New Products, March 2011

New Products, March 2011

The SureCrimp line of copper compression connectors now includes narrow tang configurations. Designed for tight fitting applications


The SureCrimp line of copper compression connectors now includes narrow tang configurations. Designed for tight fitting applications, the required mounting plate surface area is reduced by approximately 30%, according to the company. Made from high-grade copper, features include seamless copper tubing and electro-tin plating. The products are die stamped with wire size and die index number as well as a part number identifier. Each lug is color-coded with permanent ink stamping for identification of proper die number and crimp positioning.
Circle 250

Tracing tool

The Tracer Tool traces 2-in. × 3-in. metal old work box outlines on surfaces for proper installation in walls. Compact and easy to use, the tracer is made of durable plastic with a rubber backing for turning ease and enhanced pliability to surfaces when tracing. The tool also offers extreme accuracy and can be used vertically or horizontally.
Madison Electric Products
Circle 251

Drill bits

SpeedHammer Power SDS-plus masonry bits are designed for drilling through rebar-reinforced concrete. According to the company, the product offers twice the life of traditional masonry bits. Features include a high-performance tip manufactured with two times more carbide than traditional masonry bits as well as a flute designed for faster, more efficient dust removal. Available lengths include 6 in., 8 in., and 12 in. with diameters ranging from 3/ 16 to ¾ in.
Irwin Tools
Circle 252

LED downlight

The LF6LED 6-in. LED downlight with remote phosphor technology has been added to the Liteframe product line. According to the company, the downlight features a minimum 50,000-hr life at 70% lumen maintenance, achieving an output of 900 lm and delivering more than 50 lm/W. Available in 3,000K, 3,500K, and 4,000K color temperatures, the product features 0V to 10V dimming capability, 80 CRI, a 120V to 277V driver, and a smooth beam edge.
Circle 253

Multifunction pliers

These 9¼-in. lineman’s pliers cut hard and soft wire, ACSR, bolts, screws, and nails — and feature a built-in crimper for insulated and non-insulated terminals and connectors as well as a fish tape puller that grips any flat steel fish tape. According to the company, the pliers require 40% less effort than conventional lineman’s pliers. Available with non-slip grip or dual-component comfort grip handles, the pliers feature a cross-hatch gripping zone in the jaws and below the joint.
Circle 254

LED downlights

The LED Diamond Series of recessed retrofit downlights offers up to a 50,000 hr lifespan in commercial and residential installations, according to the company. Energy Star-rated and CA Title 24-compliant, the 12W downlight can be installed in existing housings, in new construction, or major remodels. Models are offered in 4.5-in. and 5.5-in. apertures and are cULus-rated for use in 5- in. and 6-in. IC and non-IC housings. In addition, the product accommodates medium-base and GU-24 sockets, is hardwire adaptable, and is dimmable to 5%. Featuring 650 lumen output, they are available in warm white color temperatures of 3,000K and cooler 4,000K with an 85 CRI.
Nora Lighting
Circle 255

Crimp-on device

Designed for users who only perform occasional wire pulls, the Crimp-On Wire Grabber is a copper lug body that is used once and then recycled. According to the company, setup time for a 4-wire pull is less than 5 min. Available in a range of sizes (2/0 through 600 MCM), the product is used with reusable caps and lanyards.
Circle 256

LED lamps

The Prism line of 44 LED lamps for residential, office, and light commercial buildings consumes one-fifth the energy of incandescent lamps, generates up to 1,080 lm, and offers a service life of 50,000 hr, according to the company. Designed to resemble traditional lamps and fit standard sockets, the product line includes A, B, MR, PAR, R, and T8 Series models. Available colors include warm white, cool white, and dimmable variants. In addition, the products are instant-on, flicker-free, emit no UV radiation, and are UL-listed and RoHS-compliant.
Circle 257

Wall jack terminator

Designed to terminate Cat. 5 and UTP communications cables into standard wall jacks, the Paladin Tools Jack Terminator terminates four pairs of wire in one action while the built-in blades cut off excess wire. Made from high-grade steel, the tool features rubber embedded grips, ratcheted action, and an adjustable feature for extra leverage applications. The removable jack cradle allows for alternative lacing options.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 258

