New Products, October 2010

New Products, October 2010

SLiPWire is a thermoplastic high heat-resistant nylon-coated (THHN) cable jacketed with a self-lubricating polymer that the company says provides an improved, lower coefficient of friction


SLiPWire is a thermoplastic high heat-resistant nylon-coated (THHN) cable jacketed with a self-lubricating polymer that the company says provides an improved, lower coefficient of friction. The cable uses the company’s True Sequential Footage technology, a sequentially printed cable reel that provides accurate wire length with each cut. In addition, the product also uses the Max Print identification system to quickly identify the size of the cable.
Cerro Wire
Circle 250

Bonding lugs

The Eritech brand of solar bonding lugs bonds the frames and mounting structures of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in accordance with NEC requirements. Corrosion-resistant and galvanically compatible with copper grounding conductors and aluminum PV module frames, the lugs are supplied with the required mounting hardware. According to the company, the stamped product has a lay-in feature that allows the positioning of the grounding conductor along multiple frames prior to securing the wire, and the same hex head power driver can be used to install the lug to the frame and secure the wire into the lug.
Circle 251

Lighting control relays

This line of Trinetics remote-control outdoor circuit (RCOC) relays and accessories includes five offerings. The RLY Series is a compact relay designed for “tight fit” applications and to replace throwaway or difficult-to-repair sealed units. The MR Series has an electromagnetic design and features high-compression, low-audible noise, and minimum eddy current heating. The MTR Series features maintenance-free, hermetically sealed mercury tube contactors that the company says eliminate contactor wear issues and concerns. For situations where multiple breaker-protected lighting circuits are required, the Lighting Control Centers line is offered, while Group Lighting Control products feature a single RCOC relay combined with the company’s oil or vacuum switch to provide primary side control of one or more transformers in wide area lighting circuit applications.
Circle 252

Mounting brackets

LV1LP nonmetallic mounting brackets are suitable for installing low-voltage Class 2 wiring and seating wall plates flush with the mounting surface. The single-gang, low-profile bracket is designed for installations using ½-in. or 5/8-in. drywall installed on cast concrete or concrete block walls with furring strips. For existing construction, the product adjusts to fit ¼-in. to 1-in. wall thicknesses
Arlington Industries
Circle 253

Portable generators

The GP Series of portable generators is now 15% smaller than previous models. The generators feature covered outlets for protection from outdoor elements and, depending on the model, include an easy-to-read fuel gauge, hour meter with maintenance resets, dual 120V outlets and a 30A twist lock with circuit breaker protection, and a fold-down locking handle for portability. Other features include oversized steel tube cradles and low oil shutdown. In addition, the GP15000E and GP17500E models feature the company’s OHVI engines with pressurized oil lubrication.
Circle 254

Compression connectors and tools

This product line includes F, BNC, and RCA compression connectors and tools. The compression connectors are fine-tuned to the company’s coaxial cable tolerances and exceed SCTE Standards for signal ingress, egress, and water migration. Other features include three 360° compression rings and a visual confirmation of cable entry. For BNC and RCA connectors, a pop-up pin visually confirms a proper termination and contact point. The ergonomic compression tool is constructed from aircraft-grade materials and requires no calibration when changing connector or cable types. The tool offering also includes two stripping tools (one for standard RG/59U and RG/6U and one for mini coax RGB cable).
Circle 255

Cable feeder

The 6810 cable feeder has been updated in order to be more effective when used with low-friction cables, according to the company. The cable feeder now features tires that are capable of operating pressures up to 50 psi compared to 22 psi for the previous tires. For users who already own a 6810 and want to upgrade to the new tires, a package of two tires and wheels, along with instructions for making the conversion, is available.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 256

In-ground luminaire

The DB8 is a specification-grade, in-ground adjustable luminaire that provides enhanced resistance to the effects of in- or above-ground corrosion, UV radiation, climate and storms, and frequent pedestrian walkovers. Available with a cool lens option that is suitable for high pedestrian contact areas when the unit is illuminated, the product features 360° rotation and 15° aiming. In addition, the product is ETL- and CETL-listed for wet locations, direct burial, and concrete pour, and meets IP65 or IP67 requirements.
Circle 257

