fatigue during continuous use, according to the company. Designed for use with the company’s insulated and non-insulated small HYDENT terminals
10 AWG to 22 AWG, the MRE10-22B crimps uninsulated (bare) terminals and splices, while the MRE10-22NV crimps nylon and vinyl insulated terminals and splices.
Circle 201
BURNDY MRE ratchet hand tool.jpg


The Eclipse Junior (EJ) Series of enclosures is now available in 316 grade stainless steel material for increased corrosion resistance, making them suitable for installation in aggressive chemical areas. Designed for use as instrument enclosures; electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic control housings; electrical junction boxes; or terminal wiring enclosures, the products are UL 508 Type 3R, 4, 4X, 12, and 13 approved, as well as CSA Type 3R, 4, 4X, 12, and 13 approved. Available sizes range from 6 in. × 4 in. to 16 in. × 14 in. Other features include an inner panel, tapped inner panel mounting studs, and ground studs.
Hammond Mfg.
Circle 202

LED luminaires

The Architectural LED floodlight is designed for small sign, façade, and landscape accent applications. Featuring 5,000K high CRI LEDs, a wide uniform beam, and a weatherproof, compact, low-profile design, the product is UL 1598-listed for use in wet locations. The Compact LED Quarter Sphere is a 13-in. diameter sconce that features 5,000K CRI LEDs, lensed LED optics for wide distribution, and die-cast aluminum construction. Additionally, the UL 1598-listed sconce includes a quick-mount feature that allows easy installation without opening the luminaire.
Hubbell Lighting Outdoor
Circle 203
Hubbell Outdoor_Alf LED.jpg


The Hook infinitely links together without the need for hardware, brackets, or other items. The J-hook can be tiered to prove segregation of services, such as fire, alarm, and video. Measuring 4 in. × 3 in. with a 2-in.-wide cable bearing service, the product features a cable retaining cage for added cable security. It is also suitable for all cable types and innerduct, is fully plenum-rated, and meets all NEC and EIA/TIA requirements for structured cabling systems.
Circle 204
Hook 2.tif

Corrugated tubes

These polyamide corrugated tubes protect cables against impact and abrasion in wind turbine applications. Engineered to promote flexibility and extended fatigue life, the tubes can be paired with straight or 90° tube connectors and seals and O-rings. The RoHS-compliant units are available in 15 different sizes with inner dimensions ranging from 2.8 mm to 47.7 mm. In addition, they can be supplied as standard or with a lateral slit. All versions are flame retardant, according to DIN 75200 and UL, are halogen free, and perform in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 120°C and for short-term applications up to 150°C.
Circle 205

Clamp meter

The ACD-23SW swivel clamp meter features a 180° rotating head that facilitates viewing of measurements in tight or
hard-to-reach places. Featuring a CAT III 600V safety rating, product highlights include TRMS measurement, VoltTect non-contact voltage detection, and a slim jaw design with one-handed operation. In addition, the meter offers auto power off and data hold capabilities, and accommodates conductors up to 1.18 in. in diameter.
Circle 206

Circuit breakers

Rated for voltages up to 600VDC, this line of direct current (DC) molded-case circuit breakers is designed for data center, photovoltaic, and electric vehicle applications. The circuit breakers are UL-listed and exceed the requirements in UL 489 Supplement for UPS applications. Marked for use in ungrounded and select-grounded applications, the products offer current ratings from 15A to 2,500A and a full-scale of voltage interrupting capability.
Circle 207

Outlet box

The GRUSE100 1-in. pump jack fitting is UL-listed and CSA-certified for hazardous locations. The explosionproof box enables the safe connection of conduit lengths via its three 1-in. unions, while a 29-cu-in. interior facilitates pulling of wire and fast access for maintenance. The cover and body of the product are made from copper-free aluminum with an epoxy powder-coat finish for corrosion resistance. The cover is externally threaded and supplied with a neoprene O-ring gasket, while the box is supplied with a ground screw.
Circle 208

Data center system

The Trellis data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platform bridges the gap between a data center’s IT equipment and facilities infrastructure. The platform comprises a family of hardware, software, and services that manage the dynamic nature and requirements of the infrastructure. According to the company, the product will increase capacity use by providing visibility into and control over integration and collaboration between the physical and IT infrastructure layers. It also brings together the functionalities of the company’s existing Aperture, Avocent, and Liebert DCIM Solutions and enhances them by creating one solution that draws information into one source.
Emerson Network Power
Circle 209
No photo

