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Dimmers The Titan Commercial Dimmers product line has been expanded to include 3- and 4-wire models for use with 120V and 277V fluorescent dimming ballasts. According to the company, the dimmers include all the parts needed to build a screwless multi-gang faceplate in the field. In addition, the products include a low-end voltage adjustment feature and customizable print labels. Other features include


The Titan Commercial Dimmers product line has been expanded to include 3- and 4-wire models for use with 120V and 277V fluorescent dimming ballasts. According to the company, the dimmers include all the parts needed to build a screwless multi-gang faceplate in the field. In addition, the products include a low-end voltage adjustment feature and customizable print labels. Other features include surge and static protection, power failure memory, an enclosed slider to prevent dust and dirt contamination, and a matte finish to resist fingerprints.
Legrand/Pass & Seymour
Circle 250

In-use covers

WeatherSafe II while-in-use covers can be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal configuration. Available in a standard and deep single-gang or a standard 2-gang model, the UL-listed covers include easy-to-install inserts for mounting the device. Single-gang units feature 14 different device configurations, while the 2-gang version has 31 configurations. The clear polycarbonate lid is UV stabilized and can easily be attached or removed if the orientation changes. According to the company, no tools are required to open the ports for cable entry, and the ports are large enough for an outdoor 12 AWG cable.
Mulberry Metal Products
Circle 251

Wire connector

Twister PRO wire connector's enhanced design upgrades the existing wire range to cover a minimum of two 18 AWG wires to a maximum of four 10 AWG wires. According to the company, the connector places less pressure on the thumb and forefinger, as well as provides an enhanced grip for improved leverage and more torque. Featuring the company's SureGrip overmolding wrapped around its shell's swept wings, the product's deep skirt helps prevent flashover events while reducing the number of turned-back strands for maximum dielectric protection. In addition, the product is available in boxes of 50, jars of 250 or 500, bags of 250, and a barrel of 20,000.
Ideal Industries
Circle 252


These dimmable PAR30 lamps are offered in halogen warm white (2,700K to 2,800K) and warm white (3,200K). According to the company, the lamps run on standard 120VAC, require no special adapters, and consume 12W to a maximum of 15W. In addition, they work with most standard 120VAC dimmer units and directly replace standard halogens and metal-halide bulbs up to 66W, providing a 75% energy savings on full brightness.
Circle 253


The company's line of LED recessed downlights is now available with small apertures and high lumen output to accommodate a range of new construction and renovation projects. California Title 24-compliant, the solid-state fixtures are offered in three 120V models: a 3.5-in. diameter aperture (10.5W) with 500 lumens output at 3,000K, a 4.5-in. aperture (14W) with 622 lumens at 3,000K, and a 5.5-in. aperture (14W) with 635 lumens at 3,000K and 730 lumens at 4,200K. Featuring Osram 1.2W LEDs, the 14W downlights provide energy savings of more than 75% compared with 65W BR30 lamps, according to the company. In addition, they are rated for 50,000 hr at 70% lumen maintenance.
Nora Lighting
Circle 254

LED luminaires

Available in 2,500K warm white and 3,500K cool white shadow-free outputs, this line of under-cabinet LED task and accent luminaires allows up to 10 light panels to be connected to one power supply. An optional remote switch allows on/off control of light panels strings. In addition, each ¾W light panel fixture features three sets of three miniature LEDs and its own on/off switch. The units weigh less than 1 oz and come in a neutral gray plastic housing. According to the company, the products always remain cool to the touch.
Inspired LED
Circle 255

Service line replacement unit

The Mini-Grundotugger offers a trenchless method for replacing plastic, copper, and steel services. According to the company, the hydraulically powered unit splits ½-in. to ¾-in. copper and ½-in. to 2-in. PE and PVC house connections up to 100 ft in length with minimal disruption. In addition, the company says the product can be operated by a single- or 2-person crew, and pulling times can average up to 15 ft per minute (depending on soil conditions). Available in two models that offer either 9,000 lb or 12,000 lb of pullback, both versions feature a splitting head and expander that splits the host pipe and pulls in the new pipe directly behind the expander. A variety of attachments and cutting head options also are available.
TT Technologies
Circle 256

Wiring assemblies

Ruff-IN prefabricated assemblies now include the connector end of the ArrowHart Arrowlink modular device. The ArrowLink connector is offered in a number of prewired Ruff-IN assembly options to facilitate cable installation. Assemblies that feature the connector offer an alternative method of installation in which the device can be installed after drywall is in place. In addition, the product is suitable for applications where wiring device replacement is required or often occurs.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 257

Band saws

These compact band saws are up to 45% lighter than deep cut band saws, according to the company. Available in either a corded or cordless model, the saws feature a 3¼-in. × 3¼-in. cut capacity. Additional features include a tool-free adjustable material guide that allows users to make cuts flush to installed materials against ceilings or walls, a drop-resistant pulley guard, LED work light, and blade-ejection system.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 258

