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New Products: Motor Control Centers, Pop-up Receptacles & Conduit Bodies

New Products: Motor Control Centers, Pop-up Receptacles & Conduit Bodies

The latest offerings from the manufacturing sector

Motor Control Centers

The Tiastar motor control center (MCC) product line now includes four arc-resistant models compliant to ANSI/IEEE C37.20.7. The MCCs feature a SmartStart option with plug-and-play functionality to reduce commissioning time with pre-programmed and pre-configured data. High-density designs meeting UL and NEMA standards, while reducing unit size for NEMA 1 through starters, allow for up to a 10% weight reduction and offer a 25% smaller footprint, according to the company.

Siemens Industry
Circle 250

Aluminum Hubs

This line of die-cast aluminum hubs securely connects rigid metal conduit (CRMC) or intermediate metal conduit (IMC) to the threadless opening in an enclosure, providing a NEMA 4X watertight seal. In addition to standard environments, the devices can be installed in hazardous industrial locations. Available trade sizes range from ½ in. to 2 in. in grounding and non-grounding styles. A PVC coating is available on select hubs.

Circle 251

Adjustable Variable Ring

This adjustable variable ring (AVR) for electrical junction boxes offers a pre-fab solution that ensures a flush fit while eliminating the need for multiple plaster rings. The AVR includes a sliding insert in a box-shaped frame that allows adjustments from ½ in. to 2 in. Featuring a measuring rule, the insert slides in and out of the base frame with a ratcheting mechanism. In addition, the sliding mechanism allows for modifications. When installation is finalized, the AVR is easily and quickly removed.

Orbit Industries/UMI
Circle 252

Support Tool

Similar to a machinist v-block, the Ladder Horse is designed for supporting, cutting, trimming, and sawing a variety of materials. Unlike a sawhorse, the product requires no unfolding, no assembly, and no storage. Users can choose the ladder rung that offers the best height for them to stand up and cut from. Features include aluminum construction and marked measurements.

Madison Electric Products
Circle 253

Pop-up Receptacle

The Carlon Kitchen Pop-up receptacle eliminates power cords hanging over the edge of the counter to reach side-mounted outlets. When not in use, the receptacle is hidden beneath the countertop surface with only a 4¾-in.-diameter metallic cover visible. When the cover is pressed down slightly, the GFCI receptacle pops up above the countertop. Available in nickel, bronze or brass finishes, the 15A, 125VAC/60Hz product features gaskets fitted under the flange and around the main body to prevent spilled liquids from penetrating the electrical enclosure when the receptacle is open or closed.

Thomas & Betts
Circle 254

Line Laser

The DW089K features a second plumb line that forms a 90° intersecting line on the floor and ceiling. This third vertical beam allows users to employ the tool for layout applications without the need for a second laser. For commercial wall layout applications, the product offers a track clearance of more than 1¾ in., eliminating the need for additional accessories to raise the laser over drywall track. According to the company, the tool is accurate within 1/8 in. at 30 ft.

Circle 255

Conduit Bodies

Type X conduit bodies allow users to run wire and cable in multiple directions. Manufactured from type 316 stainless steel, the conduit bodies are corrosion-resistant and suitable for use in marine and sanitary applications. Available sizes include ½ in., ¾ in., 1 in., 1½ in., and 2 in. According to the company, the four-hub “X” configuration limits the amount of additional fittings needed on a project, as wires can be fed through and then out in several directions. A cover and gasket set are also included.

Circle 200

Power Distribution Units

Advanced Monitored and Managed enclosure power distribution units (ePDUs) are designed to provide monitoring and control power consumption at the individual outlet level. Both models monitor critical factors such as voltage, current, and power factor. The outlet number identifications are color coded to match the outlet section to the appropriate circuit breaker. In addition, the Managed models are designed to provide full control of each outlet, allowing users to remotely switch the outlet on/off or reboot. Available in 14 configurations with eight different input plugs, the ePDUs feature 200V to 240V power output to C13 and C19 outlets.

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Wire Duct

This halogen-free wire duct is designed for use in high foot traffic areas that demand increased safety from toxic smoke in the event of a fire. The wire duct features an easy-on/easy-off cover, a single part number for both the duct and cover, and two score lines to facilitate removal of fingers and wall. Available in the same height and width dimensions and two meter lengths as the company’s standard wire duct, the product is rated for an extended temperature range from -25°C to +90°C.

Phoenix Contact
Circle 202


The ProLine panelboard is the only product of its kind to feature complete breaker coordination and touchsafe capabilities, according to the company. Suitable for industrial and commercial applications, the panelboard’s selective coordination isolates electrical problems, stops nuisance tripping, and avoids system-wide blackouts. The panelboard also completely isolates the operator during installation and maintenance. In addition, the bus bar is fully covered, and the interior is encased in resin for additional safety. Breaker connections are made in “wells” that prevent any contact with live parts while containing any arcs that may occur.

Circle 203

Power Quality Analyzers

The 430 Series II of 3-phase power quality analyzers uses an algorithm to measure energy waste and quantify its cost. This updated series of analyzers features three new measurement functions as well as hardware, software, and firmware improvements. In addition, the products include up to 32 GB (8 GB standard) memory, a swappable SD memory card, and USB connectivity. Fully compliant with the IEC 61000-4-30 Class A standard, they can monitor systems with up to 10 power quality parameters on one screen, record up to 150 parameters on four phases simultaneously, and are safety rated 600V CAT IV/1,000V CAT III.

