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Uplights Available with a natural bronze or brushed stainless steel finish, the Lightvault Series and Minivault Series of LED uplights feature low heat output and more than 50,000 hr of lamp life, according to the company. In addition, both models feature a tempered clear soda lime lens and a lens gasket made from one-piece molded silicone with U-channel. The 18W LED Lightvault is offered in spot


Available with a natural bronze or brushed stainless steel finish, the Lightvault Series and Minivault Series of LED uplights feature low heat output and more than 50,000 hr of lamp life, according to the company. In addition, both models feature a tempered clear soda lime lens and a lens gasket made from one-piece molded silicone with U-channel. The 18W LED Lightvault is offered in spot or narrow flood distributions, while the 5W, 6W, or 15W Minivault Series is offered in spot, narrow flood, or wide flood.
Kim Lighting
Circle 250

Junction box

This 19-cubic-in. junction box is UL-listed and can accommodate multiple circuit applications. Made of high-impact compression-molded phenolic plastic, the corrosion-resistant junction box is suitable for wet locations. In addition, it is rated for use with circuit conductors up to 150°C.
Engineered Products
Circle 251

Hole saw stop

This T-Slot hole saw includes a stop feature that the company says allows users to control the cutting edge of the saw, allowing it to penetrate ⅛ in. from the cutting surface. In addition, the stops can be removed and transferred between hole saws for use on one to four stops.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 252

Cable lock

Kwik Loc cable locks are used to suspend fluorescent and HID lighting equipment, cable trays, fan units, or seismic bracing (cable locks are to be used on static load applications only). Made of metal alloys and stainless steel, the products allow users to position the hangers vertically or at an angle to the suspended object. Available in four sizes with working loads up to 640 lb, they feature an easy-release pin that the company says allows for adjustment without the need for tools.
Rize Enterprises
Circle 253

Light sensor

The Square D Clipsal Light-Level Sensor measures ambient light levels and automatically issues on, off, or ramp commands over a C-Bus network. The wall-mounted, low-profile unit can control relays, dimmers, or remotely operated circuit breakers, changing their status according to preset ambient lighting levels. Featuring ranges between 5 footcandles and 150 footcandles, the sensor compensates for noise and rapid light intensity fluctuations by using filtering and hysteresis. In addition, it detects daylight levels and automatically adjusts the output level of electric lighting.
Schneider Electric
Circle 254

OSHA training manual

Written with an emphasis on accident prevention, using established guidelines, “What Every Supervisor Must Know about OSHA” provides guidance for organizations to ensure compliance with federal regulations. Topics covered in the publication include an overview of OSHA and how it works, how to read regulations and penalties, steps for how to handle an OSHA inspection, presentation training tips, accident effects on productivity, and workers' compensation expense and legal liabilities.
Summit Training Source
Circle 255


The Faux Can luminaire simulates the appearance of an installed recessed downlight but is actually flush-mounted to the ceiling. The fixture is comprised of a flat CFL light source behind a frosted diffuser, ballast within the trim, and a GU-24 base on the back. According to the company, the product offers a 10,000-hr life and saves 70% in energy costs. Dimmable models are available.
Circle 256

Reciprocating saw

The WSR 1000 reciprocating saw features a 1,000W motor and a 1⅛-in. stroke length. The saw's constant run switch provides for continuous cutting, and the Kwik Click chuck allows for blade changes without the need for additional tools. The product is also equipped with rubber cladding for an enhanced grip.
Circle 257

Recessed TV box

These recessed TV boxes can handle up to 12 multimedia connections while providing surge-protected power. Available in all-inclusive kits with Cat. 5e, F-connector, old work, and TVSS receptacles, the boxes also feature snap-on end caps and metal swing brackets. In addition, they accept standard TP wall plates.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 258

Truck deck

The Damar Truck Deck Workman Series features up to six lockable storage compartments, depending on bed length, and is constructed of aluminum diamond plate in varying thicknesses from .080 in. to .1875 in. Designed to fit the exact size and shape of the bed it is installed in, each of the truck deck's weather-resistant compartments is secured with rotary T-handle latches and sealed with a neoprene rubber gasket.
Circle 259

Band saw

The AirBand pneumatic portable, air-powered band saw is ATEX-approved for hazardous environments and EX zones. According to the company, the saw can cut a variety of metals up to 4¾-in. OD. Weighing 14 lb, the product uses 20 CFM air volume at 90 PSI air pressure.
CS Unitec
Circle 260

CCTV tester

The SecuriTEST PRO CCTV tester includes new IRE video level and sync testing that assures each camera is set to its correct video output level, according to the company. Additional product enhancements include sound level assessment through an integrated speaker and onscreen display; additional support for more PTZ camera protocols; a lighter, more portable design; and a high-capacity lithium-ion battery with 5.5 hr of operating time. A 12V auto charger, 4-ft BNC video cable, test leads for the digital multimeter, UTP cable terminator, a neck strap, and a rugged carrying pouch are also included.
Ideal Industries
Circle 261