Fixed capacitors

StacoVAR fixed capacitors for power factor correction and harmonic compensation are available from 2.5kVAR to 400kVAR as fixed motor load (ML) type capacitor assemblies. Equipped with fusing and blown-fuse indicator lights, the fixed capacitor assemblies are suitable for indoor or outdoor use with voltages from 240VAC to 600VAC. UL 508A- and c-UL-listed, these metalized polypropylene devices are self-healing to prevent permanent dielectric breakdown. Available enclosures include NEMA 1, 12, or 3R ratings.
Staco Energy Products
Circle 150

UPS systems

The SmartOnline family of UPS systems has been expanded to include nine new models featuring 12kVA to 20kVA power capacity. According to the company, the UPS systems feature a unique design that integrates the electrical input, output, and data connections of two UPS systems via a single, detachable, parallel PDU in as little as 8U of rack space. In addition, the units operate with up to 97% efficiency and are available with hardwire, NEMA, or IEC output options.
Tripp Lite
Circle 151

Power factor regulator

Model 64-5 monitoring and power factor control system helps obtain an improved power factor with a minimum of added capacitors. Featuring a phase-angle sensing circuit to monitor the power factor of a 3-phase power line, the regulator responds to changing power factor by closing or opening the internal relays, which add or subtract capacitor banks on the line. Although intended for 115VAC, 60Hz systems, other voltage or frequency models may be available. Other features include automatic/manual modes, activated steps indicators, and five relay outputs.
Time Mark
Circle 152

Soft starters

The Stellar soft starter product line now includes the SR44 series to control 3-phase AC induction motors. The digital soft starters use thyristors in all three motor phases to provide controlled reduced voltage motor control for smooth acceleration/deceleration and reduced mechanical shock and starting stress. Featuring 115VAC or 230VAC selectable control voltage as well as easily and separately adjustable motor start and stop times, the programmable product includes a feature that configures the starter for specific applications with one entry. In addition, the units are equipped with 6-button keypads with 2-line, 32-character displays.
Automation Direct
Circle 200

Power transducers

The APT Series of power transducers measures kilowatts single-phase or 3-phase applications up to 600VAC. Powered by a 24V or 120V supply, the transducers provide a fully isolated 4mA to 20mA, 0VDC to 5VDC, or 0VDC to 10VDC proportional output, making them compatible with most supervisory controllers, panel meters, and data loggers, according to the company. The products also accept standard 5A or 0mV to 333mV current transformers.
NK Technologies
Circle 201

EV charging station

AeroVironment electrical vehicle (EV) charging stations are for residential use as well as at office, retail complex, fleet yard, and construction sites. Models include the MEVSE-RS Level 2 charging dock for home and business; dual- and quad-port MEVSE-RS configurations that charge two and four EVs from a single utility connection; MEVSE-RS+ smart charging dock, which enables communication with the electric utility to turn drivers’ homes into grid-connected smart charging hubs; and the CHAdeMO-certified Level 3 DC EV50-PS and EV50-FS, which recharge vehicles in minutes, according to the company.
Circle 202

Terminal blocks

The PFT series of high-current, panel feed-through terminal blocks is available in either universal screw (UW) or ring lug/bolt (RW) connection technology. Providing a secure connection across a wide range of wire gauges, the blocks snap into panel cut-outs without special tooling. Screw and rivet options can accommodate high mechanical stability for conductors. Rated up to 600V UL, electrical current ratings range from 30A to 112A.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 203


The ScopeMeter 190 Series II of hand-held portable oscilloscopes features four channels that are fully isolated from each other to perform differential floating measurements. According to the company, the scopes are the first safety rated for CAT III 1,000V and CAT IV 600V environments. In addition, the product’s chassis is sealed from the environment with no cooling slots or fans to expose the instrument. Other features include an IP51 dust- and drip-proof rating, a sampling rate of up to 2.5 GS/sec, and 400-ps resolution.
Circle 204


