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New Products: LEDs, Fuse Kit, Cord Grips & More

New Products: LEDs, Fuse Kit, Cord Grips & More

The latest offerings from the manufacturing sector

LED Striplight Luminaire

The Z Series LED striplight luminaire is designed for retrofit and new construction applications, including uplight and downlight. Available in T5 and T8 lengths, the luminaires can be surface-mounted or suspended with chain, aircraft cable, or stem. Offered in white, galvanized, matte black, and smoke gray finishes, the products are certified for use in dry and damp locations ranging from -4°F (-20°C) to 86°F (30°C). In addition, the luminaires feature 0V to 10V dimming to 10%.
Lithonia Lighting
Circle 250

Disconnect Fuse Kit

The SLK disconnect fuse kit is a waterproof breakaway safety device that de-energizes roadway lights, streetlights, parking lot lights, and electrical vehicle charging stations in the event of a knockdown. Because the fuse stays on the de-energized load side when separated, the device helps protect service personnel performing maintenance as well as those nearby from shock. The product is manufactured from a bright orange material that is UL 94V-2 flame rated, features ribs on the boots for an enhanced grip, and includes large, easy-to-read markings. In addition, the kits are offered in a variety of configurations; accept
2 AWG to 14 AWG wire; and are rated 30A, 600V, 105°C.
Ideal Industries
Circle 251

Fluorescent Floodlight

The LE981 65W industrial fluorescent floodlight features a redesigned yellow housing with a smaller form factor. Measuring 13 in. high ×
13.7 in. wide × 5.7 in. deep, the floodlight weighs 9 lb and offers 4,800 lm of light output. Other features include aluminum construction and a tempered glass lens. In addition, the product is Energy Star and cULus certified.
Lind Equipment
Circle 252

Work Boots

Brek work boots include the company’s DuraShocks technology, which features individual compression pads in the heel and forefoot to absorb shock and return energy, as well as a lightweight dual-density insole to absorb additional force and provide extra cushion. Goodyear Welt construction offers enhanced durability, while a waterproof leather upper and wave mesh lining helps keep feet dry. Available in 6-in., 8-in., and Wellington styles (brown) with an optional steel toe, the boots also feature a slip-resistant rubber lug outsole.
Circle 253

Toggle Dimmer

The Toggle dimmer allows users to preset lighting levels with a control wheel that permits precise management of light levels. If lights are switched off using the toggle, or if a power failure occurs, they automatically return to the pre-set level when lights come back on. Suitable for new or retrofit applications, the dimmer comes in white, ivory, light almond, black, and brown colors. According to the company, the product can reduce energy consumption by 30% or more.
Legrand/Pass & Seymour
Circle 254

T5 Retrofit Kit

The Express T5 retrofit kit converts T8 and T12 electronic ballast fixtures into T5 fixtures with improved starter systems, which the company says will save up to 60% in lighting energy, 10% on A/C energy, and extend the life of the lamp up to 75%. Suitable for residential and commercial applications, the product offers a 20,000-hr to 30,000-hr life, according to the company. In addition, it installs with a simple snap and features an adapter made of PCB-free, UL-approved plastic.
Circle 255

Wall Switch Sensor

The SensorSwitch WSD NGX wall switch sensor can use either the neutral conductor required by the 2011 NEC for new construction projects, or it can use the ground connection. A user-programmable time delay ensures that once the room is vacated, the sensor will time out and turn off the lights. Additionally, the product features several ON modes and switch modes that can be programmed using the front push-button.
Acuity Brands
Circle 256

LED Wall Pack

Trapezoid (TRPC) and Radius (RDIC) models have been added to the company’s Architectural Sconce Geometric Series. The sconces feature 13 LEDs in a wet-listed, die-cast aluminum housing that draw 23W to deliver 1184 lm at 5,000K. Each sconce includes lensed optics for a wide distribution with no uplight, offering a full cutoff solution for entry and perimeter illumination. Constructed with a quick mount adapter to facilitate simple installation, the products are designed for mounting heights of 8 ft to 12 ft.
Hubbell Outdoor Lighting
Circle 257