Ceiling lamp holder

Suitable for use in closets, workrooms, basements, storage areas, utility rooms, and attics, this fluorescent ceiling lamp holder features an occupancy sensor that automatically turns lights on or off in response to movement in the room. No wall switch is required, and a green LED indicator light blinks when motion is detected. Four knockout holes on the box, with a self-contained sensor, provide a 284° field of view. In addition, the device automatically turns off after 3 min of inactivity and features a design that prohibits users from inserting light bulbs that are not energy efficient. Designed to reduce the risk of fire in closets and closed spaces, the product can also be used in open, indoor spaces.
Circle 258

Protective eye wear

Two products have been added to the Smith & Wesson line of protective eye wear. The 44 Magnum safety glasses feature a cut-to-shape, distortion-free, one-piece lens, flexible nose piece that conforms to different nose shapes, and vents on the temples to help increase air flow. Aviator protective glasses are designed to resemble eye wear traditionally worn outside the workplace. Features include a cut-to-shape, distortion-free, one-piece lens and a rugged structure with a nylon frame. Both styles are available with several different lens tints for different light settings. They also feature a gender-neutral design.
Kimberly-Clark Professional
Circle 259

Feeder cable

Stabiloy FeederPlex HS XHHW-2 and Widestrip HS XHHW-2 aluminum alloy feeder cable products are designed for commercial, institutional, and industrial building applications. FeederPlex HS XHHW-2 is a factory-produced, plexed assembly of XHHW-2 conductors that are color-coded for phase identification with a cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation that the company says provides up to a 50% reduction in pulling force compared to standard paralleled single conductors installed with pulling lubricants. Widestripe HS XHHW-2 is a single, phase identified, aluminum alloy cable that also features cross-linked polyethylene.
Alcan Cable
Circle 260

Impact driver and wrench

Weighing about 2 lb, the 12 Volt MAX* Lithium-ion (Li-ion) ¼-in. impact driver and 3/8-in. impact wrench feature a contoured grip and three LED lights. The DCF815S2 impact driver delivers 950 in./lb of torque, features a ¼-in. hex chuck that allows users to push the bit in with one hand to lock it in place, accepts 1-in. bit tips, and includes a belt clip. The DCF813S2 impact wrench features a 3/8-in. hog ring anvil and delivers 1,150 in./lb of torque. The DCF815S2 kit includes one impact driver, two battery packs, one 40-min charger, one bit tip, one belt hook, and a contractor bag. The DCF813S2 kit includes two Li-ion battery packs, a 40-min charger, and a contractor bag.
Circle 261

LED luminaire

The Mercmaster enclosed and gasketed LED luminaire offers a 60,000-hr service life as well as instant-on and silent operation, according to the company. Featuring a compact, low profile that is suitable for installation in low clearance areas, applications for the Class I, Div. 2, and Class I, Zone 2 NEC-rated luminaire include hazardous and non-hazardous locations. In addition, the product features a NEMA 4X-rated housing, guards, and mounting hoods made from copper-free cast aluminum and protected by an epoxy powder coat. All exposed hardware is stainless steel, and the fixture’s construction is free of any hazardous materials, including mercury. Hinge and bolt construction offers 360° compression at all points on the ballast housing gasket.
Circle 200

Enclosure cabinets

Two 12U models have been added to the SmartRack line of wall-mount rack enclosure cabinets: the SRW12US33 with extended depth and heavy-duty construction and the SRW12USG with a Plexiglas front door insert. Suitable for housing IT equipment in areas where floor space is limited, both models can be fitted with an optional Rolling Caster Kit for conversion to floor-standing units that can easily be rolled out of the way.
Tripp Lite
Circle 201

Clamp meter

This upgraded version of the TightSight clamp meter features high-frequency rejection (HFR) to assure accuracy when measuring in noisy electrical environments or with complex waveforms, according to the company. Other upgrades include a hardened meter case and dial construction as well as an on-screen low-battery indicator that warns users 1 hr before power shuts off. In addition, the product is available in four models: 660A with or without DC current measurement and 1,000A with or without DC current measurement.
Ideal Industries
Circle 202

Data loggers

The HOBO U12 line of data loggers can now measure and record kilowatts, air velocity, gauge pressure, differential pressure, DC current, and other energy and environmental parameters. The expanded measurements are possible through the introduction of a compact power adapter that enables users to power external sensors that require 12V excitation power. The adapter can also power any user-supplied external sensor that requires up to 400mA at 12VDC. According to the company, the product can record data unattended for days, weeks, or months, storing up to 43,000 measurements.
Circle 203

