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New Products, November 2011

New Products, November 2011

Device Box

The Steel City Adjust-A-Box enables users to adjust the receptacle box to any depth desired with the turn of a screw after the wall covering has been installed. Available in single-gang and double-gang models, the box adjusts to any wall thickness. Once installed, the receptacle box can be removed easily to enable inner-wall access. In addition, the product includes ½-in. knockouts for MC cable and EMT, and clamps for nonmetallic cable.

Thomas & Betts

Self-Adjusting Ring

The Rapid Ring self-adjusting pre-fab ring allows for tool-free installation in as little as 15 sec, according to the company. Available as a 1- to 4-gang product, the ring fits finished wall depths of 0.5 in. to 2 in. In addition, users can install the device in four simple steps: Remove the protective plate, connect the wiring device, position the device assembly, and push into place.

Cooper B-Line
Circle 251

Distribution Blocks

These single-pole distribution blocks are available with one or two inputs and are UL-recognized for 1,000VAC/DC and IEC-certified for 1,000VAC and 1,500VDC. Halogen-free and IP 20 UL finger-safe, the gangable distribution blocks feature 95% fill ratio and clip onto DIN rails or mount to panels with screws. In addition, the products feature a screw retaining, transparent blue cover that is either hinged or removable.

Circle 252

Battery Pack

The UFO-LED20 emergency lighting battery pack delivers the function of a central lighting inverter system. The inverter detects AC input line voltage (120V/277V) and automatically sets the output voltage during emergency mode. Designed to power an LED luminaire in the event of interruptions or failures, the inverter provides full lumen output to any LED luminaire that requires 20VA/W or less of AC power and features a true sinusoidal waveform output that enables it to be rated to work with incandescent and fluorescent luminaires. The unit will operate the LED luminaire at full lumen output continuously for 90 min. during an input power interruption, and it can be used with normally on, normally off, or switched luminaires.

Circle 253

Cable Clips

Designed for PV module wire management, HEYClip SunRunner cable clips fit module frames up to 0.125 in. thick and feature a double-compression design that accommodates one 12-gauge USE-2 to two 10-gauge PV-1000 solar wires. The clips are also designed for use with other cables ranging from 0.20 in. to 0.30 in. in diameter or wherever single or multiple cable management is needed. Manufactured from corrosion-resistant 304 SS, the clips feature smooth edges to prevent damage to cable insulation and locking tabs to fasten them to module extensions or other panels.

Circle 254

Tool Bags

Soft Storage tool bags have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they are able to exceed loaded weight requirements and withstand extreme use conditions, according to the company. The Electricians Tote features eight interior pockets, 12 external pockets, five open storage areas, 16 elastic loops, a tape measuring clip, key clip, tape holder loop, small parts bin, and a clip-on handle that allows it to be hung anywhere. The Bucket Tool Organizer includes 22 exterior pockets, 12 internal pockets, a hammer loop, tape-holder loop, and side clips. The Contractor’s Tool Bag features a large open mouth and 14 interior pockets, as well as a hammer loop and small parts bin.

Circle 255

Fluorescent retrofit kits

Metalux Commercial, OpticaHP, Archos, and Cruze retrofit kits include features such as one-piece tool-less reflectors with squeeze-and-fit mounting capability and Ready-Set captive and secure self-tapping screws. Other features include pre-wired ballast and assembly, no parts bag, and installation in less than 10 min., according to the company. The kits also fit into most existing luminaires and can upgrade troffers and parabolics as shallow as 3½ in. Available sizes include 2 ft × 2 ft and 2 ft × 4 ft with T5/T5HO and T8 lamp options.

Cooper Lighting
Circle 256

Work Boots

Corsair work boots feature a toe and sides wrapped with ArmorTek, an abrasion-resistant material that the company says maintains the strength and flexibility of leather but is more durable and will not crack or split. The boots include the company’s Contour Welt construction, which provides enhanced arch support and allows them to flex at essential points. In addition, the product incorporates a MultiShox rubber lug outsole that allows individual compression pads in the heel and forefoot to absorb shock and return energy in each step. Available in 6-in., 8-in., and Wellington styles, the boots are offered in either brown or black, with or without a composite toe.