LED Floodlight

TheHSLED13 is 13W LED floodlight with a spot focus suitable for illuminating architectural elements up to 50 ft high. Featuring a narrow beam spread, the floodlight offers a 50,000-hr life, according to the company. Other features include a die-cast aluminum housing, hood, and mounting arm; chip- and fade-resistant polyester powder-coat finish; and a minimum starting temperature of -40°C. Available in bronze, black, white, and verde green, the unit is UL-listed for wet locations.
RAB Lighting
Circle 258

LED Downlights

The LED Diamond Series now includes 5-in. and 6-in. (15W) retrofit downlights that offer 1,000 lm for illumination in buildings with 10 ft or higher ceilings. According to the company, the downlights deliver up to a 50,000 hr life, can be used in housings with medium-base and GU-24 sockets, and are hardwired adaptable and dimmable to 5%. In addition, the products are cULus-rated for existing IC and non-IC housings, and are wet location listed.
Nora Lighting
Circle 259

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Combination Luminaire

The EECLA-R luminaire features an exit sign with two adjustable emergency lights that can be positioned at the top of the sign or realigned to either side. Constructed from impact-resistant thermoplastic, the luminaire includes two 5.4W DC 5 wedge-based incandescent lamps in the emergency light and a 1W LED lamp in the exit sign. Glare-free emergency lighting heads are fully adjustable and include a test switch, status indicator, and rechargeable battery. A remote capable option yields 12W of extra capacity. The exit sign is available in red or green and features a universal single faceplate, an extra faceplate for sites where a rear view is needed, and chevron directional indicator knockouts. Orbit Industries
Circle 200

Floor Marking Kit

This electrical panel floor marking kit comes with pre-cut strips of the company’s Superior Mark floor tape, which features beveled edges, offers a recessed adhesive, and is designed to withstand harsh environments. According to the company, the product can be installed in minutes by cleaning the floor with alcohol, and then peeling and sticking down three pre-cut pieces of tape. The kit includes one 24-in. strip of tape and two 36-in.-long pieces of tape with puzzle cut edges that fit together to form a three-sided box.
InSite Solutions
Circle 201

LED Luminaire

The Continuum luminaire features an 8W LED that produces up to 375 lm/ft and offers a lifespan of 60,000 hr, according to the company. With a CRI of 88, the luminaire includes white, neutral white, and cool white color temperature options. In addition, the product features a heavy-gauge T-6 aluminum casing that is compatible with T-bar and drywall ceilings. Trim options include open, louver with 70° light cutoff, frost acrylic lens, and 30° wall wash. Pull-down, integral, and remote gear boxes are also available.
Dalume Lighting
Circle 202

Cord Grips

Heyco-Tite hybrid cord grips with PG or metric hubs are for use in clearance or threaded holes. Featuring a nylon finger design, the cord grips are available in multiple sizes for flexible cord diameters ranging from 0.04 in. (1.0 mm) to
2.17 in. (55.0 mm). Moveable articulated fingers provide large clamping and sealing areas. Upon tightening the compression nut of the cord grip, the segmented finger design compresses around the gland and wire to provide a torsion-proof seal. In addition, the products are IP68-rated while their nickel-plated finish over brass provides enhanced corrosion resistance and durability.
Circle 203

LED Floodlight

GL-FL12 (13W), GL-FL30 (27W), and GL-FL120 (110W) LED floodlights incorporate Philips Lumileds LED chips. Equivalent to 50W, 75W, and 300W mercury lamps, the floodlights are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. According to the company, the products offer a 30,000+-hr life, a color temperature of 6,000K, a CRI of 70, and are UV-, IR-, and mercury-free.
Circle 204