Lighting fixtures

The SAE-7700 and Radi-X lighting fixtures each feature a baffle that attaches through four spring clips. According to the company, each fixture's aircraft cable/stem installation requires only a pair of pliers. The 2-lamp version can be re-lamped from above without removing the baffle, while the 3-lamp model can be re-lamped by disengaging the baffle that remains attached to the fixture. The Radi-X combines a traditional steel fixture body with LiteCycle Resin, a baffle material that consists of 50% recycled content that can be completely recycled. In addition, the products can be ordered with daylight harvesting controls.
Circle 262

Lighting controls

Vizia+ lighting controls include dimmers, fan speed controls, and Z-Wave-enabled RF lighting controls. Designed for new and retrofit applications, the controls incorporate an energy-save mode that allows users to set the maximum brightness level below 100%. The almost-off function on the dimmers and fan speed controls is suitable for areas that must be in operation 24 hr a day. Additional product features include a horizontal dim/bright bar, LED brightness display, and a compact back housing on the dimmers.
Circle 263

Overhead anchor

The Snake+ overhead anchor meets the more stringent International Building Code for strength design. According to the company, the anchor saves time because it is set into a drilled hole and then tightened with a ½ impact wrench until flush with the ceiling, making it ready for the insertion of threaded rod.
Power Fasteners
Circle 264

Conduit connectors

USL-120 flexible steel conduit connectors are designed for securing square, locked, flexible metal conduit. UL recognized for use within listed assemblies, the connectors are provided with a set screw that secures the conduit without damaging conductors, according to the company.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 265

Hydraulic pump

The Y10AC9 electric hydraulic pump features rapid RAM advance as well as a 2-stage pumping system that pumps up to 160-cu-in. of hydraulic fluid per minute, according to the company. Designed to operate the company's 10,000 PSI remote head crimping tools and cutters, the pump features a pendant switch on a 10-ft cord and holds less than 2 qt of the company's Alfluid.
Circle 266

Self-feed bits

This line of self-feed bits includes 13 sizes, ranging from 1 in. to 4⅝ in. in diameter. According to the company, all bits are equipped with a replaceable coarse threaded tip that draws the bit into the wood without user pressure, eliminating run-out or wobble and pulling through the wood. In addition, the products are engineered with precision-hardened cutting edges, including a chip lifter and cutting spurs that can be resharpened. The 3⅝-in. and 4⅝-in. bits feature a double chip lifter, while the 1-in. to 29/16-in. bits have a 7/16-in. hex shank. Bits 3 in. and larger feature a ½-in. milled shank. Each bit is accompanies by a replacement kit that includes an additional threaded screw tip, a set screw, and hex wrench.
Bosch Power Tools and Accessories
Circle 267


Model 151 Double Shot dedicated ratchet wrenches and 151T socket ratchet wrenches feature a 1½-in. fat grip. Both wrenches also feature fluorescent orange sockets and the company's Bolt-Thru design that allows bolts to pass entirely through the sockets so that nuts can be secured on any threaded length. Wrench handles and sockets are coated with electrostatic epoxy paint, and ratchets have a reversing control located in the head of each wrench.
Circle 268

Flood/wallwash fixtures

The MHV Series of vertical ballast flood/wallwash fixtures is for use with T4 G8.5 or T6 G12 lamps in wattages from 20W to 150W. The company says lamps can be replaced from the front without the use of tools. The MH2Series flood/wallwash fixture features a horizontal-mount ballast design and is for use with T4 G8.5 or T6 G12 lamps in wattages from 20W to 150W.
Juno Lighting
Circle 269

Aerial boom lift

The 450AJi insulated aerial boom lift extends 45 ft with a maximum reach of 24 ft. In addition, the operator platform features 160° rotation, and the turret swings 360°. Other features include a 500-lb capacity basket, smooth hydrostatic drive, and dual fuel/diesel power source.
Man & Material Lift Engineering
Circle 270

Leakage tester

The PT-5000W high-voltage DC leakage tester is designed to test primary distribution voltage or secondary voltage equipment for faults or high leakage currents. According to the company, the tester can only be used on cables or equipment that has been verified to be de-energized and discharged. In addition, users can set the test voltage to either 500VDC or 5,000VDC, and the portable device can be used to check for leakage on cables, transformers, capacitors, joints, terminations, insulators, and more.
HD Electric
Circle 271


The 2601-22 is a compact drill/driver. Weighing 4 lb, the drill/driver features a 1.4 Ah, 18V lithium-ion battery and delivers 0-1,400 rpm and 400-in./lb of torque. The product also includes a 2-speed magnesium gearbox, 22-position clutch setting, and a ratcheting chuck. Additional features include a soft-grip trigger, a built-in LED light, and a built-in battery fuel gauge.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 272

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