The Spectroline CB-400 COBRA-4 features a dual-head blue and white LED flashlight, enabling users to leak check and perform internal component inspection in hard-to-reach areas. The blue LED is suitable for fluorescent leak detection, while the white LED is for component inspection. A press-fit coupler allows quick and easy attachment of the flashlight to the borescope. Other features include a 4-mm, 3-in. shaft for access to tight areas; a clip-on, angled inspection mirror; three AAA alkaline batteries, and fluorescence-enhancing glasses.
Circle 205

LED panel-mount indicators

The 556 Series of panel-mount indicators has been expanded to include certification for use in Class I, Division 2 Hazardous locations. Featuring the company’s high-intensity LED technology, the tamper-proof indicators offer a lifespan of up to 100,000 hr of continuous use, according to the company. Available with domed lens or flat lens models, the product is designed for 1-in. mounting holes and features a watertight, nickel-plated brass housing. Color choices include white, red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and cyan. Voltage ratings include 12VDC to 125VDC and 125VAC and 230VAC.
Circle 206

Clamp testers

DET14C and DET24C earth resistance clamp testers now feature clamps with elliptical apertures that accommodate cables up to 39-mm diameter and flat earth tapes up to 50 mm wide. According to the company, the devices are the first of their type to have a CAT IV 600V safety rating, with 8kV of transient isolation. In addition, the products measure ground resistance from 50 MΩ to 1,500 Ω and true RMS ground leakage current from 0.2mA to 35A. Other features include a hazardous current warning that is operative on all test ranges and clamps that have smooth mating jaw faces.
Circle 207

Test instrument

The CA450 combines the functionality of a digital multimeter with a 4mA to 20mA loop calibrator into a single instrument for calibration and maintenance of process instrumentation, allowing users to source and measure with one hand-held tool. Featuring terminal shutters to prevent improper connections, the product meets 600V CAT IV and 1,000V CAT III safety standards and is CE-certified. Standard accessories include four AA batteries, test leads, lead cables, two fuses, and an instructional manual. Optional accessories include 1V to 5V adapter set, communication package, alligator test leads, hard carrying case, and various current clamp probes.
Circle 208


The D8628i Anaconda induction lamp cobra head luminaire provides 50% or more energy savings and a 100,000-hr lamp life, according to the company. A replacement for HID cobra heads, the luminaire features a high efficiency anodized aluminum reflector and an induction lamp in wattages from 40W through 200W. In addition, the product is available in a choice of warm to cool color temperatures, a die-cast aluminum housing with full gasketing and tempered glass lens, and a heavy-duty stainless steel front latch that opens a hinged lens door for no-tools access to the reflector and induction lamp compartment.
Deco Lighting
Circle 209

Power cables

The Infinity C-TC+ and FCC cables now features the company’s Belflex jackets, offering exceptional flexing capabilities, resistance to sunlight, oil and abrasion, and the ability to withstand temperature ranges of -40°C to +90°C (Cold Impact) and -50°C to +90°C (Cold Bend). In addition, the cables are compliant with the following ratings: 600V TC-ER (18 AWG and larger), 300V UL PLTC-ER (20 AWG), 1,000V WTTC (18 AWG and larger), UL MTW & AWM, and 1000V CSA AWM I/II A/B FT4. UL-approved for direct burial, the products are suitable for Class I & II Div. 2 installation in hazardous locations, meet the requirements of NFPA 79 for industrial machinery, and are CE and RoHS compliant.
Circle 210

Automatic transfer switch

RTS Series 30-cycle-rated and 3-cycle-rated automatic transfer switches are now equipped with the company’s RPTCS microprocessor automatic transfer control system. In addition, each system is programmed at the factory to include user-specified options. Setup, alarm acknowledgement, and review of actual data are accomplished using the controller’s soft keys and color display. An intuitive, interactive menu guides the user through controller setup and the entering of configuration data, including communications and timing set points, adjustable control parameters (interlocks, alarms, and security), and event logging.
Circle 211

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