Power Measurement Module

The 750-493 3-phase power measurement module (3PMM) now carries UL 508. The drop-in module eliminates stand-alone monitoring components, supplying UL 508A industrial control panels with energy consumption and machine health data. According to the company, the fieldbus-independent device also simplifies data integration into Ethernet-based energy optimization plans via FTP technology.
Circle 205

LED Downlight

The OL2 Series 2 ft × 2 ft LED flat panel downlight is designed to replace 2 ft × 2 ft fluorescent lay-in troffers used in recessed ceilings. The UL-certified downlight features 100 LEDs spaced along two sides of the light guide for optimal light dispersion. Available color temperatures include 3,000K, 4,000K, 5,000K, and 6,000K, and brightness ranges from 2,050 lm to 2,840 lm. Additional features include a CRI of >75%, 45W power consumption, and a 30,000-hr life, according to the company.
Global Lighting Technologies
Circle 206

Emergency Inverter

The LiteGear LG2SI inverter with Spectron self-testing and self-diagnostic functionality performs a 1-min. test every 28 days and alternates a 30-min. and 60-min. test every 6 mos. In addition, a user-activated 1-min. or 90-min. test function visually indicates issues that would impede code compliance. The inverter also includes a load-learning capability that helps ensure every test of the emergency lighting load is constant. Featuring a 100VA/W to 250VA/W rating pack, the product provides full light output for 90 min., automatically transfers power in 2 sec or less; can handle loads up to 1,000 ft away; and operates with normally on, normally off, and switched loads.
Circle 207

Floor Box

The Wiremold Evolution Series floor box can be installed in raised, carpet-covered concrete, terrazzo, polished concrete, and wood floors without additional parts or accessories. Available in 6-, 8-, and 10-gang configurations for standard, on-grade, and fire-classified applications, the modules that support industry-standard single-, double-, and triple-gang device plates can be detached and removed through the top or back of the box. Knockout sizes range from ¾ in. to 2 in.
Circle 208

Cable Management System

The RCM+ rack cable management system now features a stronger locking latch system that allows the door to be opened from either side or completely removed and reinstalled. The latching system is included on all vertical RCM+ systems and uses a quarter turn locking mechanism for enhanced strength and efficiency. Other features of the cable management system include ¼-in. accessory mounting holes spaced every half-RMU along the entire height of the unit, optional 2-piece doors, and snap-on gates that retain cables when the doors are opened or removed.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 209

Power Supplies

IP67 intelligent power supplies with Heartbeat technology offer reliable feedback on the real-time and long-term status of the supply unit. The technology can predict the replacement and maintenance cycle of the supply, according to the company. Featuring >93% efficiency, the product can be mounted directly on the side of a conveyor instead of inside the control cabinet. In addition, the company says the power supplies have a minimum service life of 15 yr and offer a power boost of 150% for 4 sec.
Circle 210

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Cord Reels

These tri-tap cord reels supply enough power for up to three electrical implements. Based on the company’s current L4000 Series reel platform, models are available in 16/3 or 12/3 cord and either standard triple tap or GFCI-protected triple tap.
Circle 211

LED Streetlights

SmartSite LED streetlights feature a bidirectional mesh network control system to manage lighting, audio, video, and energy usage throughout urban, suburban, and college environments. Operating without cable installation, underground trenching, or wire maintenance to set-up the control of the outdoor lighting, sound, and video, the luminaires can be equipped with cameras and sensors. In addition, the streetlight processors communicate with each other as well as store and analyze data, including soundtracks, announcements, commercials, and video files.
Circle 212

Outdoor LEDLuminaires

The Piano family of outdoor luminaires features a die-cast aluminum housing designed to optimize cooling of the LEDs and electronic driver. The luminaires’ optical system is sealed with an IP66-rated compartment. According to the company, the products’ Thermix thermal management design maintains 70% of the initial luminous flux for a minimum of 100,000 hr. Standard colors include black, white, gray, bronze, and aluminum with more colors available upon request.
Schréder Lighting US
Circle 213