Circle 257

Dimmable LED Nightlights

Patrol dimmable combination wallbox nightlights allow users to set the light level. Available models include full nightlight, nightlight with a single-pole switch, and nightlight with a tamper-resistant receptacle. According to the company, the LEDs are rated for 50,000+ hr and feature a light level sensor that turns off the nightlight when there is sufficient light. In addition to full dimming, the products offer three preset levels to match light levels when the devices are mounting in a series.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 258

Starter Tool Kit

Housed in a rugged bag, this low-voltage starter kit includes a selection of professional tools for both coaxial cable and twisted pair wiring. Tools include company’s Telemaster crimper for RJ-11 and RJ-45 connectors; an economy F-connector compression tool; a cable/satellite/CCTV coax stripper; a non-impact Turn-Lock style punch-down tool with replacement blades; a Data T-Cutter; a Crimpmaster crimp tool for CATV; and a UTP/STP ringer stripper with blade.

Ideal Industries
Circle 259

Floor Box Assemblies

Designed for use in residential construction, these floor box assemblies are compatible with multiple floor substrate materials. The boxes are UL-listed and feature tamper-resistant devices, extra-deep wiring capacity, and cover gaskets that provide a scrub watertight seal. Available in rectangular and round models, the products feature brass or brushed nickel covers.
Allied Moulded Products
Circle 260

Hand Knives

This line of hand knives is designed for electric, cable, and telephone line cutting and splicing. Available models include skinning knives with or without notches or serrations, splicer knives, long round and short round, square point, and long mill. In addition, a number of handle options are offered, including standard wood or an ergonomic plastic handle with or without eye rings.

Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions
Circle 261

Cable Management Solution

The Redi-Rail Runway cable management system is designed for data cabling applications. Available in 1.5-in. and 2-in. side rail heights — with more heights available upon request — the cable management system features a rung connection that still allows rungs to be removed using standard tools. Constructed of lightweight aluminum, rung adjustments in the field do not require cutting, according to the company, and the holes along the length of the side rail provide a place to attach rungs and accessories. In addition, hanger rod brackets eliminate the need to cut and install strut trapezes.

Cooper B-Line
Circle 262

LED Luminaires

The AccuLite Finia Series of outdoor LED luminaires can be pole- or wall-mounted or mounted as a floodlight in commercial applications. The LA Series features area lights designed for medium mounting heights in pedestrian-scale applications. Available distributions include wide throw, forward throw, or round Type V distribution. The LF Series features TIR optics that shape the luminaire with either an asymmetrical or a round symmetrical distribution. In addition, this product series includes deep fins and an air cooling channel. The LW Series of wall-mounted luminaires is designed for commercial applications where a low-profile fixture is needed. Distribution patterns include wide throw, forward throw, or wall wash.

Juno Lighting Group
Circle 263

Band Saw

A cordless alternative, the BSH180 band saw executes precise cuts to various materials, including metal and electrical cables. Suitable for use in tight spaces, the saw is powered by an 18V fat or slim battery pack, allowing for more than 150 cuts per charge in a 1-in. conduit, according to the company. Weighing 7.7 lb with the fat battery pack, the tool accommodates most common size materials cut by core trade users up to 2½ in. on a single pass.

Circle 264

LED Luminaire

The 2200 Series LED luminaire is dry-/damp-rated and features an industrial surface-mount kit. According to the company, the 2-ft × 2-ft luminaire delivers uniform lighting at less than 50% of the ASHRAE standard illumination requirements for parking facilities. Features include an ultrathin profile; 3,800 lumen; 62W; dimming from 0V to 10V; 4,000K to 5,000K color temperature; and power supply that can operate remotely.
Lunera Lighting
Circle 265

Compression Splice Kits

According to the company, Homac Copper Flood-Seal compression splice kits require no heat guns, pull cords, cutting, or taping to install a watertight seal. Pre-lubricated, sized, single-piece covers slide on and lock in place to facilitate a four-step installation process. Available wire sizes include: No. 2, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 250kcmil, 350kcmil, and 500kcmil. In addition, the kits meet or exceed ANCI C119.4 standards.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 266

LED Streetlight

The EG300-series is a solar LED outdoor streetlight that operates completely free of the grid. Delivering light output equivalent to a 200W metal-halide luminaire (used for standard streetlight settings), the series includes two product sizes that power up to two LED fixtures. In addition, the product is available in standard IES distribution types, is Dark Sky friendly, and features enhanced uniformity, according to the company.

