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LED light panel This LED light panel is constructed of optic acrylic plates and features CNC machined v-cut light distribution grids on its back. With a thickness of 0.88 mm, the panel offers an input voltage of 12VDC, a color temperature of 3,500K or 5,300K, an operating temperature of -40C to +35C, and a 70,000-hr life span, according to the company. Dimmable, the unit is available in standard as

LED light panel

This LED light panel is constructed of optic acrylic plates and features CNC machined v-cut light distribution grids on its back. With a thickness of 0.88 mm, the panel offers an input voltage of 12VDC, a color temperature of 3,500K or 5,300K, an operating temperature of -40°C to +35°C, and a 70,000-hr life span, according to the company. Dimmable, the unit is available in standard as well as custom shapes and sizes.
Fawoo Canada
Circle 200

LED streetlight

The Golden Dragon oval Plus LED streetlight features oval beam characteristics (80° vertical, 120° horizontal) and an integrated lens, offering energy-efficient lighting with minimal light pollution. Available in various white tones with an efficiency of 90 lm/W in cold white (6,500K color temperature) and 80 lumens per watt in neutral white (5,000 K), the warm white version features a color temperature between 2,700K and 4,500K. The LED is also suitable for standard solder processes.
Osram Opto Semiconductor
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Designed for use in classified hazardous locations, Petrolux III luminaires are available in 50W to 400W. In addition, the indoor/outdoor fixtures can be equipped with a variety of lamps, including metal-halide, high-pressure sodium, compact fluorescent, and induction. Other features include: the company's External Capacitor Module (ECM) option, which extends the life of the ballast system by up to four times over a standard HID fixture, according to the company; and Universal Mount, which offers most mounting configurations in one SKU.
Circle 202

Gear motors

VWDIR104 parallel shaft AC gear motors have been added to the company's line of Von Weise drop-in replacement gear motors. Available with either 1/10-hp or 1/15-hp 115/230V, 60/50Hz permanent split capacitor electric motors, the unit's integral gear reducers feature hardened steel helical and spur gearing with ratios ranging from 108-to-1 to 266-to-1. Corresponding fixed output speeds are from 15 rpm to 6 rpm with continuous torque ratings from 350 in.-lb to 500 in.-lb. In addition, the product features built-in face mounting that is compatible with Genesis mounts and overhung load capability up to 400 lb.
Bison Gear & Engineering
Circle 203

Digital switching ballast

The SwitchGenie digital switching ballast individually energizes up to four fluorescent lamps within a fix-ture with the flip of a switch. In addition, the switching ballast provides multi-light levels (0, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%) and complies with new federal regulations. According to the company, the system requires no additional wiring in re-modeling applications and controls fixtures with a single wall switch.
Circle 204

Fluorescent luminaire

The Woodhead wide-area fluorescent light for hazardous locations is designed for Class I, Division 2, and Zone 2 applications. Featuring a cast-aluminum enclosure with rubber lens-gasket assembly, the luminaire incorporates two 55W CFL lamps shock-mounted with an integral aluminum reflector that produce 9,600 lumens. Additional features include a -50°C to +40°C with a cold start temperature of -20°C and customizable mounting clamp, handle, cord wrap, and electrical cable fittings.
Circle 205

Soft-start controllers

The DS6 line of reduced-voltage, solid-state, soft-start controllers is for use with 3-phase motors. Available for current ranges from 40A to 180A, the devices can be used to upgrade existing systems currently using wye-delta, autotransformers, or across-the-line NEMA and IEC starters. Other features include an LED that displays device status and provides fault indication, variable ramp times and voltage control (torque control) settings, and multiple protective features, such as over-/under-temperature and bypass dropout.
Circle 206

Cable management system

The Flextray F.A.S.T. system for raised floor cable management now includes a 4-in.-tall non-adjustable stand and a 6-in. to 8-in. height-adjustable stand. Both models are available in standard 12 in. and 20 in. widths. According to the company, the lower height stands make the system suitable for the shallow raised floors typically found in commercial office spaces.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 207

Recessed power module

Snake Box recessed power modules allow equipment to be connected to power above the access floor. According to the company, the product helps maintain the separation of air masses above and below the access floor by providing plug-in connections above the floor. It also can be built in any voltage or amperage configurations.
Snake Tray
Circle 208

Motor contactors

This line of Fuji electric contactors now includes higher coil voltages. Available in frame sizes of 43 mm, 54 mm, and 67 mm, the SC series components operate with AC coil voltages of 440V to 480V and 500V to 550V, at 60 Hz. The SC series Supermagnet coil contactors include 88-mm, 100-mm, and 115-frame models with AC coil voltages of 380V to 450V and 460V to 575V, at 50/60 Hz. Also available with Supermagnet coils are the Odyssey series contactors in 138-mm and 148-mm frame sizes with AC coil voltage ranges of 380V to 450V and 460V to 575V, at 50/60 Hz.
Automation Direct
Circle 209

Power box

The UL-approved Plastic Power Box is made of UV-resistant extruded PVC. According to the company, the device is easy to install and supplies power to the gondola with a variety of power distribution options. It also features a separate channel for low-voltage applications, including Cat. 5, phone, and video, and users can modify merchandising displays in minutes.
D&P Custom Lights & Wiring Systems
Circle 210

Rubber cord

Carol brand Carolprene SOOW/SJOOW rubber portable cords meet temperature ratings from 90°C to 105°C. Featuring an oil-, water-, and sunlight-resistant yellow jacket, the cords are UL-listed, CSA-certified, and MSHA-approved for indoor and outdoor use. They also are RoHS-certified.
General Cable
Circle 211

