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Mobile construction software Mobile Field Reporting software allows users to record and transmit labor, equipment, and production data instantly and directly from a job site. In addition, the software gives job-site workers instant access to daily crew assignments, the ability to quickly send critical paperwork to home offices or agencies, and faster workflow on accounting such as receivables and

Mobile construction software

Mobile Field Reporting software allows users to record and transmit labor, equipment, and production data instantly and directly from a job site. In addition, the software gives job-site workers instant access to daily crew assignments, the ability to quickly send critical paperwork to home offices or agencies, and faster workflow on accounting such as receivables and payroll. The product's applications, including Field Reporting and Field Service, were built using the Dexterra Concert mobile development platform.
Circle 250


The DWD215G and DWD210G ½-in. drills feature 10A motors that the company says contain approximately 40% more copper than previous models at the same motor size, offering users up to 50% more power, more torque, and 0 rpm to 1,200 rpm. In addition, the DWD215G features a mid-handle grip, and the DWD210G has a pistol grip. The DWD215G model also features an all-metal keyless ratcheting chuck with automatic spindle lock for increased bit retention.
Circle 252

Rooftop supports

Dura-Blok components are designed for use with the company's strut and pipe hanger systems. The product's channel is through-bolted in all sizes. According to the company, a 1-in. gap between the blocks allows water to flow freely around longer assemblies. Made of 100% recycled rubber, the product qualifies for LEED credits and works to dampen vibration. In addition, it includes resistive strips on both sides.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 254

Split winch line blower

This split winch line blower installs winch line, rope, and measuring tape into 2-in. through 6-in. HDPE and PVC duct systems using interchangeable adapters with one body. Using compressed air, the blower can install ¼-in. to ⅞-in. steel winch line or rope up to 1,600 ft. The system incorporates one main split body and split threaded adapters for each size of duct. Various sized rope venturis adapt to a wide range of rope sizes. In addition, the unit also allows users to blow in mule tape. An optional carrier case allows the product to be moved between job sites.
Condux International
Circle 251

Wiring bracket

The H275 universal mounting and wire management bracket provides 26 grid spaces for mounting the company's structured wiring modules. According to the company, the bracket can be mounted in any standard structured wiring enclosure that measures 14 in. or more. In addition, the device can be mounted either horizontally or vertically and typically mounts directly onto a wall or backboard. The bracket also lifts the structured wiring modules 1 in. above the mounting grid for easier access and wire management of structured wiring modules.
Circle 253

Plastic covers

These while-in-use weatherproof plastic covers have been redesigned to meet NEMA 3R and NEC 406.8(B) requirements. Product features include six SKUs that cover almost every application, snap-on cover installation with either device or box mounting, and polycarbonate construction. In addition, the covers are pad-lockable.
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
Circle 255

Boom lift

The 600SJi electrically insulated boom lift is designed for use where electrocution hazards exist. Features include a 60-ft platform height, 49-ft horizontal reach, 24-in. × 48-in. fiberglass bucket, 6-ft fiberglass boom, 500-lb capacity, and GM dual-fuel 82-hp engine. Options include a bucket liner, bucket cover, and an ANSI Category B 69kV insulated package.
Man & Material Lift Engineering
Circle 256

Data port

The Dual Axcess data port features a wall plate that provides ports for a standard telephone jack and an Ethernet computer jack supported by a single cable. The jack also includes two additional blank ports for future options. The wall plate connects standard Cat. 5e or Cat. 6 cable to a panel installed in a closet or utility room, enabling the use of either hybrid voice and data or gigabyte Ethernet systems. According to the company, the product cuts communications cabling and terminations by 50%.
SMP Data Communications
Circle 258

Grounding reel

The SGCR spring rewind grounding reel provides a secure means for grounding vehicles and equipment when working on or near power lines. Constructed of heavy-duty steel, the reel's bolt-down design allows for easy removal and reinstallation on new vehicles, according to the company. Independently tested to 15kA for 30 cycles, the product helps meet OSHA requirements for vehicle grounding.
Hannay Reels
Circle 260

Foam sealant

Duo-Fill 400 two-part urethane foam sealant is designed to plug and seal applications where rapid expansion and fast curling are required to stop flowing water. Packaged in a “can inside a can” for field use, the sealant mixes directly in the actuator head of the rigid 9-in. dispensing tube.
Todol Products
Circle 261

Task scheduling software

Perpetual Task Scheduler software allows users to assign jobs or clients to employees throughout the day in any time increment. Available for up to 100 employees and 5,000 tasks in either 1,000 or 2,000 time increments, these spreadsheets work in Microsoft Excel and allow users to specify which time increment to use, the days and hours a company is open for business, the hours a company's employees are available throughout the week, and the tasks each employee is qualified to perform.
Shift Schedule
Circle 257