LED High-Bay Luminaire

The Lithonia Lighting Proteon LED high-bay luminaire can replace high-intensity discharge (HID), fluorescent, and induction high-bay luminaires. Designed for indoor spaces with mounting heights ranging from 15 ft to 40 ft and ambient temperatures between -4°F (-20°C) and 131°F (55°C), the product features focus, narrow, wide, and spread distributions. In addition, it meets horizontal and vertical light level requirements as determined by the Illuminating Engineering Society. The product comes standard with a semi-diffuse lens to reduce glare. For additional glare control, a highly diffuse lens is available.
Acuity Brands
Circle 214

Infrared Thermometers

The 62 Max and 62 Max+ infrared thermometers are designed to withstand
9.8-ft (3-m) drops to wood floors, according to the company. Featuring a multi-angle backlit display, the digital thermometers are IP54-rated to withstand rain, splashing liquids, dust, and dirt. The
62 Max has a distance-to-spot ratio of 10-to-1 and measures temperatures from 30°C to 500°C with an accuracy ± 1.5% of the reading. The 62 MAX+ features dual, rotating lasers; offers a distance-to-spot ration of 12-to-1; and measures 30°C to 650°C with an accuracy ± 1.0% of the reading. Both units operate on a single AA battery.
Circle 215

Ladder Rack Enclosure

Part of the Skinny-Trunk product line, the Ladder Rack Enclosure is a multimedia patch panel that mounts directly to an overhead conveyance. Designed to hold fiber and copper, the enclosure, when fully populated, can hold up to 192 LC duplex ports or 96 copper ports (or a combination of the two). According to the company, the product can be easily mounted by one person.
Circle 216

LED Luminaire

The BeveLED 2.0 is an interchangeable downlight, adjustable, and wall wash luminaire in one housing. Delivering 2,000 lm at 33W, 1,500 lm at 24W, and 1,000 lm at 16W, the luminaire features CRIs of 80+ and 90+, high R9 values, and beam control options from 10° to 80°. The product also features a tool-less field-replaceable and interchangeable light engine and reflector system. Multiple color temperatures and dimming options are available.
USAI Lighting
Circle 217

LED Emergency Luminaire

The FNES Series of self-contained emergency luminaires is equipped with six white LEDs that produce 540 lm for space lighting applications; for escape route lighting, six white LEDs produce 55 lm. According to the company, the luminaire offers a 60,000+-hr life and is suitable for use in Zones 2, 21, and 22. Features include a corrosion-resistant fiberglass reinforced polyester body with polycarbonate diffuser and a choice of either zinc-plated steel, gray painted aluminum, or 315 stainless steel fixing brackets. In addition, the product is equipped with a built-in automatic self-test system with memorization of tests indicated by LEDs. The lamp performs a self-check once a week for 6 sec and a quarterly self-test of 1 hr.
Appleton Electric
Circle 218

Diesel Gen-Sets

Cat diesel gen-sets have been certified to meet all published editions of the International Building Code’s seismic provisions. In addition, enclosed models of these gen-sets have received certification for compliance with 90-mph wind-load provisions. The company’s C9, C15, and C18 gen-sets, rated from 180kW to 600kW, received IBC seismic certification at SDS 2.2g. The C1.5, C2.2, C4.4, and C6.6 gen-sets, rated from 11kW to 175kW, have been certified to SDS 1.93g.
Circle 219

Stack Lights

Werma modular stack lights are available in 50-mm and 70-mm sizes. The stack lights features a bayonet mechanism that allows elements to be mechanically and electrically connected within seconds and changed without the need for tools, according to the company. Incandescent and LED signal elements are available in five colors and in 24VDC and 115VAC voltages. The 70-mm diameter KS 71 modular IP65-rated model accommodates up to five elements per terminal. Light elements include incandescent, LED, and Xenon tube models. The 50-mm diameter KS 50 modular IP54-rated model accommodates up to four elements with either permanent or blinking light effects. A choice of incandescent or LED light sources is available, as well as an
80 dB audible element.
Circle 220

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