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New Products, May 2011

New Products, May 2011

Submittal Manager is an Internet-based software tool that allows users to build professional-looking job submittals

Online submittal tool

Submittal Manager is an Internet-based software tool that allows users to build professional-looking job submittals. The software is also a time-saving application for users who are asked to take on the entire submittal building task for their contractor customer or to provide assistance in obtaining hard-to-find/custom pages or lighting configurations that are created at the manufacturer website and saved as a pdf. Featuring a library of 250,000, up-to-date manufacturer catalog pages, robust electronic mark-up tools, and other user-friendly conventions, the product can also electronically match a user’s parts’ list of several hundred items to corresponding catalog pages and then instantly load them into the submittal.
Trade Service
Circle 250

Pipe stands

Designed to support gas pipe, electrical conduit, and other pipes on flat roofs, the Adjust-A-Stand pipe stands support any type of pipe (up to 200 lb per stand) with a strap that quickly adjusts to varying height differences, allowing level pipes on uneven roofs. With 20 stands per box, the product features a 2-piece knock-down design. Available sizes include 16 in. and 22 in. According to the company, the product can be assembled in less than
1 min. without tools.
Circle 251

Emergency luminaires

Five of the company’s signature emergency lighting products — LZ, HCX, LT, LZR, and CPR — are now available with an optional LED-based MR16 lamp. Features include: bright, uniform illumination; rated lamp life of more than 50,000 hr; and voltages from 6V to 12V.
Circle 252

Pulling tape

3-in-1 Premise Muletape combines threading line, measuring tape, and winch line in one product, eliminating the need for proofing with poly line or pulling with string/rope combinations. Imprinted with sequential footage markings, the product comes pre-lubricated to reduce friction levels and to eliminate the potential for duct cutting. According to the company, its lower elongation reduces pulling time and eliminates cable “snap-back.” Available lengths include 1,300 ft rated at 1,800 lb of pulling strength and 4,500 ft rated at
400 lb of pulling strength.
Ideal Industries
Circle 253

Wiring tester

The INSP-3 wiring inspector tester helps verify building wiring compliance to electrical codes, especially voltage drop under load. According to the company, the tester identifies issues with splices, connections, and conductor quality. Relevant test data is presented on a single large display. Additional features include user-selectable 0A, 10A, 15A, and 20A loads to verify performance of the electrical system as well as the ability to detect faulty wiring in need of repair without removing outlets, cover plates, or panel covers.
Circle 254

Cable feeding sheaves

Cable feeding sheaves allow easy and unobstructed feeding of utility cable into conduits and innerducts. Available in sizes to accommodate 2 in. to 6 in. Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 ducts, the sheaves are made from durable steel and feature a half-circle, split-tube design. In addition, sheave rollers are available in either aluminum alloy or wear-resistant Nylatron and include maintenance-free, self-lubricating bearings. (Due to bending radius requirements, the product is not for use with fiber-optic cable.)
General Machine Products
Circle 255


The 368 lineman’s pliers feature high-leverage capability that is achieved by positioning the rivet within fractions of an inch of the laser heat-treated cutting edges, giving them more power to cut through fish tape with less effort than competing professional-grade brands, according to the company. Measuring 8.38 in. long and weighing less than 1 lb, the tool features a built-in crushing area and knife-and-anvil cutters for proper cutting edge alignment. Made from drop-forged, high-carbon C1080 steel, the product features the company’s Blue comfort grips.
Circle 256

LED downlight

The Fahrenheit 6-in. fire-rated, recessed downlight features an LED source. Suitable for use in applications where fire-rated ceilings are required, the downlight is available in a variety of color temperatures, including 2,700K, 3,000K, 3,500K, and 4,000K. Offering power consumption of less than 12W, the product comes in 1-hr and 2-hr rated models with various trim options and offers a 50,000-hr lifespan, according to the company.
DMF Lighting
Circle 257

Clips and fasteners

The CADDY family now includes products that support conduit and electrical boxes under metal decking. Designed to meet NEC Sec. 300.4(E), the TDH decking hanger and the CPNAM decking fasteners are paired with the company’s M Series or CD Series conduit clips for single conduit runs. The SBT18 multiple conduit mounting plate is used to suspend up to three runs of conduit. The B18 combination conduit/electrical box hanger is designed for use with electrical box and conduit supports to deliver NEC and CEC compliance. With one riveted assembly, the box and conduit are properly supported.
Circle 258