Conduit bodies

Combination Type LLR conduit bodies are designed for use with threaded rigid/IMC and set screws for use with EMT conduit. The units are UL-listed raintight when used with threaded rigid/IMC conduit and raintight EMT connectors, according to the company. Available in ½-in. through 2-in. trade sizes, the die-cast copper-free aluminum conduit bodies feature a gray enamel finish and come preassembled with cover and gasket.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 259

Support bracket

The USB support bracket is designed for mounting wall and floor outlet boxes. Offered in an unlimited number of height and width configurations, the support bracket can be mounted on wooden or metal studs. As a stud-to-stud wall bracket, the product can be adjusted from 14 in. to 24 in., and outlet boxes can be positioned anywhere within that range. As a floor-mount bracket, the product can hold a box in place starting at 8 in. from the finished floor up to 24 in. (or the center of the box). In addition, the device is available as a prefabricated floor bracket with box unit.
Orbit Industries/UMI
Circle 262

Duct/innerduct blowing accessories

This line of duct and innerduct blowing accessories is available in a variety of sizes that accommodate 1-in.- to 5-in.-diameter ducts. Accessories include a safety-locking control valve; 3/16, ¼, and ⅜ rope adapters; innerduct and conduit seal-offs; duct projectiles; and low-friction missile line carriers. An optional plastic carrying case helps ensure the conduit blowing accessories stay together and are protected from damage.
General Machine Products
Circle 263

Cable cutter

The Telco BigFoot cable cutter is designed to allow users to cut up to 2,700 pair telephone cable or thick Stalpath-type communications cable with less stress on their hands and forearms, according to the company. An alternative to hydraulic cutting equipment, the cable cutter features hardened steel blades, rounded blades with 5-tooth ratchet action, compact dimensions, quick-release action to ease blade back-out, a locking mechanism to keep handles closed for safer storage, and ergonomic, slip-resistant handles.
Ideal Industries
Circle 265

Truck cap

Designed to fit today's most popular pick-up trucks, this truck cap is constructed of 0.019-in. aluminum. Customizable features include a color choice of white, black, or silver; solid-side or full-vision window models; door sizes, and awning styles. Additional options include mitered sliding front windows, battery-operated LED lights, interior lights, and universal ladder racks.
Circle 267

Hand tools

The Code Blue product line now includes screwdrivers and nutdrivers. The screwdriver line features seven slotted models five Phillips models, and a multibit model. In addition, each screwdriver is equipped with magnetic tip, 3-sided grips, and steel blades. The nutdriver line features seven types, measuring 3/16 in. ,¼ in., 5/16 in., 11/32 in., ⅜ in., 7/16 in., and ½ in. with full hollow shafts. Available individually or as a 7-piece set, the nutdrivers feature 3-sided grips as well.
Circle 268

Solar panel connector

The low-loss 4-mm Helios H4 connector for photovoltaic (PV) systems features a locking design to meet NEC 2008 requirement as well as improved gasket materials to enhance reliability for long-term use. The connector also includes a TUV-compliant touchproof casing for product and user safety. Other product features include a self-cleaning, high-efficiency grid contact and long-term UV and ozone resistance, according to the company. In addition, this RoHS-compliant device also can be used to connect multiple solar panels in strings and then to combiner boxes or inverters. Because the product mates with industry-standard connectors, it is suitable for use in existing applications.
Circle 264

Auger bits

These ship auger and auger bits product lines are constructed of high carbon steel. The ship bits feature a new cutting head design with a special heat treatment process to provide optimal life when encountering nails during cutting, according to the company. The bit flutes are polished and then coated with an industrial nonstick material to ensure fast chip ejection and reduced bit clogging when drilling deep holes. The shank undergoes an additional hardening process to provide maximum durability and impact rating. The bits are offered standard with a 7/16-in. power groove quick-change shank and are available in a variety of diameters in both 6-in. and 18½-in. lengths. The auger bit line is designed for clean wood cutting only and feature a double-wind spur design that the company says scribes the edges of the hole for a cleaner cut. Like its ship auger counterpart, the auger bits feature polished nonstick flutes and extra-hard shanks. In addition, they can be used with impact wrenches.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 266


The Architectural screwless wallplate product line now includes mid-sized toggle switch and duplex receptacle versions. Made of polycarbonate, both models are available in almond, light almond, ivory, and white. The toggle switch wallplate comes in 1- to 4-gang configurations, while the duplex receptacle wallplate is offered in a 1-gang configuration.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 269

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