Generator switchboard

The GenTower generator connection switchboard allows users to immediately restore power. The stand-alone product connects to a mobile generator via color-coded quick connects feeding the main power system without emergency modifications. Rated up to 4,000A at 65k AIC, the unit connects either by cabling to the lugs on the main switchboard (if tap connections are in place) with hard bus connection to company-approved switchboards or through a feeder breaker.
Circle 204

Expansion fitting

The AXB expansion fitting is designed to permit linear movement in conduit runs caused by thermal expansion to prevent conduit buckling or disconnection. Featuring an internal bonding jumper that eliminates the need for an external jumper, the corrosion-resistant, hot-dipped galvanized outer casing is rated watertight. In addition, no disassembly is required during installation, and the outer casing slides open to allow fast inspections of the jumper. Available sizes include ½ in. through 2 in. with 4-in. and 8-in. movement.
Circle 205

LED luminaires

Offered in multiple lumen packages, LEDgend Roadway LED luminaires offer precise optical control and an optimized thermal management system. According to the company, the luminaires emit zero uplight to reduce light pollution. In addition, the units feature a light engine designed to restrict the direct view of the individual LEDs. Designed for a minimum 80,000 hr of operation in a 40°C ambient temperature, an optional dual driver system boosts driver life to approximately 100,000 hr and incorporates an electronic transfer switch that senses current on the main driver and automatically switches to the auxiliary driver if necessary. The auxiliary driver will not energize until needed, and a built-in time delay eliminates nuisance switching.
Circle 206

Overload relays

The C440 and XT electronic overload relays include integral ground fault protection and communications capabilities in a single, compact device. Featuring a universal design developed for global use, the overload relays include an LED display that offers easy-to-see indication of device status and fault indication. Additional product highlights include selectable motor protection features, including trip class, ground fault detection, phase imbalance, and full load current (FLA) adjustment (5-to-1). Furthermore, they can integrate into plant management systems to allow network monitoring and asset protection.
Circle 207

Current probes

The PRO-flex ACP (Tridra) Series of 3-phase AC current probes combine three flexible Pro-flex brand Rogowski coil current sensors into a single package. The current probes are offered in models measuring up to 3,000A and 6,000A per phase, respectively. Each unit is equipped with a signal conditioning module with switch-selected 1x, 10x, and 100x attenuation settings. Other features include a friction-fit coupling instead of a latch mechanism, frequency response of 20kHz, smaller cable diameter, low capacitance, and high output sensitivity.
Circle 208

Energy software platform

The EDSA Power Analytics Gateway (EPAG) software platform allows electrical energy monitoring and management systems from major vendors to exchange data. When used with the company’s PaladinLiveor Paladin Smart Grid platforms, the product aggregates the real-time data being generated by formerly proprietary equipment and systems within a user’s infrastructure. Instead of monitoring complex financial data, the product compares power readings from components throughout the network back to their corresponding component specifications in the original design model. Any variations are automatically detected and communicated in clear summary fashion.
Circle 209


The Fiber Raceway System has been upgraded to allow users to better tailor the system to their specific application. New available standard colors include yellow, orange, and black. Grey is also available by special order. In addition, Visio stencils of components and application notes are now available at the company’s website, Standard sizes include 2 in. × 2 in., 4 in. × 4 in., 4 in. × 8 in. or 4 in. × 12 in., while 2 in. × 4 in. and 2 in. × 8 in. components are available by special order.
Circle 210


These 150kW, 180kW, and 200kW diesel-fueled industrial gen-sets now include an enhanced digital controller, enclosure improvements, and fuel tank upgrades, according to the company. Through a variety of factory-available accessories and options, the gen-sets offer a state/local code-ready fuel tank as it relates to diesel fuel storage. Tank accessories include: fuel port fill/spill containment devices, high fuel switch warning systems, and a 12-ft-high emergency vent.
Circle 211

Door safety hardware

Type C361 door interlocking safety handle and roller kits are designed for use with 3P Series molded-case circuit breakers (MCCBs). When connected to an MCCB, the safety interlock handles secure an SDN Series NEMA 12 disconnect enclosure to protect against unauthorized entry while the breaker is in the ON position. In addition, the door interlocking safety roller kit is available for enclosures more than 36 in. tall.
Circle 212

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