Conduit couplings

Mighty-Seal Push-EMT raintight couplings install in a fraction of the time compared to conventional raintight fittings, according to the company. All users need to do with the fitting is push the coupling onto the prepared conduit and the job is done. In addition, the cULus-listed products exceed the design requirements of UL 514B and the National Electrical Code.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 259

Voltage detector

The 2200-20 voltage detector features a CAT IV 1,000V safety rating and a wide 50VAC to 1,000VAC voltage rating. To enhance user safety, the detector indicates that it is powered and working properly with a constant green light, and indicates the presence of voltage with a blinking red light and audible beeper. UL-listed, the product includes two AAA batteries.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 260

Commercial van

The Reach commercial van features a body designed by Utilimaster atop the company’s NPR Eco-Max chassis and powered by a 3-L diesel engine, which the company says achieves 35% better fuel economy than a traditional commercial van. Designed to meet the latest EPA emissions standards, the van is available with 134-in. and 151-in. wheelbases and 10-ft, 12-ft, and 14-ft body lengths. In addition, the cargo area offers 450 cu ft, 540 cu ft, or 630 cu ft of storage, depending on wheelbase and body length selected.
Circle 261

LED downlights

Featuring a Xicato LED, LEDX downlights tilt up to 45° and are available in fixed, adjustable, and wallwash options with round or square trims. Suitable for interior and IP64 wet locations, the downlights can be installed in insulated and non-insulated ceilings. In addition, they feature a zero-sightline and flange overlay and offer a CRI of 80+ (standard) or 95+ (Artist Series).
Lucifer Lighting
Circle 200

Power distribution units

3-Phase Switched power distribution units (PDUs) give users the traditional ability to turn on, turn off, recycle, or lock-out power to each individual receptacle as well as provide power information at the receptacle level to monitor individual devices or groups of devices. Designed to ensure reliable power distribution in 3-phase applications from 5.7kVA to 12.6kVA, the PDUs support real-time individual outlet control to power up and power down network hardware remotely. In addition, the units deliver complete visibility of power consumption per device, per group of devices, and per phase (locally or remotely). They also warn of potential overloads via user-defined alarms before problems occur.
Tripp Lite
Circle 201


The 1550 family of small die-cast aluminium enclosures includes nine additional sizes. The enclosures feature tapped holes and machine screws to secure the lid, making them suitable for use in applications where interior access is required on a regular basis. Available with a natural or black epoxy powder-coated finish, the units are supplied in standard and watertight versions. Sizes range from 2.36 in. × 2.17 in. × 1.02 in. (60 mm × 55 mm × 26 mm) to 10.83 in. × 6.89 in. × 2.46 in. (275 mm × 175 mm × 63 mm). Standard models are sealed to IP54 while the watertight versions are supplied with a separate compressible self-adhesive gasket, which, when fitted between the lid and the base, provides dust and water sealing to IP66.
Hammond Mfg.
Circle 202

Light module

The Helieon sustainable light module combines solid-state lighting technology from Bridgelux with interconnect technology from Molex. According to the company, the module offers a lifespan of more than 10 yr and is available in a range of CCT, beam spread, and lumen levels. In addition, it features an easy-to-use socket and LED source.
Circle 203

LED streetlight retrofit

Designed to replace conventional luminaires used in street, parking lot, and commercial property applications, the Eco StreetLine product line includes a retrofit module that enables the conversion of existing street and area luminaires to LED technology. According to the company, the 48-LED light module consumes 75W while producing approximately 5,900 lumens.
Circle 204

Variable-speed drive

Featuring an ultra-slim, book-style design and the capability to directly attach a self-protected disconnect, the Altivar 32 variable-speed drive can be mounted side-by-side and integrated it into tight spaces, thus minimizing wiring. According to the company, the drive has certified safety functions for safe power removal, safe limited speed, and safe stopping, as well as integrated decision capabilities, such as input/output (I/O) event logic, counting and timing functions. In addition, the device can operate as the heart of a simple control system and perform functions usually managed by a PLC, allowing users to use Boolean and arithmetical operations, timers, counters, comparators, and short automated sequences to customize the drive.
Schneider Electric
Circle 205