Construction software

The 6.2.0 version of Viewpoint V6 software includes more than 300 enhancements. Product highlights include: the ability to e-mail payroll direct deposits to employees and EFT payments to vendors; point and click exporting of data to Microsoft Excel; the ability to upload and view PDFs; and the ability to attach transaction documents directly to the associated data.
Viewpoint Construction Software
Circle 259

Hand tools

The TOOL fox line includes hand tools for all work related to control cabinets, including cutting, stripping and crimping, as well as screwdrivers and test equipment. According to the company, the tools' ergonomic handles are made of hard and soft plastic for a slip-proof grip. In addition, all products in the line feature black and teal handles.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 260

LED luminaire

Aerolume LED streetscape and parking lot fixtures feature full-cutoff optics and can be wall- or pole-mounted. Available in two sizes, the luminaires incorporate Luxeon Rebel LED emitters in a self-contained LED module. The product also incorporates heat-dissipating fins and ribbed vents that allow the free flow of air around the LED module. LED emitters are available in neutral white (4,100K) or cool white (6,500K) and can be specified in a range of sizes and wattages. The standard model which measures 23 in. × 18 in. × 8 in., is available with 48 LED (120W), 64 LED (160W), or 80 LED (200W) modules. The Mini-Aerolume measures 19 in. × 13½ in. × 6½ in.) and features 16 LED (40W), 32 LED (80W), or 48 LED (120W) modules. The LED driver is encased in a water-tight housing and accepts input voltages from 100VAC to 277VAC.
U.S. Architectural Lighting
Circle 261

Digital pens

Digital Pen Solutions convert handwritten notes into digital data via a dockable digital pen. Once digitized, the documents can be shared with project teams and designers to improve change documentation, track construction progress, and reduce project risk, according to the company. In addition, the pens allow users to simultaneously collect form and markup data using individual pens and printouts. Digital notes, sketches, data and markups can be aggregated into the original file, tracking data by user, pen, and time. Furthermore, the digitized data also can be pasted into e-mails or stored on centralized networks to consolidate and share information among users.
Circle 262

Bonding connector

The BONDIT intersystem bonding connector meets the requirements of 250.94 in the 2008 National Electrical Code. In addition, the connector allows all ground wires from separate systems, such as telephone systems, CATV, and radio systems, to be tied together at one location to the ground electrode conductor from the main electrical service. Able to work as either a house or meter socket, the product mounts to the meter box during new installation or can be wall-mounted. The device also accepts main ground wire (No. 2 to No. 8), and up to four intersystem wires (No. 6 to No. 14).
Circle 263

Project management software

JobTrac Version 4 project management software allows users to manage day-to-day project operations, including project submittals, change orders and material purchase orders, labor scheduling, and project payment applications. In addition, transmittals, e-mails, phone conversations, daily work reports, time cards, and incident reports are all logged within the project. Major enhancements to Version 4 include: NET Platform; SQL Database; and complete construction project management capabilities, including purchasing, labor, and inventory management.
ConEst Software Systems
Circle 264

Tool bag

The Model LT-XL tool bag features two storage bays — one to hold a laptop and other business items and one for up to 75 hand tools. Made of PVC-impregnated denier body fabric, the bag features a 3-mm-thick, injection-molded waterproof polypropylene base, 42 tiered pockets, five zippered pockets, two magnetic storage pouches, and a magnetic carrying strap.
Veto Pro Pac
Circle 265

LED downlight

These dimmable recessed LED downlights feature 3,000K, 3,500K, and 4,100K color temperatures. Available with 5-in. and 6-in. housings, the units have a computer-optimized reflector and high-transmission diffusing lens. The product's universal driver design accommodates input voltages from 120VAC to 277VAC.
Juno Lighting Group
Circle 266

Automatic transfer switch

The LM Vigilant 400A single-phase automatic transfer switch works with Briggs & Stratton generator sets by using an installation kit. Product features include a double-throw switch, controller board with conformal coating for moisture protection, galvanized steel enclosure, and externally accessible exerciser clock and LEDs.
Circle 267

PV wire and solar cable

Available in a wire range from 14 AWG to 2 AWG, these PV wires are available in two versions to meet either UL 4703 PV wire/TÜV 2 PFG 1169 or UL 4703 PV wire requirements. UL/TÜV PV wires are made with low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH) materials that do not emit toxic gases when burned. The UL PV wire products use a cross-linked polyethylene insulation and PVC jacket. The solar cables, ranging in size from 18 AWG to 12 AWG and conductor counts from three to nine, are available shielded or unshielded. Both the PV wire and solar cable are sunlight- and oil-resistant and can withstand temperatures from -40°C to +90°C.
Alpha Wire
Circle 268

Wood bit

This replaceable tip nail eater bit provides users with a wood auger that allows the tip to be replaced instead of the entire auger. According to the company, the nail eater bit can cut 70 nails before needing replacement and can penetrate various materials such as pine, green treated wood, and telephone poles. A replacement kit includes the new tip, a set screw, and a hex wrench.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 269

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