Circle 204

Circuit Breakers

PowerPact with Micrologic molded-case circuit breakers are available in ranges from 15A to 3,000A. By employing these circuit breakers, users can optimize energy costs by accessing energy load profiles at each point in the electrical distribution system, revealing extra capacity or fully loaded circuits, and simplifying facility planning activity. This information is available at the circuit breaker or via a web browser using the company’s PowerLogic ION Enterprise software.

Schneider Electric
Circle 205

LED Outdoor Luminaires

The Cimarron Series of LED outdoor luminaires now offers a vandal shield guard and a mast arm fitter as options. The mast arm fitter includes a standard 6-in. arm attached to the luminaire and ships as a separate piece to be attached at the time of installation. Supply wire connections are made through the wiring access door located in the arm. The product’s vandal shield guard features a 1/8-in. polycarbonate lens that is factory-installed on the face of the luminaire. In addition, an internal self-monitoring sensor detects above-tolerance temperatures and automatically reduces heat load to preserve LED life.

Spaulding Lighting
Circle 206


Optimized for use with the company’s clean emission module, the Cat 3516C-HD diesel gen-set is certified to meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim standards. This 60-Hz package is rated at 2,500 ekW for standby power, 2,250 ekW at prime power, and 2,050 ekW at continuous power. The gen-set features integrated electronics for monitoring, protection and closed loop NOx control; an ADEM A4 controller; Air-to-Air After Cooler cooling system; MEUI fuel system; and Cat EMCP 4 control panel, which delivers a more intuitive, user-friendly interface and navigation, and is scalable to meet a wide range of customer power requirements.

Circle 207

LED Luminaires

Designed to replace 50-mm halogen MR16s, VioLED luminaires combine violet chips with the company’s multi-phosphors. According to the company, the color shift is less than 75K over 50,000 hr. Available in two versions, the G4 model runs at 3.6W with components sold separately, while the completely assembled G8 model offers 7.2W output. Both models feature a high color rendering index (CRI) and are available in cool- and warm-white color temperatures. UL-qualified, the products are compatible with a range of LED drivers and are suitable for new construction and retrofit commercial applications.

GE Lighting
Circle 208

Wiring Devices

The Wetguard family of industrial-grade watertight wiring devices now includes an FD box system for creating custom power distribution centers, a toggle switch cover, and a line of single and duplex inlets and outlets with covers. Available in non-
metallic single-, two- and three-gang configurations, the FD box system is constructed of rigid PVC. In addition, the multi-gang boxes feature a modular frame design that allows for combining single-gang devices in multi-gang configurations without the need for dedicated two- and three-gang cover plates. The IP66-rated toggle switch cover is designed to work with any 15A to 40A toggle switch, including industrial-grade manual motor controller switches and features an integrated lockout handle to meet OSHA lockout/tagout requirements.

Circle 209

LED Luminaire

The 2210 Series is a DC-powered, ultrathin, architectural grid lay-in luminaire that is compliant with Armstrong DC FlexZone Ceiling Systems, which the company says makes it the first LED luminaire that provides light directly from solar-generated power. In addition, the product is the first EMerge Alliance Registered LED luminaire and is suitable for office, school, and other commercial applications.

Lunera Lighting
Circle 210

Inspection Camera

The PS90 12V Max inspection camera features a waterproof 48-in. imager that allows for increased accessibility to tight bend radii. For increased durability, the camera’s 17-mm head is constructed of metal. Other features include LED illumination, four times magnification, and a 2.7-in. screen. A 9-in. pin connector enables easy linkage of the 17-mm hook, magnet, and mirror attachments. In addition, the camera is equipped with video cable for video out connection, a 30-min. battery charger, and a battery life indicator. An optional 36-in. imager with a 9.5-mm head is also available.

Circle 211

Inspection Camera

According to the company, the M-Spector 360 inspection camera with Red Lithium battery technology features the industry’s first rotating screen, allowing users to adjust the image orientation with one hand while leaving the other hand free to control the cable. Features include a 2.7-in. LCD display, a 9-mm 640 × 480 digital probe, and four surround LED lights. Available in three models, two models include a 3-ft cable while one version features a 9-ft cable that comes with a pipe guide attachment. A mirror, hook, and magnet are also provided. All models feature an operating temperature range of -4°F to 150°F and are waterproof.

Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 212

Surgical Suite Luminaire

The Healthcare Lighting Surg5 surgical troffer luminaire is designed to deliver the equivalent light output of a 6-lamp fluorescent troffer while requiring only five lamps. The troffer’s components are accessible on each side after opening the sealed door frame and removing the tool-free ballast tray covers. To reduce the risk of glass breakage, the lamps remain in place during ballast maintenance.

Acuity Brands
Circle 213

Cable Products

This cable product line is designed for use in the pulp and paper industry. Products include Xtra-Guard 1 performance cable, which features PVC jacket that prevents heat build-up, Xtra-Guard 4 performance cable which features a TPE jacket for advanced chemical performance and a wide temperature range, and Industrial Series V VFD cable for variable-frequency drives, which is designed for extended duty cycles typical in mixing and conveying.

Alpha Wire
Circle 214

Thermal Imaging Camera

The E30 thermal imaging camera features 160 × 120 resolution coupled with 2% accuracy, according to the company. With a-20°C to +350°C temperature range and 60Hz refresh rate, the camera includes a 3.5-in. touchscreen with a movable measurement spot and box area on the display. A built-in visible light camera with 2.0 megapixel resolution and LED lamp is also included.

Circle 215

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