The Wire Surgeon wire and Kevlar cutting scissors are constructed of ice-tempered Solingen stainless steel that holds up under extreme use, according to the company. Designed for installing structured network cabling, the scissors incorporate a wire stripper and splice and terminal crimper that can be used for copper wires from 26 AWG to 18 AWG. Suitable for right-handed or left-handed users, other features include slight serrations on the blade to prevent wire slippage as well as a soft rubber handle.
Circle 206


The Essentia line of architectural recessed downlights can be easily upgraded as LED technology advances with a replaceable light engine and optics. Features include standard 0V to 10V dimming control; lumen packages from 1,000 lm to 5,000 lm; narrow, medium, and wide distribution patterns; 45° cutoff; and 4-in., 6-in., and 8-in. square and round apertures. Available with adjustable and wall-wash optics, the luminaires provide 50,000 hr of operation, according to the company.
Circle 207

Steel conduit

LTFG (LT-Food Grade) jacketed metallic steel conduit has been added to the company’s Liquatite product line. The conduit provides a liquid-tight flexible protective wiring raceway, working temperatures of -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C), smooth exterior for easy wash down, and does not promote bacteria growth, according to the company. In addition, the product features a flexible inner core made from continuously spiral-wound, corrosion-resistant plated steel while containing a nylon cord packing. The outer PVC jacket is made from an FDA-approved compound formulated for “Splash Zone” food and beverage contact per FDA CFR21 and NFS 51/61 requirements. Available sizes include 3/8 in. through 2 in. In addition, the product is offered in a standard white color, with other colors available upon request.
Circle 208

Floor box

The CRFB Series of floor boxes is designed to fit into a standard raised floor air diffuser opening, providing access to recessed devices. Approved for use in wood floors, including elevated platforms, stages, and balconies, the floor box features four separate compartments that can accommodate multiple combinations of power, communication, and audio/video services. A tunnel feature allows two of the compartments to be used for a single service, while the other two are used for different
services. Trade size ½-in., ¾-in., 1¼-in., and 2-in. knockouts accommodate standard conduit. In addition, die-cast aluminum covers are available in black, gray, nickel, brass, and bronze painted finishes.
Circle 209

Terminal blocks

The 862 Series and 264 Series chassis-mount blocks, 826 and 828 Series through-panel blocks, 831 Series multi-connector system pluggable connector, and X-COM S pluggable connector system now feature a 100kA SCCR with appropriate fuses. SCCR ensures proper documentation of the maximum short circuit current a component, assembly, or equipment can safely withstand when protected by a specific overcurrent protective device.
Circle 210


The ScopeMeter 190 Series II is a 4-channel handheld oscilloscope. Designed for harsh industrial applications, the oscilloscope is rated as dust- and drip-proof as well as safety rated for CAT III 1,000V/CAT IV 600V environments. Available in 100MHz or 200MHz bandwidth models with real-time sampling rates up to
2.5 GS/s and 400 ps resolution, both versions feature memory up to 10,000 samples per channel.
Circle 211

Power distribution substation

The Magnalight MGS-30KVA-12O power distribution substation converts 480VAC single-phase or 3-phase electrical current to single-phase 120VAC and 240VAC with GFI protection. Featuring a fully potted transformer, weatherproof GFI outlets, and a weather-tight panel box, the powder-coated, skid-mounted substation includes ¼-in. thick, 3-in. square tubing that can be replaced with stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized steel, or aluminum, depending on the application.
Larson Electronics
Circle 212

Fluorescent luminaire

Designed for installation on equipment such as mining shovels and draglines, the LFHD Series linear fluorescent luminaire incorporates features that help it withstand years of shock and vibration common in these applications, including rubber isolators that dampen vibration to protect the lamps. Additional features include a nonmetallic housing and diffuser, stainless steel latches that allow for tool-less re-lamping, and a powder-coated mounting bracket that allows the fixture to be optimal in a highly corrosive environment.
Phoenix Products
Circle 213

Motor starter

The BAS 1P single-phase motor starter is for use with exhaust fans, unit ventilators, and fan coil units in installations that have building automation systems, occupancy sensors, or timers. Featuring wide-range, adjustable class 10 electronic overload protection, the starter thermally protects all single-phase motors up to 1 hp and includes voltage-controlled or dry (normally open) inputs.
Cerus Industrial
Circle 214
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