Carmanah Technologies
Circle 200

LED Area Lights

The SafeSite Series of LED area lights is approved for use in Class I, Div 1 Groups B, C, D and Class II, Div 1 Groups E, F, and G hazardous locations. Designed to replace up to 150W HID luminaires, the 70W model delivers an efficacy of 79 lm/W. Available in both cool white and neutral white models, the products safely operate in a wide range of volatile environments with a T5 rating for ambient temperatures of -40°F to +113°F (-40°C to +45°C) and a T4a rating for ambient temperatures of -40°F to +149°F (-40°C to +65°C).
Circle 201

Smart Meters

The enhanced Series 3000 line of smart meters measures kWh, demand, instantaneous power, volts, amps, watts, VARs, and VA per phase. Equipped with an isolated pulse output channel and RS-485 serial port for AMR/BAS/BMS/EMS system interface, the meters include built-in communication features that allow for the addition of automation capabilities without additional investment. The products also feature energy-direction arrows (per phase energy and total energy) in the custom display that indicate if the meter is installed correctly, while a green duty cycle light shows that the meter is collecting electrical consumption data at the appropriate rate.

Circle 202

Neutral Limiter

The Genlink dissimilar pitch neutral limiter (DPNL) is a multiple winding reactor designed to be installed in the common neutral of paralleled sources. According to the company, the DPNL inserts more than 40% impedance in the neutral current circulating path and reduces neutral circulating current by more than 75%. In addition, the product adds less than 1% saturated impedance to a single-phase fault path and no impedance to a 3-phase fault path.
Mirus International
Circle 203


The ScopeMeter 190 Series II of portable, handheld oscilloscopes features two or four independently insulated input channels, an IP51 dust- and dripwater-proof rating, and a CAT III 1,000V/CAT IV 600V safety rating. Additional features include sampling up to 2.5GS/sec on two channels simultaneously, a memory of 10,000 points per trace waveform capture, and up to 7 hr of battery operation.

Circle 204

Data Logger

The Simple Logger II Model AL834 is a 4-channel AC current data logger with four integral flexible current sensors. Each sensor is 24 in. long and is capable of wrapping around an 8-in. conductor. Featuring two measurement ranges of up to 300A and 3,000A, both the data logger housing and the current sensors are water-resistant rated to IP 65. In addition, a selection of data storage modes as well as data sampling rates is user programmable through the DataView application software provided. Up to 1,000,000 measurements can be stored in internal nonvolatile memory.

Circle 205

Flame-Resistant T-shirt

The FRK009 is a flame-resistant, long-sleeve T-shirt. Made of 48% modacrylic, 48% Tencel, and 4% Spandex, the shirt is intended for use as a base layer. Features include moisture-wicking, fast-drying technology; side-seam construction to minimize twisting; a square hem; anti-microbial control; and stretchable, spandex-reinforced rib-knit fabric, crewneck, and cuffs. Available colors include navy, light gray, and sand.

Circle 206

Energy Monitoring Software

Web-Mon Enterprise Edition is an Internet-enabled energy monitoring platform that provides real-time and historical energy data via any standard Web browser. Suitable for campus and multi-building facility applications, the software directly communicates over the facility’s existing IP backbone with the company’s remote Class 3000 and 5000 meters and up to three connected pulse-output utility meters per Web-Mon Enterprise device.

Circle 207

Energy Management Service

New features have been added to the company’s hosted energy management service. Previously named EnergyView Online, Energy Online profiles energy usage and the carbon footprint in an organization’s facilities globally through energy analytics, identifies opportunities for energy efficiency, and sets a plan for improvements and to track the impacts. In addition, the product includes: a launch page to quickly view energy and sustainability information, including a map view of single or multiple sites; customizable dashboard; and cost savings reporting to show where businesses can save money.

Schneider Electric
Circle 208

Power Monitoring & Control System

The ASCO PowerQuest system monitors and controls power transfer switches, paralleling control switchgear, gen-sets, breakers, and other equipment. The system facilitates on-site power system testing, load management, and bus bar optimization. In addition, the product monitors normal and emergency voltages and frequencies; indicates transfer switch position, source availability, current, power, and power factor; and displays transfer switch event logs, time-delay settings, rating and identification. It also sends automatic alerts on system operation via e-mail, pager, or selected system alarms.

Emerson Network Power
Circle 209

LED Luminaire

The 5400 Series LED luminaire is certified for use in Armstrong’s TechZone ceiling systems. The luminaire features a CRI of 85 and an R9 measurement of nearly 70. Available in 3,500K, 4,000K, and 5,000K color temperatures, the fully dimmable product offers a 50,000-hr life expectancy, according to the company.

Lunera Lighting
Circle 210

Loadbreak Connector

The Cleer Loadbreak is the only 600A/15kV single-phase rated loadbreak connector in the industry, according to the company. This separable connector offers both a visible break and visible ground without having to de-energize and unbolt 600A terminations or move heavy cables. This product offers an efficient and reliable visible break when used for sectionalizing, splicing, or in-line with vacuum switchgear. For users working on a piece of energized equipment, the product offers visible, front panel circuit traceability.

Cooper Power Systems
Circle 211

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