Fusible switches

The Gladiator line of compact fusible switches includes single-pole, two-pole, and triple-pole AC devices available in Class CC and Midget fuse models. Single-phase DC devices are also available. The 35-mm DIN-rail mountable switches’ compact size takes up one-third the space of a molded circuit breaker and two-thirds the space of traditional fusible switches, according to the company. Features include a voltage rating of up to 600VAC (80VDC), lockout/tagout capability, finger-safe construction, and open fuse indication.
Circle 210

Tray cables

FR-XLP/CPE tray cable features a CPE jacketing compound that limits the ignition and propagation of fire. Used as a 600V multiconductor control cable where flame- and moisture-/chemical-resistance are critical, the product is approved for wet or dry locations as well as Class 1 Division II industrial hazardous locations.
Service Wire
Circle 211
LEE_7195a_Tray Cable.jpg

Power analyzer

The WM40-96 smart modular power analyzer measures electrical variables, such as current, voltage, power, energy, and harmonics, in applications where parameters analysis, control, data stamping, and retransmission must be very accurate. Featuring a compact design, the analyzer includes an advanced keypad and display that includes five rows of measurements and bar-graph power demand indicator. A front optical communication port is also available. Optional hardware expansion modules include: serial, Ethernet, and BACNet communication with or without onboard storage for data logging; digital inputs; static; relay; and analog outputs. In addition, the product is capable of temperature and process signal measurements.
Carlo Gavazzi
Circle 212
WM40 with color background.jpg

Grounding connectors/couplers

Mighty-Bond enclosure grounding connectors and couplings are constructed with precision-machined brass bodies, steel locknuts, and stainless steel screws. The MC Series connectors and MCC Series couplings are used to bond a grounding electrode conductor to an enclosure or raceway. Both ½-in. and ¾-in. trade sizes perform in accordance with NEC article 250.8 and are cULus-listed for grounding per UL467. In addition, the units are tamper-resistant when the termination screws are mounted inside the box.
Circle 213
Bridgeport Mighty Bond.jpg

Washdown motors

Suitable for applications requiring high-pressure cleaning with caustic solutions, this family of washdown motors includes AC, DC, JM pump, inverter duty, vector duty, SmartMotors, and AC servo versions in a choice of finishes. Super-E premium efficient designs are available in every configuration for users desiring energy efficiency. Paint-free and stainless models feature non-contact rotating labyrinth seals (on both ends of TEFC designs) to help prevent moisture intrusion and corrosion. In addition, they include an additional varnish coating on the motor windings for added moisture resistance, and a stainless screw-in type drain plugs in four locations on each end.
Circle 214
WD small_group.jpg

Firestop grommet

The RFG2 grommet offers double the capacity of the original RFG1. Designed to seal low-voltage cables with max
0.53-in. OD, the grommet is an alternative to firestop caulk, putty, or sleeves for cable penetrations in fire-rated walls. Suitable for running two typical Cat. 6 cables, single RG-59/18-2 Siamese cables for CCTV security camera video signals, or 12-2 non-metallic sheathed cables for commercial electrical applications, the product features a split design that can be used with new or previously installed cables. In addition, the product is molded from a plenum-grade polymer and features a built-in fire and smoke-sealing foam inner core that conforms to the cables for a tight seal.
Specified Technologies
Circle 215
STI RFGS Firestop Grommet.jpg

Overfloor raceway

Designed for relocatable or permanent installations where access through floors and ceilings is not an option, the OFR Series overfloor raceway system provides four channels of capacity and access to a variety of power, communications, and A/V connectivity. According to the company, the raceway system attaches directly to a floor covering, including carpet, tile, and wood, and users do not have to remove or cut into existing floor coverings. In addition, the product features a textured black powder-coat finish that resists scuffing and scratches and is paintable.
Circle 216
Wiremold OFR.jpg

Fluorescent luminaires

Transition fluorescent luminaires feature gull-wing curves with soft, matte white reflectors to provide uniform illumination. Designed with precision optics and a custom-engineered polyester coating, the luminaires’ configurations achieve performance with efficiencies from 90% to 100%, according to the company. Offered with three lamp sizes and available in five configurations, the product’s completely recessed housing provides an unobstructed ceiling line at mounting heights as low as 8 ft. They also feature an optional clear acrylic dust guard that pivots to close off the lamp compartment.
Columbia Lighting
Circle 217

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