Labeling printer

The Rhino 5200 handheld labeling printer features Hot Key technology, which allows users to automatically format and size labels for their most-used industrial applications, such as patch panels, electrical panels, terminal blocks, modules, wires, cables, and flags. Additional features include an ergonomic design, intuitive graphic interface that eliminates the need to re-key data, ¾-in. white flexible nylon tape, user manual on CD-ROM, and quick-reference guide. An optional hard case kit includes one ⅜-in. white vinyl tape, AC adapter, and re-chargeable lithium-ion battery.
Dymo Industrial
Circle 212

Submetering components

The second generation of Wi-LEM submetering components allows the remote measurement and monitoring of electricity, water, and other metered utilities as well as temperature and humidity. The products also allow industrial and commercial users to break down energy and water usage and identify areas of efficiency improvement. According to the company, all new Wi-LEM components feature a 10-fold increase of RF power from 1mW to 10mW, increasing the distance between nodes compared to the previous LEM generation of components.
Circle 213

Clamp-on meters

The CM605 multifunction clamp-on meter measures 4mA to 20mA process signals as well as higher currents up to 100A. In addition, the meter measures AC-DC voltage up to 600V and AC-DC current. The product also measures resistance up to 10kÙ, includes a continuity buzzer to assist in circuit verification, holds the last reading in the display, and captures the peak value at the time of the measurement.
AEMC Instruments
Circle 214

Masonry and junction box

MudRunner is a 2-box system comprised of a 4-in. × 10-in. masonry box and a mating 12-in. × 12-in. junction /pull box. The masonry box is cast into concrete slabs along with rigid conduit or flexible PVC tubing called ENT or “smurf tube.” Once the concrete hardens and form boards are removed, the junction box bolts directly to the masonry box to allow wires to be pulled through.
Grady Research
Circle 215

LED signs

The CLED Series of cast aluminum LED exit signs features self-diagnostic circuitry that provides continuous monitoring of operational parameters, visual product readiness status, and automatic monthly testing cycles. If any monitored value falls outside of predetermined limits, the unit automatically displays a visual indication of the area and type of malfunction using the product's bi-color LED display. Automatic testing cycles include a 1 min. self-test every 30 days and a 30-min. self-test on the sixth and twelfth month. User-initiated 1-min. or 90-min. self-test cycles can be performed at any time using the unit's test switch.
Circle 216

Remote power manager

The Minuteman RPM 1521 remote power management device features a simple-to-use interface that allows users to send a command via a Web browser to cycle power off and on. Designed for use with security systems, telephone/VoIP systems, and server and network peripherals, the device allows each receptacle to be independently monitored and managed, including scheduled shutdowns and reboots. In addition, each receptacle provides protection from surges and spikes.
Para Systems
Circle 217

LED accent luminaire

The Arrow hart line of commercial specification-grade LED luminaires now includes four additional models. The LNL1 and LNL4 Series feature a choice of vertical or horizontal louvered faceplate, while the LNL2 and LNL3 Series both feature a vertical scoop faceplate. In addition, the LNL2 is equipped with an illuminated on/off push-button switch for instant light activation. All models include a polycarbonate lens, die-cast aluminum faceplate, and operate on a standard 12Vpower supply. Featuring a 20,000-hr rating, the LNL1, LNL3, and LNL4 models are available in white, amber, and red. The LNL2 is available in white. Faceplate color choices include white, black, and brushed-nickel for the LNL1, LNL3, and LNL4, and white for the LNL2.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 218

Stabilizer clip

The Caddy FMSBC1 fixture-mount stabilizer clip levels signage or security cameras and also secures ceiling tiles that have lifted during signage installation. According to the company, the clip requires no tools for installation and can be used with any shape or size electrical box. Constructed from high-strength, low-alloy steel, the product can be used on boxes with or without plastic rings.
Circle 219

Low-bay LED

The VizorLED LED ambient luminaire for low-bay applications mounts directly to or suspends from poured concrete ceilings and other hard, load-bearing commercial ceilings in above- and underground locations. According to the company, the product uses a faceted 94% reflective indirect optical system with hidden LEDs. In addition, it can be specified in a 24-in. length luminaire with 30 or 60 LEDs per unit or 31-in. length luminaire with 50 or 100 LEDs per unit.
Circle 220


WattNode kWh transducers provide measurements of 1-, 2-, and 3-phase power in 2-, 3-, or 4-wire configurations. The transducers connect directly to the company's Web-based HOBO U30 monitoring systems and stand-alone HOBO Energy Logger Pro data loggers. In addition, they are easy to install in service panels and junction boxes, according to the company.
Circle 221

LED area light

The Evolve LED Series of outdoor area lights is designed for use in parking lots and general lighting applications. According to the company, the product delivers 30% energy savings compared with metal-halide lighting and features a 50,000-hr rated life. In addition, the device consumes between 97W and 214W, depending on the lighting distribution pattern), features a 5,700K color temperature, is RoHS compliant, and contains no mercury or lead.
GE Consumer & Industrial
Circle 222

Power supply

Designed to expand fire alarm notification appliance circuits and provide auxiliary power to 24V system accessories, the HPFF8 power supply can be activated by any 12V or 24V fire alarm panel or operate alone. In addition, the product includes an end-of-line resistor replacement feature as well as notification appliance circuit trouble memory. Available in 8A, the UL/ANSI 864 9th Edition device provides regulated and filtered 24VDC power.
Honeywell Power Products
Circle 223

Electric motor

Constructed of FC-200 cast iron, the W22 electric motor features a redesigned cooling system that increases airflow while reducing noise level, according to the company. In addition, the motor's terminal box provides increased internal space and easier cable handling and connection. The product's eyebolts also have been repositioned for better handling, and the seal system has been upgraded with increased dust and moisture protection, as well as protection to high-pressure cleaning.
WEG Electric
Circle 224

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